Tasks for the year. List of 150 tasks for the year

To get the most out of life and the next year, you need to set yourself a high bar for future goals. Make the next year as breakthrough, as successful as possible and as happy as possible. Double, triple and even tenfold your well-being.

Want to have more? Then you have to set plans higher and higher in order to get closer to your dreams. Here is an approximate list of plans, tasks, goals for the year that can radically change your life for the better. Set goals publicly so you can take responsibility for achieving them. Move forward while the whole world is resting, panicking or lazy.

How to make a plan of tasks for the year?

You can run like a squirrel in a wheel, but you can’t even remember your achievements for a year and long terms. He ran all the time, fussed and did something, but to no avail? So that life is not hectic, chaotic and useless, you should think over a plan, as well as how to follow it.

  • Look for your personal dreams. Choose only those goals that really interest you. It is impossible to take on 1000 cases at once and succeed. Choose only the most important and necessary for you.
  • Adjust the plan. Adjust your plan as you complete and move forward. The plan must be flexible in order to remain relevant and feasible.
  • Do it every day. Any plan requires discipline and daily routine. Clearly complete daily tasks every day, and do not shirk. Remember the proverb "a drop wears away a stone." Demonstrate perseverance, perseverance and discipline. Then all dreams will become reality.
  • Surround yourself with the right information. Look for like-minded people who have similar desires. Dive into the area that interests you. Read educational books, watch educational videos, sign up for the courses you need. When you surround yourself with the right things, interesting offers, promising acquaintances appear, the growth of knowledge increases and motivation remains.
  • Visualize the goals. Present your goals daily as if you have already achieved them. Think about them, feel them and enjoy them. Visualization helps to get help from the Universe.
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Goals for the year. List of plans for the year

Sometimes it is difficult to come up with tasks for a day, a week, a month or a whole year. To do this, we have selected the main goals and dreams that successful people choose to achieve. Find among the list your personal goals that you also dream of achieving. The higher the bar, the greater the pleasure of the task. Dream big and big, not small! Tasks for the next year that will make your life a real dream.

1. Change your job to a more pleasant and better paid one.

2. Try a new hobby or hobby that might be interesting.

3. Make an ideal daily routine and follow it. No discipline anywhere.

4. Get a new profession or study a related specialty. It might be good for your career.

5. Develop the habit of making plans for the day, week, months and years ahead.

6. Seize the opportunities the chances that fate presents, and do not retreat and do not be afraid.

7. Create opportunities yourself, and not just wait for a miracle and a gift from heaven.

8. Find a job that allows you to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

9. Practice mindfulness and observation, which will help in many areas of life.

10. Radiate positivity, optimism and joy, and smile more often. Create a positive image.

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11. Become a recognized expert in your field.

12. Take part in conferences that may be useful and interesting.

13. Watch motivational films that are based on real events.

14. Read at least 1 useful book per month or 12 books per year. This is the minimum program.

15. Set aside a portion of your income every month.

16. Get rid of the accumulated grievances, realize them and leave them in the past.

17. Get plastic surgery to improve your appearance, get your hair transplanted, or make yourself look younger.

18. Meet new people who may be completely different from you.

19. Learn a foreign language by spending time studying 2-3 times a week.

20. Find your favorite sport, which will allow you to always be in shape and tone. It is always pleasant to work, live and communicate with the opposite sex in a sports body.

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21. Learn to think and plan first, then act. Always think ahead.

22. Reduce the amount of time you spend on social networks, TV and the Internet.

23. Learn sign language, learn to show empathy to the interlocutors and better understand the psychology of people.

24. Stop making emotional purchases. Think before spending money for a few days or weeks. After a while, you won't want to spend money.

25. Learn to say no to people who try to take advantage of you.

26. Collect useful and necessary contacts. Surround yourself with people who can help you achieve your goals.

27. Get to know your city better by visiting its different corners. Explore the city once a month to discover something new and interesting.

28. Adjust personal life if there are problems in it. Find yourself a soul mate and establish a full-fledged good relationship.

