stupid criminals

Criminals are not always as smart as one might imagine. It is bad when an empty head is combined with an incendiary temperament. Some criminals are so stupid that sometimes it's hard to believe.

Criminal geniuses are found only in films and novels, and sometimes in the government. But more often than not, people who embark on the path of crime rarely have a great mind. It is bad when a head stuffed with sawdust is combined with an incendiary temperament. Some criminals are so stupid that sometimes it's hard to believe.

In 2008, Ruben Zarate decided to rob an auto repair shop. But, unfortunately, the manager, who owns the keys to the safe where the money is, was absent from his workplace. Deciding that the workers of all countries should unite in the fight against the capitalists, the robber left his number to the worker with a request to call back when the key, together with the authorities, arrived at work. But for some reason, the worker first called the police, and then Ruben. As a result, the perpetrator was arrested.

Another robber who did not want to waste his time was caught hot. In 2010, Albert Bailey called the store in advance and demanded that the money be ready for him when he arrived. The money, as well as the police, were in place.

Drunk eighteen-year-old David Zurfluh was arrested for drunk driving, and sitting in the back seat of a police car, the drunk brain decided that it was necessary to take an alcohol test at all costs, for which an attempt was made eat underwear as absorbent.

Mohammed Ashan, a Taliban field commander in Afghanistan, was so desperate for money that he voluntarily surrendered, demanding a $100 bounty on his head.

In England criminals are lured with beer. The famous Derbyshire Dozen gang had long attracted the attention of the police with their exploits, but they could not be caught. The Crime Squad retrieved the suspects' email addresses, and a special team of undercover officers wrote and sent letters to them informing them that the recipient had won a case of free beer. All the gentlemen of fortune came to the meeting place, where they were given handcuffs instead of beer.

As a rule, people escape from prisons, but 24-year-old Patrick Rempe, under the influence of drugs, rammed a prison in Florida to see friends. Then, running away, he climbed the fence and got stuck at the top, clinging to the barbed wire. When he was detained to be taken to a doctor, police said he spat on a sheriff's deputy. Now he can spend enough time with his friends.

Klaus Schmidt broke into a bank in Berlin and brandished a gun and demanded money. But the employees noticed that Klaus answers out of place if he does not see the interlocutor's lips. Having thus determined that the poor thing was deaf, the bank employee turned on the alarm, which worked safely until the police arrived. As a result, Klaus tried to sue the bank workers because they "took advantage of his handicap".

Another bank robber in London was about to hand the cashier a bag to fill it with banknotes, but instead absentmindedly handed him a gun. Realizing his oversight, the rotozey fled on the bicycle of a bank worker.

“The main thing when robbing a bank is disguise,” decided Dennis Hawkins, a resident of Pittsburgh, and, putting on clown pants, a wig with blond curls and a huge bust, but forgetting to shave off his mustache, went to work. When escaping, a paint can exploded in his face, carefully placed by the cashier. With such an improved conspiracy, he could be seen for a kilometer, and it was not difficult for the police to catch the clown.

In the winter of 2013, Darren Kimpton carefully chose the premises for the robbery. Finally, the ideal target was found, but when the thief entered the house, it turned out that just a couple of hours before him, someone had already broken in there, and the British police were already at the crime scene.

A home burglar in Manchester, New Hampshire, after discovering fried chicken wings in the refrigerator, decided to go free and feel at home. After a hearty dinner and tired of the labors of the righteous, it was natural to take a nap on the sofa, on which the criminal, peacefully snoring, was discovered by a disgruntled owner.

A Colombian gang decided to use a pre-stolen donkey to escape and transport the goods stolen from the store. But the law-abiding animal refused to cooperate and fled from the hijackers with bags of prey, making loud displeased sounds, which attracted the attention of law enforcement officers.

Mganga Mganga from Nebraska (let's not judge a man by name) tried to steal a car from a woman, unfortunately for him the car turned out to be with a manual transmission. The young talent was not ready for such a turn of events, and for seven minutes he tried to start the car. For this occupation, the police caught him.

In 2015 in Missouri, a teenager with two younger friends robbed the home of Deborah Matthew. Among the loot was a powder that the kids mistook for cocaine and consumed. But the cocaine turned out to be the ashes of the deceased grandfather of the robbed lady, and two juvenile accomplices who had tasted family values ​​were her relatives.