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Survival in the city. How to get out of trouble when attacked?

Relying only on the police and luck is stupid if you are an average resident of an ordinary city. In the urban jungle, you are in danger of being beaten, robbed and even killed. How to be safe and get out of trouble when faced with crime?

Simple rules for safety in the urban jungle may one day save your wallet, health or life. Hooligans, bandits and crime are much closer than it seems at first glance.

How to get out of trouble when attacked?

1. Don't go where "trouble" can be expected. These are dubious clubs, thieves' bars, dangerous areas and clusters of criminal personalities.

2. Train yourself to always look around 360 degrees. It is especially worth being careful at night and in dangerous places.

3. Stay away from suspicious-looking people. Keep a distance of 3-5 meters from them, and even further is better. This allows you to react, and not become another victim.

4. Learn to simply run away in a dangerous situation, rather than wait or escalate the conflict. The best fight is the one that didn't take place.

5. Don't draw too much attention to yourself. Do not show off and show off less. Don't try to prove anything to anyone. This usually ends badly.

6. Choose a longer and safer road than a shorter and more dangerous one. Trying to cut across a dark courtyard can end up in a hospital.

7. Do not look at your phone or wear headphones in places where there is some danger. Many "music lovers" or those who like to sit on their phones lose not only money, but also their lives.

8. Always slow down when entering a dark alley, corner or driveway. At the moment, you are most vulnerable when one hit is enough to end a fight or a robbery.

9. Even an armed and trained person cannot cope against the crowd. Attackers may also have weapons and experience with their use. Retreat as quickly as possible and run away.

10. When an attack is imminent, don't wait until the very end. The bad guys will definitely kill you, it's just a moment in time. It is better to attack first and get some advantage that can decide the outcome of the fight.

11. If you fight, then fight with full force. At first you regret hitting the enemy, and then you lie unconscious on the pavement when you are kicked. Fight as hard as you can. Nobility in a fight is stupidity.

12. Get out of the line of attack, not just try to block and defend.

13. If it is possible to use an improvised weapon, then use it. It can be a stick, a stone, a board, a bottle, a bag and other similar things.

14. One of a man's best friends is a knife. Carry a small knife with you on a regular basis, which you can instantly take out and open. Practice getting it out of your pocket.

15. Take a good gas cartridge and learn how to use it. It is better to take two, and one to practice against stray dogs.

16. Buy yourself a traumatic gun and learn how to use it. Shoot regularly and practice getting your gun out of your holster.

17. Be prepared to use a knife, spray can, pistol, or other self-defense weapon against attackers. Use without delay and pity while you can resist. Otherwise, in a second, you may be kicked to death or stabbed in the side with a knife.

18. Do not be afraid and do not hesitate to shout “Fire!”, “Help!” and "Police". This will help to attract help and scare off attackers.

19. Teach your girlfriend, wife or children how to act in a dangerous situation. Let them run away as quickly as possible, call for help and call the police. This will save seconds that can cost a life.

20. Do not underestimate the enemy and the danger of the situation. This is the most common mistake that victims of severe beatings, robberies and murders make.

How prepared are you for trouble?