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Strengths of girls in sex. Secrets of good mistresses

The girls told, in confidence, their strengths in sex. What intimate talents do girls have, and what are they great in bed. The strengths of girls in sex, which make them great lovers.

"We did a romantic comedy just to have a stronger orgasm." Frederic Beigbeder

Men like to call bad lovers the offensive words "log" or "starfish". Many girls agree with them, because they are not like that at all. They want, know how and love to have sex.

The girls told about their strong intimate sides, which favorably stand out from among other women. What sexual talents do girls have? What can they do in bed that other women can't?

This article will help girls better understand how to become a great lover. And men can only find such wonderful and hot girls who know how to receive and give pleasure in sex.

Secrets of good mistresses. Strengths of girls in sex

  • I am the goddess of dirty and vulgar talk in sex. I am a journalist writing about sex, and my supply of vulgar expressions is endless. Therefore, I often use professional skills in my sexual life. Men love this.
  • In a race of who finishes first, I always win. Sometimes I can get an orgasm from just one penetration. It's fantastic, but a guy doesn't have to work very hard to send me to heaven.
  • When I'm very aroused, I don't have a gag reflex at all, and this has practical implications in my sex life. And I'm always excited when I give a blowjob. I can suck cock so well and deeply that I could represent my country at the Olympics.
  • I am in good shape because of professional sports. Very active and energetic in bed, and not lying like a log. Sex with us is always powerful, rich and mobile. Often I myself take the initiative and move when a man just gets pleasure. My favorite pose is the horsewoman.
  • I am a real prostitute in bed. Ready for any sex experiments with my man. He does not need to persuade me to try something new, vulgar and depraved. I easily agree or suggest myself. Everything we see in porn, we can easily taste. Bigotry in sex only makes it worse.
  • I get aroused very quickly and do not need foreplay. I get wet very quickly and there is a lot of lubrication. But there are downsides to this. My panties get wet quickly when a man is just kissing me.
  • I have strong pelvic floor muscles from Kegels and other similar exercises. This enhances the sensations during sex, and the man gets an unforgettable and intense orgasm.
  • I can make love in absolute silence. I used to do it so that our parents would not burn us, then the hostel neighbors, and now the children. This is a useful skill if you like to have sex, but are cramped in conditions for solitude.
  • I can only put on a condom using my mouth. Men are impressed with this skill, although it is not difficult at all.
  • Having orgasms multiple times within 10 minutes. It is easy and pleasant for a man to feel like a real mega-male with me. Although I am a lustful mega-female.
  • I enjoy anal sex, which many women do not agree to. We often do this, as well as many others.
  • I practice the usual striptease for my man, private dancing, and pole dancing. We have a pole at home that I use regularly. I have the ability to turn a man on to the point that he finishes very quickly and powerfully.
  • Was a virgin for a very long time that she learned how to give amazing blowjobs. Often I please a man with oral sex even when he did not ask. When I give him a blowjob, I always swallow. He is delighted with me.
  • Many girls have sex as a favor to a man, but not me. I am full of enthusiasm and desire. I am sexually active, that I myself take the initiative to have sex. My man does not need to persuade me, and my head never hurts. I'm ready for sex 24 hours a day.
  • I am very flexible and plastic, which was given by years of training in gymnastics. I can curl up, sit on the splits or take any incredible pose. These are useful skills for a rich and fulfilling sex life.

The secrets of good lovers are simple, but few girls have them. Most girls ignore sex, prefer a passive role or a sanctimonious view of intimate life. But men cannot be deceived by imitation of sex life. Men make mistresses or go to another girl who is better not only in communication, but also in sex.

Girls should adopt a couple of secrets of good lovers, which will have a great effect on sex and relationships. Girls have sex with a man, not his brains. Then everything will be fire.

When the wife is an excellent mistress, no other mistress is needed. All love and sex. [thirty].