sweet crumbs

A girl to live poorly and modestly, or to be a cheerful young slut who receives gifts, travels, has fun and enjoys life? Beautiful and successful people have long been cooperating in the field of money and sex.

Only fools dream of living in poverty and modestly. Modern girls dream of a luxurious life - expensive bags, dresses, shoes, gifts, travel and meetings with rich people. This is not an exception, but the rule for almost any modern girl. How can they get it? Easy.

In the modern world, it is not ordinary relationships that are in fashion, but "relationships - an agreement" between partners. When she is beautiful and young, and the second is successful and pays. Many sites have appeared on the Internet where you can have relationships with certain bonuses instead of regular relationships. These sites are seekingarrangement.com, arrangement.com, sugardaddie.com, sugardaddyforme.com, mutualarrangements.com.

Sweet Babies Opinion

“My friend told me about this and I decided to give it a try even though I was skeptical. The first guy I hooked up with turned out to be not only very sexy, but downright dreamlike. He's great and we're having a successful affair. I'm so glad I took the risk.” Kendra

“I met two fantastic men. We enjoyed each other's company for several months. It was romantic. We remain friends and get together sometimes. From day one they were real gentlemen.” CC

“I traveled a lot and tried many things. I got an education, there are a lot of expensive things and a car. I have an interesting and luxurious life” Olya

Features of “sugar babies”, “sugar daddies” and “sugar momma”

these sites are referred to as "sugar babies", "sweet babies" or "sweet girls". Sweet crumbs are a type of relationship where a girl receives cash, gifts, travel, or other benefits in exchange for being in a relationship. This new trend is popular in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and the countries of the former USSR.

In addition to sugar babies, there are sugar daddies and sugar momma. These are different roles. Babies are sold and dads and moms are buying.

According to the statistics of one of the Western sites that connects two interested parties, 36% of the money goes to education, 23% to rent an apartment, and the rest to transport, clothing, travel, entertainment and other things. An average user of the site finds a similar relationship on average in 5 days.

Ordinary relationship VS sweet baby

What is the difference between regular relationship and if the girls will be "sweet baby"?

• Bonuses. In traditional relationships, it is not known whether there will be gifts and other financial amenities for the girl. The sweet girl will receive luxurious gifts, incredible trips, the necessary money, clothes and other bonuses.

• Relationship type. It used to be good, they took up the pens - you are already dating. And now you're fucking, fucking and the devil understand what's between you. In traditional relationships, usually everything is always unclear. A sweet girl immediately knows that this is an open type of relationship, and maybe even promising with marriage.

• Duration. In traditional relationships, it is not known when they will end and whether there will be a breakup. You discover this along the way. The sweet girl receives an offer and agrees on a time in advance for a mutually beneficial "cooperation".

The young entertain, the old pays. Usually girls are about 20-30 years old, and men are about 50 years old. Men get tired of family life or loneliness. Paying a girl for meetings is not difficult. Sometimes there are weddings, but this is less common.

There are certain rules for girls:

Rules for sweet girls:

• laugh at jokes

• admire and respect • don't interfere with silly talk • to regret • to have fun • to take and give

Everyone in a couple can date whoever they want. There are no words of love and other nonsense that makes us unhappy. In youth, you want entertainment, money and travel, and there are few successful peers. Sweet girls make themselves happy and older men. There are no games or cheating here. Everyone gets what they want. Sex by agreement in advance, but this is not a problem for a modern girl.

Sweet babes or sweet sluts? Do you care about moral issues? Just don't ask how young girls or your new girlfriend got a car, an apartment or a new iPhone...