29. Quit drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, consuming soda and other bad habits that only interfere with a full life.

30. Embark on a spontaneous journey to visit the remote corners of the planet.

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31. Learn to keep your word and be a man of action. This will create the right reputation.

32. Get rid of toxic people who interfere with life and put spokes in the wheels.

33. Learn to enjoy every day, enjoy every moment and enjoy every good moment.

34. Learn to ride a bike, skateboard, motorcycle, ski, snowboard, surfboard.

35. Learn not to give or borrow. It is better to spend money on useful and important things.

36. Make a personal mission for your life or write down a declaration of your principles.

37. Create your own YouTube channel or TikTok, becoming popular at least in narrow circles.

38. Learn to maintain order at home and at work.

39. Take a first aid course, a survival course, or a self-defense course.

40. Focus in life on what you are really good at in life.

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41. Train yourself to get outside for at least 30 minutes every day.

42. Draw a wish map, where all your dreams and goals will be depicted.

43. Run a marathon, triathlon, or try another challenge for yourself.

44. Get on the nutrition side to look and feel better.

45. Learn to dance so you don't feel like a black sheep on the dance floor.

46. Take care of your appearance: creams, scrubs, gels and other products.

47. Make new acquaintances with interesting people from time to time.

48. Start exercising in the morning to cheer up and feel great.

49. Read books on psychology and relationships to learn how to get along with people.

50. Update your style and wardrobe. Always greeted by clothes.

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51. Learn meditation and yoga to know yourself better.

52. Increase the number of your subscribers.

53. Learn a new sport that you haven't tried before: swimming, climbing, tennis.

54. Browse famous speakers who can teach you something useful.

55. Decide on your life calling and the path you want to take.

56. Do not pour negativity, anger and negative emotions on people. Give people friendliness and positive emotions.

57. Learn to swim well by joining the pool.

58. Raise your income in any way.

59. Learn to do push-ups, press, plank or pull-ups many, many times.

60. Do something crazy and out of the ordinary that is completely different from you.

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61. Learn how to cook deliciously, find a couple of your signature dishes and cocktails.

62. Start helping your parents, relatives or those in need financially.

63. Arrange adventures and bright events for yourself, making life richer.

64. Think of a source of passive income.

65. Stop paying attention to criticism, gossip and jealousy.

66. Meet and spend time with loved ones.

67. Spend time in solitude to think about something bigger and more important.

68. Find your weak habits and make them your strengths.

69. The most important task for the year is kindness. Do good deeds sometimes without asking for anything in return.

70. Maintain friendship with your friends.

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71. Think about life and reconsider your understanding of it in greater depth.

72. Learn martial arts to be able to stand up for yourself.

73. Visit some new countries or travel around the world.

74. Shoot your weapons and learn how to use them skillfully.

75. Learn to love and appreciate yourself more. Love yourself and indulge sometimes.

76. Master any musical instrument that has attracted you for a long time.

77. Get another education that will be useful in the future or right now.

78. Start keeping a diary, writing down the most important events and thoughts in it.

79. Master public speaking and leadership skills.

80. Join any club of interest. This may be an English-speaking club or running supporters.

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81. Train yourself to get up early and go to bed on time. This is a very useful skill.

82. Find time for dreams and fantasies. Dreaming is very important if you want to achieve incredible heights.

83. Invest part of your income in your education. Buy books, attend courses, go to conferences, study.

84. Learn the basics of time management to learn how to manage your time.

85. Do better, more and better than others. The difference between good and great is not that big.

86. Take daily contrast showers to build your body and character. This will make you more alert and energetic.

87. Keep a record of all income and expenses. This will allow you to better control your finances.

88. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you made in the past. We learn from mistakes and build our future. But you don't have to think about them all the time. Let them go.

89. Get rid of multitasking by starting to work on one task at a time. Multitasking is a bad habit that only wastes time and should be fought.

90. Visit exhibitions, galleries, concerts and other interesting places. This is an opportunity to discover something new or meet interesting people.

