The best places for dates

We often go on dates with new girls, or with our already regular girlfriends. Where to go with your passion so that she is impressed and gives her heartfelt favor? A list of underrated date places that will bring you closer, make you fall in love and improve relationships.

Myths about dating

What are the best mistakes not to make on a date? Often we are guided by some well-established myths and erroneous patterns that prevent us from properly behaving on a date. What is better to avoid to make a date better and more promising?

Dating doesn't have to be expensive, expensive, or grandiose for you to enjoy the conversation. If you can't enjoy something simple, then there's no point in wasting money on this date and this girl.

The date should not be long, so as not to tire the girl and not make the meeting boring. Better a short, bright and concentrated date than a long, boring and tedious one. So the impression will be much stronger.

You don't have to give flowers, give gifts, pick up girls, or show off in any other way. These are all templates from silly romantic movies. The easier you behave and the less you go out of your way, the more likely the girl will like you.

On a date, always be close to the girl. Do not sit opposite her in a cafe and do not keep a large distance when communicating. Enter the girl's personal and intimate zone to evoke emotions in her, not indifference.

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The best places for dates

Where to arrange an unforgettable and great date so that the girl does not remain indifferent? Where to go with a girl on a first date or for the next meeting with your regular girlfriend? Here's a list of places for a great date.

1. Skating rink. Take your girlfriend to go ice skating. You will hold each other a lot, hug and touch. A great way to legally grope a girl by removing tactile barriers.

2. Walk in the park or in the amusement park. This is the most classic and best date option, when you can calmly chat with each other in a pleasant environment. This date allows you to eat ice cream, ride rides, hug on a bench and kiss in a dark alley of the park.

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3. Water park. The girl is almost completely naked when she frolics with you in the water park in a seductive swimsuit. You hug, touch and kiss a lot. From the water park to the bed - one step.

4. Billiards or bowling. In billiards, you can show the girl how to hit the ball, while touching and helping in the game. In bowling, too, there is the possibility of touching each other. At the billiard table and near the bowling alley there will be more excitement if you play for any desire.

5. Festival, concert or holiday. Go to any mass event to unwind and have fun. It will be fun, noisy, hot and crowded. In such places it is always great to hug, kiss and hang out. Plus, it would be quite logical to go to someone's home at the end of the event.

6. Picnic. Near the water is always a special atmosphere. This is one of the best places to date a girl. You can throw stones into the water, feed the ducks, admire the beautiful view, eat the stocks, sit on the blanket, drink wine, hug and enjoy the sunset.

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7. Museum or exhibition. This type of date allows you to communicate a lot in a calm and comfortable environment. You will not spend a lot of money, and the date promises to be unforgettable.

8. Climbing wall, bungee jump or other extreme. Adrenaline, emotions and impressions. Any extreme date will help you quickly get close and find a common language.

9. Walk around the city. This is the best place for a date when you are slowly wandering the streets, seeing the sights and enjoying the conversation. Buying ice cream, popcorn, or something else tasty is a good idea.

10. Theater. Girls adore such cultural places where you feel like a part of something big and beautiful. Girls love to dress up nicely in such places. All this means that the girl will be in a great mood, which you can use.

11. Trip. Ride on a tourist bus, rent bicycles, a catamaran or a boat. It will be fun and pretty cute.

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12. Hill. Find any place that has a great view from above. You can sit on a roof, a hill, and any other high place. When you look down, admire the stars or see off the sunset, there is always something to talk about. This will be the best place for a romantic date.

13. Club. Go to a club or place where you can dance and indulge in some passion. Dancing always involves close rapprochement, hugs, kisses and the transition to more intimate communication. How do going to a club with a girl end? Love intimacy and crumpled sheets.

14. Cafe, pizzeria or bar. You can always order a delicious pizza, eat cakes, taste all the flavors of ice cream, chat over a cup of coffee or drink some alcohol. Consuming delicious food or drinks will make a girl more kind, loving and accommodating.

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15. Sports event. Go to any sporting event. This will be a good opportunity to cheer for your favorite team or have a great time.

16. Karaoke bar. Almost all people love to sing their favorite songs. Take a girl and go to karaoke with her. Performing songs solo or duet will leave unforgettable great memories.


17. Date in the car. You can go to a drive-in movie theater or get somewhere interesting. What could be better than sitting in a car, drinking a cocktail and looking at the stars?

18. Fast food. It seems too ordinary, but it has many advantages. Choose any fast food: McDonalds, KFC or Burger King. These places are almost always open and there are a lot of them. There's predictable food, reasonable prices, and a familiar place for both to feel comfortable. The girl will decide that you have already known each other for 1000 years, which will bring you closer.

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The best places to date are the ones where you can socialize and have fun. Girls always appreciate the ability to listen, a sense of humor and the confidence of a companion. What are your favorite places to meet?