Temporary relationship or canned food

There are situations in life when temporary companions appear in a relationship. Many of us have used other people, and sometimes we ourselves have become a temporary option.

It is said that once the prisoners who escaped from the northern camps took canned food with them. These canned goods did not have to be carried in shoulder bags. They ran by themselves. Very comfortable, very. When there was nothing to profit from in the endless taiga, they ate canned food. Canned until the last did not know that her fate was to be eaten. And they took it with them just for this. Canned food simply ran with everyone to freedom.

* * * * *

Creepy? Well, yes. Well, everything is like in life. Do you have canned goods?

Yes. Almost everyone has had one in their life. Open if hungry. Gobble up. Throw out the empty jar. And run on. And everyone, for sure, at least once in his life was canned himself.

* * * * *

Here is Sasha. Lives with Anya. She has been waiting for him to come home from work for two years, preparing food for him and giving him a massage before going to bed. She looks at him warmly. He thinks when…

Wants a child. He still hopes to return to his ex-wife, who left him three years ago. Anya has been running around all this time and does not know that she is just canned food.

* * * * *

Here is Lyoshka. He's been waiting for a year and a half. Waiting for Marinka to call him. And even offer to drink coffee together. He is afraid to even dream of more. She calls sometimes once a month, sometimes twice. And then he saddles up his Subaru and rushes along terrible roads for three and a half hours. Rushing to another city. where Marina lives. She can go out and meet him, or she can just freeze. Yes, she, of course, knows that it will take him three and a half hours to go to her place. In those moments when he still manages to see her, she cries into his vest. She was again abandoned by a married lover. He throws Marina once a month. Sometimes at two. Then, of course, he comes back.

Sometimes he returns during those three and a half hours that Lyoshka rushes to Marina. That is why Marina sometimes simply does not pick up the phone when Lyoshka arrives.

Lyoshka slept with her only twice, a year and a half ago. He had already decided that he needed her. Very very. From the first night. It happens. When everything else without this person, as it were, loses its meaning.

So he picks up the phone when she calls. He can't do anything about it. And so it happens too. Marina, for sure, understands that it is unlikely that they will rush to her from another city for three and a half hours solely out of friendly feelings. But this is her preserve. Open if hungry. Gobble up. Throw out the empty jar. And run on.

However, it is also canned. For a man who has been using it for five years, obscuring Marinka's best years, speaks of love, but still does not leave his wife...

* * * * *

Or Ksenia. I could have built a life. But for the last six years, every six months, for two weeks, Vova appears on the horizon. Her Vova. Her. Tired of life, once again entangled in someone, swearing that he finally understood, understood everything, and there is no better place in the world than with Ksenia next to him. He does not disappear suddenly. The last days before leaving, he is picky, he does not like everything and everything is not to his liking. These days, Ksenia is shrinking inside, because she understands: he will disappear again. She'll be waiting, she can't help it either. She believes that one day he will stay. He is in no hurry to convince her otherwise.

Sometimes she will have someone show up. Yes, nothing serious. She knows that somewhere there is Vovka. He will open Ksenia when hunger comes. Will devour. Throw away the empty jar. And run on.

Source: Ekaterina Bezymyannaya