succumb to temptation

Is it worth giving in to temptation if the soul demands? While we are growing up, we listen from all over that we need to keep ourselves in tight rein. Almost all life passes in continuous prohibitions. No, the second cake is not allowed, are you an egoist? No movies at the weekend, you have to go to the country. Lunch at a cafe? What are you, a millionaire? And so on in the same vein. Prohibitions are all around you. A "good" society tries as reliably as possible to drive into everyone's head that one must pacify one's desires and obey the canons. And then atta.

And what is the result? There are a huge number of people walking around, afraid to do something to please themselves. What if someone else needs it? Or judged by others? Is this game really worth the candle? Let's figure out together why sometimes it's just vital to be a little selfish and succumb to temptation.

The benefits of wish fulfillment

To begin with, I propose to find out what can happen to you if you think about someone else all the time and strengthen the framework built inside your consciousness. After all, it is not in vain that they say that wanting something is not at all harmful. It's bad to want nothing at all. So, here are some good reasons to sometimes give in to temptations:

The soul rests.

A person is constantly in a strong tension. He is surrounded by affairs, duties, work and family, in which you also need to be constantly responsible. You always owe something to someone, like land to a collective farm. So going crazy for a short time actually. When you at least occasionally succumb to temptations and fulfill your own desires, the soul really sighs with relief.

The tension subsides, and now existence does not seem like a continuous run of a squirrel in a wheel. For the sake of this, it’s worth breaking a couple of prohibitions, which, by the way, you didn’t set initially. And let it cause a lot of indignation. Man is an imperfect being.

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Complexes disappear.

Allowing yourself a little more than is customary in society, you straighten your shoulders and get a feeling of being free from social oppression. If earlier it seemed that others were better, stronger, bolder in everything, then a little self-indulgence will save anyone from such ridiculous and depressing judgments. If you spend time at work without getting out, then colleagues will probably call such a colleague a workaholic. Pleasantly? I do not think. With such a reputation, the complex is within easy reach.

But the workaholic obviously cannot calmly dump on an unscheduled vacation, turning off the phones and scoring on a burning emergency, since it seems to him that he alone pulls the whole company on himself. Sometimes you need to show the inner core, so as not to become a scapegoat with a bunch of psychological problems.


Unless, of course, we are talking about addictions. But the opportunity to succumb to the temptation to object to the boss when he is wrong, to say no, without becoming covered with crimson spots (as if he had sold his homeland, mother and cat in addition, honestly), to spend the night with the most popular beauty from the party - this is already a reason for promotion status in the eyes of the environment.

People don't like quiet things. It is very easy to subordinate them to one's own opinion. Realize your desires so that others understand who you are dealing with. Just do not stoop to outright rudeness towards friends and colleagues. This behavior is repulsive and has the opposite effect.

Attention of the opposite sex.

No matter how trite it may sound, but girls love charismatic guys who can sometimes violate moral principles. I do not mean crimes against the law and humanity. Just be a little bad boy who doesn't rush to bed after 10 p.m. so that mom doesn't scold. This is especially true for boys at a tender age that has exceeded 40.

Complete obedience and a ban on the implementation of temptations cause at best a smile, and at worst - outright pity. After all, a woman looks primarily at the independence of her future partner. And how will you attract a beauty if you do everything at the behest of other people?

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When you allow yourself a little more than is normal, there is no strong craving for the forbidden fruit, which is known to be incredibly sweet, inside. If you do not let off steam from time to time, sooner or later the pressure will simply tear to pieces, and the person will go on a dizzying spree, which most often has an extremely negative effect on his life and reputation. So do not wait until the strength to endure all this at all remains. Pamper yourself a little.

Feeling of comfort and inner harmony.

Rigid frames of solid “no” can leave deep and unpleasant splinters in the subconscious. If from time to time you do not indulge your “I want”, the desire to do anything will disappear. What difference does it make if you don't like it? Temptations give a feeling of happiness, euphoria and boundless pleasure. Do you live solely to follow someone else's rules? It's time to listen a little to your own needs.

Depression will disappear.

And this is generally a real scourge of modern society. A person who constantly controls himself will never be completely satisfied and satisfied with his own life. Because of this, there is a feeling of apathy, longing, doom. Here are the first signs of depression.

