Sudden and unforgettable

At what point did women decide that men owe and owe them something? Why is there so much inadequacy in the actions of many women? Why is it that few people strive to just keep a face, but almost everyone is concerned with creating a unique image?

I've always wondered why there is so much shit in the heads of our women?

At what point did they decide that the peasants owe and owe them something? Why is there so much inadequacy in the actions of many women? Why are few of them just trying to keep a face, but almost all are concerned about creating a unique image? They dance like lice on a comb, trying to become for men - ta-dam! - unforgettable.

Who, like this, gave a shit to poor women in the heads that they sincerely believed that if a man is shocked somehow, and then run away from him and after falling icicles on his head, suddenly and passionately surrender, then he will immediately give such a woman a fur coat, and a car, and a necklace, and his heart to boot?

Yesterday I watched the First series. It's called "The Long Way Home".

In short: a big Moscow businessman over 50, in the past - a party bureaucrat, loses his head from a young cheerful woman.

Saw in the hall. She stood and neighed like a horse. Reminded the old dog of an old love. Something jumped out of him: either a bright feeling, or an attack of gastritis and ulcers. The businessman's little woman beckoned with her finger and immediately sped off into the distance on a motorcycle with the words: "I will find you myself."

And here he is, poor, toiling: waiting for a call.

The boy, damn it, curly, in love, never saw a woman's breast alive. A party bureaucrat, a big businessman who has been hanging around women all his life - all of a sudden! - shook and toiled: he saw a riddle in the neighing girl, and not a cheap pontorezka. The screenwriter, with a deft movement of the pen, threw the experience of a seasoned womanizer down the drain to stray dogs. No, but what? Let him fall in love, the fat screenwriter decided, and, biting her lip, soiled the paper.

Then a merry young woman suddenly calls the enamored dog and in a languid voice invites her to take an unforgettable swim in the pond. In a central Russian lake or in a pond, which is typical.

Gray-haired Cherubino flies to her on the wings of passion, dropping into a fur salon along the way. And now he is already standing with a fur coat in his teeth on the shore of the lake, in which the young woman bathes naked.

- Am I too old for you? he asks. “Passion has no age,” the nymph replies languidly, and he, oh my! - is bought.

I looked at all this and thought: “Only a woman could write such a thing. And not very pretty either. Moreover, only the one that saw tough men exclusively in magazines and TV.

I watch “Two Days” by Dunya Smirnova and believe: Dunya is fumbling. Dunya knows the psychology of alpha men. And that woman who described the bathing of the nymph, drew all her knowledge about men from the Cosmo magazine. Too many articles there on how to become an unforgettable woman, read and reworked them into a script.

A film based on this scenario is watched by women. Not all of them are smart. Many tend to believe in miracles. Thirty-year-old divorcees of such serials will be looked at, and then a rod in “Let's Get Married” with the requirement that the groom earn from 150 thousand rubles a month. Anything less will not suit them. 150 - this is her ass in centimeters in girth, and there too: give her a stop a month.

And it seems to these fools that it is enough to neigh loudly and go naked out of the lake or at least out of the bathroom - and a decent man will fall to their albeit cellulite, but still female legs with a red, of course, pedicure.

Will not fall. Neighing loudly and walking naked out of the lake is enough if you're a beautiful 18-year-old model. You don’t want to become a model, you don’t consider yourself to be one in splendid isolation or together with your mother, you don’t idly go to auditions, but you star in perfume commercials and go to the podium. This will be enough to get through the face control in the bunk. To get a ticket to the life of a man on conditions that are not humiliating for you - no.

Eighteen-year-old "rokovuh" I can somehow understand, they at least have a chance. But where do the women of the second freshness and third-rate appearance go? What are they hoping for? What happens in life like in the movies? Can not be.

Inadequate men do not touch. Inadequate men do not like. Inadequate men do not turn on.

It happens that they turn a blind eye to him, but only if a minute before that they drilled with these same eyes an 18-year-old “three-ruble note” on long legs. Inadequate, exalted behavior of an adult woman is disgusting to any man.

Do not rush, girls, to take off your underpants and tie them around the neck of a man with a bow or knot, thinking that he only dreamed about this all his life. It's not original. It's not unforgettable. It's vulgar and banal. It's disgusting, disgusting and ugly. There is nothing more boring than a stupid woman who imagines herself to be a big original.

Don't aim to be memorable. Just be smart. It's enough for you to be looked at as a person and not a hole that wants to be sudden and unforgettable.

Author: Lena Miro