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Taboo in sex who want to cancel the girls

In sex, many things are accepted as a rule and iron taboos, but the girls do not agree. Women are more free about sex, games in bed and love debauchery. Taboos in sex that girls have long wanted to cancel, which men do not even know about.

Sex prohibitions and taboos only make intimate life worse. We decided to ask the fair sex a question. It turned out that many rules and taboos have long been outdated. Girls want more from sex that men don't even know about. What is the time to change in sex from the point of view of women?

Taboos in sex that girls want to abolish

Women engage in and enjoy sex for the sake of sex itself, and not for other reasons. This is normal and correct.

Men don't want to use sex toys in sex as if it would make them less masculine. Rejection of toys makes sex life boring.

Pubic hair is considered retro. But many girls like it, as do the men they date. It's time to get rid of prejudices that girls should be shaved absolutely everywhere.

Men should ask women and suggest themselves what they want to try in bed. Sexual life would be more fun and brighter. Down with prejudice.

Men practically do not moan in sex. I wanted men to be louder in bed and express more strongly that they like sex.

Most girls can only come from clitoral stimulation, and men simply ignore it. More caresses with the clitoris.

Girls sometimes need more than a man's cock, tongue and hands. It would be nice to consider a vibrator as commonplace. It can be used by both partners in sex and enjoy it.

Being a virgin is okay. Girls do not wait for a wedding, but they are waiting for an adequate man. Meet him, chat and have sex. But this does not mean that the girl should jump into bed with all the jerks.

Women also get turned on by watching porn and also masturbate. It would be great to watch porn together if you offer, otherwise we are shy.

Change roles with men, be more dominant over them when the stronger sex is the object of desire.

Girls want to have sex in nature, in the car, on the roof of the house and other places. But men rarely invite us on such adventures. Stupidly at home in bed. Boring.

If a girl has a lot of sex with different men, this does not make her unworthy. It's okay to have sex with people you like.

It is a pity that men avoid dancing sexually or performing striptease. It is not in vain that girls like to go to a male striptease.

Vanilla sex is considered strange, while rough and very vulgar sex is normal. But many girls love vanilla sex and don't want to be ashamed of it.

Girls also like to masturbate, and there is nothing strange about that. We can do it together, exciting each other or helping.

Want to get a blowjob? Do great cunnilingus. We can please each other with such caresses, and also make it an invariable part of our intimate life.

Society pressures us to have sex all the time, although for some, once a week is enough. What is important is the coincidence of temperaments in a couple, and not public opinion.

I wanted men to wear sexier outfits and more erotic underwear. Men are too conservative, which is unfortunate.

Many women enjoy anal sex and want it.

Men do not need to go to mistresses to try something special in sex. We can make better lovers, whatever you ask.

I would like more unpredictability and diversity from men. Sex only in the missionary position at home? Too banal and dull. More different sex positions, more sex in nature and in other places.

Girls love vulgarity, rudeness and slight debauchery, even if they look modest. It makes intimate life great. You feel that you live to the fullest and enjoy to the fullest.

Girls are more advanced in sex than men think. Less taboo and more sex. From this, men and women will only benefit.