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91. Learn to work with segments using the Pomodoro technique. 25 minutes of work without any distractions to extraneous things, and then 5-10 minutes of a break.

92. Find a mentor or mentor who will help in business. It is difficult to solve problems being on the same level with him.

93. Communicate and maintain relationships with people every month so as not to lose contact with them.

94. Instill new positive habits that will help you achieve your goals and objectives.

95. Talk to a psychologist to help you understand yourself better.

96. Attend a personal growth training or other similar training.

97. Maintain a healthy water balance by drinking enough water per day.

98. Overcome your biggest fears that prevent you from living a fulfilling life.

99. Get into the habit of walking more often and moving more. An active lifestyle works wonders.

100. Buy yourself a cottage on the banks of a river, sea or ocean.

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101. Write down the top 10 ideas that will help you make a radical breakthrough in life. These tasks for the year will help you understand the correct vector of your dreams.

102. Throw out unnecessary rubbish from things, life and people.

103. Sign up for a group workout at a fitness club or CrossFit. It is always more pleasant, more fun and easier to train in a team.

104. Play a role for a movie, play or any video. Even if it's a cameo role.

105. Get a full examination in the clinic to study the state of your body.

106. Implement useful skills and advice given to you by experts in their field.

107. Use useful gadgets and programs that will help make life easier.

108. Learn to take beautiful pictures or master the art of painting.

109. Learn to defend yourself and stand up for yourself in any conflict.

110. Live brightly. Rock out, go to cool parties, enjoy, have fun and live fully brightly.

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111. Help someone grow and learn by mentoring.

112. Correct your posture, manners and improve your body language.

113. Find your personal relationship with God to create harmony in your soul.

114. Watch only good films and serials, don't waste time on various slag.

115. Don't run negative scenarios in your head so as not to attract the negative.

116. Please yourself with small gifts.

117. Understand your roots by making a family tree with ancestors.

118. Invest in a promising business, but within reasonable limits.

119. Stop postponing important things for later. Procrastination gets in the way of achieving what you want and making your dreams come true. Do the things you need right now, don't put them off.

120. Get yourself the perfect figure and perfect abs, as you have dreamed of all your life.

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121. Train your brain using games, crosswords, puzzles and logic tasks.

122. Participate in some competition or contest.

123. Create a family, build a house, raise a son and a daughter.

124. Read the Top 100 Best Books, watch the Top 100 Best Movies and explore other interesting Tops.


125. Master minimalism and find joy in the absence of superfluous things.

126. Stop complaining, whining and feeling like a victim. Better put yourself in the position of a winner.

127. Take a photo every day to create a memory and what was important that day.

128. Teach people to compliment others. This will improve your relationship with them.

129. Learn the blind typing method, which will help you work faster on your computer.

130. Try an extreme sport that will help you cheer up and feel the love of life.

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131. Participate in any positive social project.

132. Go to the forest to shout there at the top of your voice or to be silent in thought. Nature always heals.

133. Compose a personal mantra that will help in life.

134. Find something good in yourself for which you will love yourself.

135. Say “yes” to interesting opportunities more often.

136. Organize your own business, even a small way.

137. Call your parents every day, it's only a couple of minutes away.

138. Go out to nature and picnics more often.

139. Learn an interesting craft.

140. Make time for relationships and family.

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141. Have a family photo session.

142. Re-create social media profiles to better describe you.

143. Get a whiter smile by visiting the dentist regularly.

144. Participate in team sports to bond with friends.

145. Learn to achieve your goals, and not abandon them halfway.

146. Get a pet that you have long wanted.

147. Know yourself better from all sides in order to better understand your needs for life.

148. Buy yourself what you have long dreamed of.

149. Take vacations, vacations and rest, and not just work.

150. Enjoy life every day and enjoy it.

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These goals and objectives for the year will help you better recognize your desires and then achieve them. A task plan will help you if you set yourself a high bar and then stick to it every day. All the goals for the year will be a reality if you put in enough effort. Who knows how far you'll be in a year? Everything depends only on you. It will be a completely different life...