Do not let the rigid framework of the "impossible" break fate and overshadow your stay in this world. To succumb to temptation does not mean to commit a serious crime against all life on earth. Just sometimes the soul needs a little freedom and pleasure. This is really necessary in order to avoid the occurrence of severe mental problems.

Temptations help us survive in an often hostile society. If for your own comfort you need to stop your daily running, take a deep breath and look around, then this is exactly what you should do. Believe me, the subconscious gives us signals for a reason. Treat every temptation to deviate from the rules as a small respite for the soul and body as a whole.

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Safe temptations: instructions for use

They drive you crazy, obsessively filling your head with sometimes fantastic ideas. Until the desire is embodied in reality, one can only dream of peace. But it's not nearly as dangerous as you might think at first. Everyone has their own temptations. And it's not about anything illegal. Sometimes the desire to eat ice cream during a diet becomes the most forbidden and unattainable dream on earth. I'll give you an example of a few relatively harmless temptations that you can succumb to:


I put this desire in the first place. How often have you wanted to forget about the daily routine and dive headlong into the maelstrom of new risky relationships (serious, all night long)? Surely every man experiences this temptation from time to time. Do you still deny yourself pleasure, because you consider such behavior unacceptable for a decent guy? In fact, a similar bounding box in the head was created by people who are simply afraid of the opposite sex.

Now so many girls themselves dream of dropping everything for at least a week and hanging out with some nice guy. Yes, let such a short-term romance end in nothing. But on the other hand, how many emotions, pleasure and adrenaline you both get. It's really worth it.


Take a break for a while from endless study, everyday problems and tasks at work. To succumb to temptation and feel the taste of the life of a real pet of ladies is sometimes simply necessary. Otherwise, you will continue to drag out the miserable existence of a person whose comrades come off to the fullest. There must be moments in life that are embarrassing to talk about, but it is very pleasant to remember.

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Strictly speaking, why not, if everyday life already presses on the throat worse than the notorious toad? Becoming an avid drinker is not necessary, but skipping a couple of glasses of good alcohol is sometimes better than visiting a session of the most experienced psychotherapist.

Alcohol helps to relax, relieve accumulated stress, and in some cases even the head begins to uncontrollably creative. Are you in a difficult situation in your life? It is worth considering this in a more measured and calm environment. Get a bottle of something tasty and drink it alone or with good friends. Switching the focus of attention a little can be very useful in order not to completely go crazy from the gray everyday life.

What about specific libations? As a girl with more than thirty years of experience (well, not a guy after all), I can say that sometimes a high-quality one-time binge followed by a hangover is much better than drinking beer every night. After such a feat, you will not want to deal with strong drinks for a long time. And it's really for the best.

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Bad habit, I do not argue. Now the promotion of a healthy lifestyle comes from almost every iron. I don't think that kind of passion is good. However, at the moment of the strongest stress, if you have an irresistible temptation to smoke a cigarette, it is better to succumb to it. This will allow at least for the first time to cope with emotions.

Unplanned trips.

Only a person without a family, job and obligations can break away from their homes and suddenly leave somewhere (or even fly away altogether). That's what most people think. But what about the innate spirit of adventurism? Do you really allow yourself to constantly dance to the tune of other people's vacations? Remember, my friend, happy people don't live in the office. They change location as soon as they realize that the soul lacks freedom and adventure.

Just take it and go to another city for a week. Find a shift, organize an unscheduled vacation. Yes, even at your own expense. Make it a rule to always have some money for unexpected expenses. And what spending can be better than a change of scenery?

It doesn't matter what kind of trip it will be. Let the Maldives still save and save. But you can take a car, fill a full tank of gasoline and leave wherever your eyes look, you can at any time. If someone undertakes to condemn such acts, let him better evaluate his own life. Don't be afraid to succumb to the lure of adventure.

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Expensive purchases.

You can't go through the whole fate under the motto "you need something cheaper and more practical."If you constantly save on the most expensive person (yourself, of course), then you will not feel any happiness.

At least once in a while, let yourself be tempted to get a really good thing. Let it be anything: cool jeans that you have been dreaming about for half a year, a stylish branded T-shirt, a new game console, or a fresh furniture set (hell knows what's going on in your head). The main thing is that such an act really brings joy and satisfaction.

