The best gifts for men on February 23

Some girls think that shaving cream, a tie or a key ring is a good gift for a man. Girls, if you want to be different than everyone else, then act accordingly.

Make no mistake, we will discover the secret of how to please us.

Some girls think: “February 23 is coming soon. What do I, for my man, who on March 8 will give me a gorgeous bouquet, perfume and a ring, feel sorry for a stupid keychain, or what?

We hasten to assure you that we are very tired of receiving bad gifts from different girls year after year. Girls, if you want to be different, then act accordingly.

Bad gifts for men on February 23

1. Men's perfumery and cosmetics. Sets consisting of shaving foam, shower gel, shampoo and lotion. Many girls do not even suspect that many men have been using electric shavers for a long time and they do not need shaving foam at all. Most of these gifts will be accepted by men with a smile on their face, but inside a man will say: “Oh * fucking gift”

2. Various trifles. Pens, key chains, flasks, photo frames, ties. All these things are perceived as gifts "for show". Most likely they will then gather dust in the drawer of our table.

Girls, if you receive bad gifts on March 8th. Think about what you did wrong on February 23? Our men's magazine MENSBY. COM will give you the right advice in choosing the best gift for men on February 23 and for any other holiday. This data is based on surveys and statistics from last year.

The best gifts for men on February 23

1. The best gift for men on February 23 is a ticket

The best gifts for men on February 23 are tickets to a concert of their favorite band, MMA or a football team. What’s more, you can go there together!

Bon Jovi - Because We Can (The Boxer: Act 1)

2. The best gift for men on February 23 is an electronic gadget

Men favorably treat any electronic devices: headphones, tablets and radio-controlled helicopters. As some say: “I am an adult, an accomplished man, and I need this radio-controlled helicopter!”

Remote controlled helicopter on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

3. The best gift for men on February 23 is clothes

Knowing the preferences of a man, you can pick up something interesting for him. A man should like the gift and fit him in style. He may have already mentioned that he would like to have such a thing. No need to give cheap and tasteless things. The gift does not have to be expensive, but it must be of high quality and preferably of a well-known brand. It can be, for example, a shirt or an interesting accessory.

Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie (Official) ft. JAY Z

4. The best gift for men on February 23 is his choice

Ask what a man wants to get for this holiday. This can be done with hints or direct text. Perhaps a man wants something for himself on February 23 for sports, hobbies, cars or travel.

People are awesome - extreme people - gopro hero 3

33) Many men dream of such a gift as a private dance or Lap-dance. It literally translates to lap dance. Girls can dance a striptease, but private dancing is much more effective. Men will love this strip club act, which takes place in secluded booths.

How private dances are danced.

Lap-dance video. Lap dance.

If you are a reader of our magazine, then adopt our ideas. These are really good gifts for men. Especially the fifth! If a man, then you will find a way to show this page to your girlfriend.