Take the "mummy", put the "mukini" in your suitcase and don't forget the "mummy value".

Men's fashion shows can inspire even more neologisms. But not all fashionistas are delighted with new words.

Over the past 10 years, the fashion lexicon has been enriched with new words: for example, mankini - men's bikini, according to The Wall Street Journal. There is a whole trend. So, fashion offers men “manties”, which in Russian can be conveyed by the word “musiki”. Manties is a type of men's underwear, the word is made up of "man" (male) and "panties" (women's panties), journalists Christina Passariello and Ray E. Smith explain.

There are also "mandals", "murses" and "mantyhose" (respectively, "mousonozhki" - men's sandals, "mumochki" - the male version of ladies' handbags and "mulgotki" - men's tights). According to linguists, these neologisms were originally a secret language in the fashion industry, but now the editors of the Oxford English Dictionary are considering including them in a new edition.

“The New York Fashion Week menswear shows starting today could inspire even more neologisms. Fashion editors often find words to describe the whimsical creations of fashion designers,” the newspaper notes. For example, in March, the word "poots" was invented - however, for a thing from the Hermes women's collection. These are leather trousers connected with boots.

But not all fashionistas are enthusiastic about new words. Glenn O'Brien, GQ columnist, states, "Music is driving the disgust meter." Esquire's Ross McKemmon, columnist for Vocabulary, laments: "Prefixes like this promote the caricature of a man."

Be that as it may, the emergence of new terms is a reflection of the current boom in the men's fashion industry. “This sector is not subject to economic troubles: in the first half of this year, sales of menswear in the United States rose by 4.6%, while sales of womenswear fell by 0.8%,” the newspaper cites NPD Group data.

There is a boom in the field of men's jewelry: bracelets-baubles have come into fashion. Bankers wear leather, from Tod's.

As for mandals - "mousonocks" - these are shoes with an open toe, but more solid-looking than beach or sports sandals. In the summer, Obama somehow appeared in black “shoes” (however, fashionistas did not approve of his taste and were even shocked that the president put his toes on display, the authors note).

And men's fashion and its distinct lexicon took off in the 1990s, when the term "metrosexual" appeared. A new generation of pop stars like Justin Timberlake, Joe Jonas and Kanye West has arrived who are praised rather than ridiculed for their personal style.

“There are also a few expressions that refer to the less glamorous sides of fashion. Some male models are said to suffer from "munorexia" - male anorexia," the article says. "Manscaping" is a punning rethinking of landscaping, "landscaping" is nothing more than removing hair from a man's body.

British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in a bikini. Frame from the film Borat.
With regard to mankinis, the British police equate wearing them with disturbing the peace. So, this summer, the police on the beach reprimanded a man for wearing a thong tanga - "a swimsuit like Borat's famous outfit in the movie," the authors explain. Author: Cristina Passariello and Ray E. Smith