No matter how many relatives and friends you have, don't forget to think about yourself. Little things make life brighter and easier. You work hard like a heroic horse. Why not at least sometimes be tempted by something exclusively personal, and not for the benefit of others?

Sleep in pleasure.

Oh, the temptation to just lie in bed all day off. This temptation is definitely one of the most harmless to humans. The modern rhythm of life leaves a low imprint in the form of a catastrophic lack of sleep.

The weekend comes, and a huge pile of cases immediately falls on you, which your hands did not reach on weekdays. Think procrastination is bad? In small doses, it is necessary to avoid overwork and a nervous breakdown. Just take a day to rest in a horizontal position. Sleep heartily to gain strength for new exploits and accomplishments. Otherwise, your resources will be exhausted very soon.

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Nowhere to go.

Have you planned a meeting with friends or a trip with relatives, but you have no strength and desire? I advise you not to mock your body and just give up what you have planned. Yes, some people might be offended. But are other people's whims worth sacrificing yourself for them?

Here's a good example for you. Once I flew with a company on vacation to Thailand. All the guys gathered together one night in a bar to drink and hang out. And I have, well, in general, the soul did not lie to such a pastime. And the temptation to just relax in silence was insanely great. Yes, I refused to accompany them.

I was persuaded for a long time, but in the end the whole issue turned out to be completely at my own disposal. Have I ever regretted that at that moment I succumbed to temptation? Never, to be honest. After all, it was then that I was very good. I also advise you to follow the voice of your mind and heart, and not the conscience that has always been guilty of someone.

Lunch at a restaurant.

Gluttony is, of course, a sin. But do you really think that spending a lot of time cooking buckwheat with stew at home, you will go to heaven as a holy martyr? If the soul is somehow not very rosy, the mood is so-so, things are not going well, and there was a disagreement with the girl, give in to the temptation and finally go to a good restaurant.

It has been scientifically proven that tasty food has a positive effect on a person's emotional state. So maybe you don’t need to always reap money on yourself and follow your desire at least once? In the end, from a one-time trip to such an institution, your budget will not order you to live long.

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How to succumb to temptation without sad consequences

Even so, certain precautions must be observed. So that later it does not become excruciatingly painful from indulging desires, remember the following rules:

Use protection with new sexual partners.

This is about being seduced by girls. No matter how angelic another acquaintance looks, do not forget about protection. Appearances are deceiving, and this is especially noticeable when dealing with women. Take care not only about your desires, but also about your health.

Don't spend your last money.

Some of the temptations I have described above require financial investment. If you don’t have any savings at the moment, plan the fulfillment of your dream for a little later, so that later you don’t have to borrow from friends and stealthily eat from acquaintances. It is important to keep a cool head in any situation. But to spend the last and a fool will be able to, science is not great.

Know your limits.

In the topic of bad habits, it is very important not to catch the hype. Drinking is much closer than you think. Give in to temptation correctly and do not go too far. It is advisable to limit the rest period and the number of “passions” in advance. Otherwise, there is a risk of ending up in the hospital with such a sickly ethyl alcohol poisoning. And I'm not talking about completely ruined reputation.

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Don't get into loans.

It doesn't matter what kind of temptation is discussed. It is very important to always understand and soberly assess your financial capabilities. If you are going to break away on a trip to the islands, and only a mower is left in your wallet until the end of the month, then it is better to wait a while with the exotic. How about a car ride somewhere closer? Start small.

If you take out a loan, succumbing to temporary excitement, always think in advance how you will repay it later. Temptations are a necessary thing. But let's not do it all at once, okay? Otherwise, your future life will turn into one hopeless quest with a scenario in the style of "where to hide from the collectors."

Do not try prohibited substances.

Finally, I will clarify that I do not urge you to rush into all serious and harm your health for the sake of new sensations that you sometimes think about. Drinking on a weekday or a little more than usual is normal. This is how the soul rests. But to tell all the harm from various drugs, I think, is unnecessary. It is absolutely impossible to succumb to such temptation. It's better to smoke a pack of cigarettes out of grief, if it's really hard at heart.

So, here we are talking about desires and passions. Every person sometimes needs to go against social rules. To become such a daring character who allows what others are embarrassed to think about. Think with your head, do not expose yourself to unnecessary risks, take care of your health, and everything will be fine with you. Good luck!