Stop doing nonsense and learn to throw unnecessary things

Your best decisions will be those when you throw something useless and go on light. At such a moment it will be difficult and very easy at the same time. You will feel free, happy, energetic and determined. When you drop something, a new world and new possibilities open up.

One must be able to walk away from a bad film. Throw away a bad book. Walk away from the bad person. A lot of them. Things not going to be thrown. Even away from mediocrity. A lot of them. Time is more valuable. Mikhail Zhvanetsky

Some people hold on to meaningless goals, desires and deeds for years. They are afraid to admit that they made a mistake in choosing a goal and a plan in life. Others hold on to a job that they dislike terribly and are afraid to change it for a better one. Still others live where they do not want to, although for years they have dreamed of moving to St. Petersburg or another place. Fourth are in toxic relationships that are long overdue for ending. Fifths stubbornly beat their foreheads into an insurmountable wall in order to do something that will never work out.

Maybe enough? Enough with the bullshit? Maybe it's time to learn to throw unnecessary things? These will be the hardest and easiest decisions of your life. When I left the hated job, my soul screamed: “Freedom!” When I left for the capital, I was incredibly happy that I had finally decided on something important. Many new doors and opportunities opened up for me. When I broke off a difficult and long relationship, I felt relieved. There are a lot of cool girls in the world with whom I will definitely get something better. And it worked.

Sunk costs are the time, money and effort that you lost doing this business. But there is such a thing as lost profits, when you miss time and opportunities to invest in a new business. Take a brave step and say to yourself: “Enough!” Every minute, every invested effort, every ruble and every emotion is wasted. Start investing all your resources in a "new project".

It's time to face the harsh facts. If something does not work out for a very long time, then maybe it is not necessary? While you are messing with one, you are missing out on a sea of ​​other opportunities and chances. This delay can be costly. Time is very precious and do not waste it on achieving unattainable goals. There are a lot of cool alternative lives in the world, and you persist in insanity.

Enough with the nonsense. Learn to throw unnecessary things...