The best sex positions of the Kamasutra

It is time to introduce a new breath of depravity into intimate life. All men and women love sex, and great sex even more so. A detailed illustrated guide to professional sex based on the Kama Sutra. The best sex positions that you simply must try together with a girl.

Bored in bed, but sex doesn't deliver as before? Here are pictures and photos of how to have sex. Study together with a girl.

Best sex positions Kama Sutras

1. Missionary position in sex

The most famous and classic position in sex. The position guarantees good eye contact, optimal angle of entry and male dominance in sex. This is how it is often recommended to have sex for the first time with a new partner and lose your virginity.

2. Doggy style

The knee-elbow position is one of the most beloved and ancient in the whole world. The woman acts in a submissive role, and the man can control the process. A man can additionally play with the girl's breasts, caress her clitoris or slap her ass.


3. Sex position girl on top

Sometimes this position is called cowboy. After all, the girl rides on the penis. When the girl is upstairs, the rules of sex change. This is one of the favorite positions of men and women. The girl can control the angle of entry and frequency. This is the fastest way to make a girl orgasm. A man can admire a girl, caress her breasts and massage her clitoris.

4. Reverse cowboy sex position

The girl sits on top with her back to the man. The girl completely controls the game, and the angle of inclination of the entry of the penis will bring an unforgettable experience to both.

5. The girl's legs on your shoulders

The pose is called the hussar pose and the sandwich pose. This position is similar to the missionary position, but allows for closer contact and deeper penetration. This sex position is recommended for men with a small penis. It will be a win-win option to satisfy any woman.

6. Frog sex position

One of the varieties of the missionary position is not bad. You can start with the missionary, and then go down as much as possible. This will ensure close contact with the girl's clitoris and the orgasm will be very strong.

7. Position in sex with spoons

Convenient position for lazy sex or partners with extra dimensions. Sex will be sensual, slow and harmonious. You can stimulate the nipples and clitoris of a friend.

8. Sex with legs crossed

Having laid a woman on a table or a high bed, you can have such sex. A man can do intense and powerful frictions.

9. A girl gives a blowjob

Sex position when a girl pleases a man orally. There are many options for positions. A man can relax or take a more active part. One of the favorite sex positions of the Kamasutra for men.

10. A man does cunnilingus

A man pleases his girlfriend with cunnilingus. Girls love these games and are happy to take oral sex. How long have you been doing cunnilingus to a girl?

11. Sex position scissors

This position brings newness to the couple's sex play. A man and a woman join at an angle of 90 degrees and admire each other from afar. The position requires skill, but allows you to achieve deep penetration.

12. The crab sex position

The crab position is good for slow and intimate sex. Low intensity sex will allow you to get a growing strong orgasm.

13. Standing sex

Standing sex is good for public places when you want to get laid in a quick way. Standing sex allows you not to take off all your clothes, but just lift the girl's skirt. In sex in a standing position, it is recommended to lean the girl against a tree, pole, wall, table or chair.

14. Lap sex

Lap sex is good for couples of the same height. If there is a difference in height, then you can try putting pillows under your knees. This will equalize the difference in height and soften the pressure on the knees. This is an unusual position, but it brings newness to sex.

15. Sex position number 69

This position will allow you to enjoy at the same time, without feeling selfish or deprived. The most difficult thing will be to concentrate on receiving and delivering pleasure. But Kamastura definitely advises you.

16. Doggy style kneeling

A great variation on doggy style. The girl has free hands to touch a man or caress herself. And it is easier for a man to kiss a girl on the back and caress her breasts.

17. Sex positions of gymnasts

There are also many interesting positions that are difficult to repeat without good athletic training. This is the sex position of gymnasts and for connoisseurs of the Kama Sutra.

The Kama Sutra will make your sex life much better. Life is one and trying all the variety of sex positions is a must.