The Best Lessons Our Exes Taught Us

We've all had crazy love stories in the past. People told what lessons they learned in relationships with the former. What should you know about relationships and love? You begin to understand a lot only with the advent of age, experience in relationships and after parting. Valuable lessons from an ex that you should know.

Love comes and goes. But often the former teach us a lot of things that we did not even understand and did not know how. But every subsequent relationship will get better and better. Until you enter into your last love affair that will last until the very end. Where you will be truly happy.

The Best Relationship Lessons Our Exes Taught Us

1. Look in relationships less at words and promises than at actions. They speak much more honestly and more clearly. Hold on to those whose actions match their words. Get rid of those who say one thing and do another.

2. Jealousy is not an indicator of how much a person loves. This is an indicator of insecurity and selfishness of a person.

3. Being alone with someone is worse than being alone.

4. You can do a lot in a relationship and try your best. But if you're the only one making the effort, then it's time to move on.

5. Being in a relationship alone cannot make you happy if there are no other reasons to be happy. Two happy people will make the relationship doubly happy. But two unfortunates will be doubly unhappy.

6. In a relationship, it is important to be kind, caring, and considerate. Otherwise, they may not stand the test of time.

7. Don't settle for someone who doesn't appreciate you. Who thinks they are better than you.

8. Don't let other people interfere with your relationship. Girlfriends, friends, relatives and other "well-wishers". There should only be two people in a relationship.

9. If you do not love yourself, then someone else's love will not help you feel loved and happy.

10. Trust your inner feelings and intuition.

11. Don't count on someone else's potential in a relationship. Realize yourself in life.

12. Love and sex alone are not enough for a strong relationship. Something more is needed. Common views on life, goals and plans.

13. In a relationship, you should live for yourself and the other half, and not just devote your life to someone else.

14. Do you see the warning red flags from your partner? You shouldn't ignore them.

15. If someone gives you less in a relationship, this does not mean that you should not try.

16. Emotional abuse, manipulation and brainwashing are good reasons to break up.

17. Stand up for your rights in relationships.

18. Relationships should be simple, fun and easy. If it’s hard, and you are unhappy, then it’s better to leave immediately.

19. Sex is very important in a relationship. Do it regularly, try new things and enjoy each other in bed.

20. Appreciate relationships. Often we do not appreciate love, and then we suffer. Often we get distracted, score or cheat, and then regret it all our lives. Appreciate true love and cherish it.

All relationships and exes teach us lessons. From each half we met, we learned something new and useful. The former taught us to be better, stronger, wiser. They taught us to love stronger and more honestly. They helped to master the basics of relationships, love, sex, communication, friendship.

But when one relationship story ends, a new one begins. Where you won't make the same mistakes again. In which you will be happier and more loved.