Street Fighter School

How to one-punch knockout, liver punch, elbow strike, improve the quality of the punch and avoid the police capture? Street Fighter School! Have you long wanted to fight the presumptuous gopniks, knock out the big man with one blow and get away from the police capture? Time to learn to fight! Street Fighter School!

How to knock out with one hit! Hand around - backfist.

One-hit knockout is very easy. The elbow strike is a very hard street punch.

How to knock out with one hit! Hand around - backfist.

How to knock out with one hit! Turnaround hand. "Back Fist". Educational video. The blow is used in: Thai boxing, MMA, kickboxing. Coach of Almaz Club, Champion of Russia in kickboxing Parshin Igor Yurievich.

How to correctly pierce the liver

Knocking out with one blow is very simple. A blow to the liver is a very hard and effective blow. Garik Pershing during his sports career repeatedly used this technique against his rivals, to pierce the liver, the result was a one hundred percent knockout. Learning how to pierce the liver.

How to improve the quality of the beat.

How to get away from a Police Hold

Police back elbow bend. Let's look at the release method. When entering pain control, a person undergoes a painful shock, where the will is completely suppressed! In this situation, an attacker can do anything to you, drag you into: a car, a basement, a forest, etc.

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