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Steve Jobs Rules of Life

Steve Jobs' Rules of Life. The extraordinary personality of Steve Jobs.

The recent announcement of the departure of Steve Jobs from the post of CEO of Apple Corporation caused a new wave of interest in his extraordinary personality. The would-be business magnate, who traveled to India as a youth and returned as a shaven-headed Buddhist, experimented with psychedelics and called his LSD experience "one of the two or three most important things I did in my life," once slept on the floor in living in the rooms of friends, living on the money for the handed over bottles of cola and once a week came for free meals at the local Hare Krishna temple.

Steve Jobs' Rules of Life.

Sometimes people come up to me on the street. They ask for money or just want a pat on the back and tell them how much they love the iPhone. If I'm tired, I usually stretch my neck and piercingly, without blinking, look into their eyes. They rumple for a couple of seconds, and then quickly move to the other side of the street.

We eat food that other people grow. We wear clothes that other people have made. We speak languages ​​that were invented by other people. I think the time has come for us to become useful to humanity.

You need to talk to others more often about what you have done. Of course, don't force it, be complacent or fanatic about yourself - this will only scare people away. And yet, do not be shy to tell others about what you have done at the right time.

I'm one of the few people who knows what it's like to lose a quarter of a billion dollars in a year. It is very good at shaping personality.

TV makes you stupid and kills a lot of time. Turn it off and you save a few of your brain cells. However, be careful - you can go dumb at the Apple computer.

There was a time when I slept on the floor in my friends rooms and turned in bottles to buy a veggie burger. Now, after receiving shares and property worth several billion dollars, my everyday life has changed somewhat, but, I swear, not myself.

If you're in a dying industry, quit quickly before you lose your job.

Yes, I smoked marijuana and tried LSD. And I have nothing to be embarrassed about.

Only having a goal brings meaning and satisfaction to life. This not only promotes better health and longevity, but also gives you a modicum of optimism during difficult times.

I have had many different women, but my own wives have always been the best.

If I were offered to choose between Apple and Pixar - what to keep and what to give to other people - then I would probably want to go back in time and arrange everything so that I own both without such choice.

There is no such thing as a successful person who has never stumbled or made a mistake. There are only successful people who made mistakes but then changed their plans based on those very mistakes. I'm just one of those guys.

Microsoft has spent many millions of dollars developing and developing their own products, but somehow they all look like copies of Apple products. When I want to cheer myself up, I immediately remember this fact.

There is only one way to do a great job, and that is to love it. If you don't get there, wait. Don't get down to business.

The memory that I will soon die is the most important tool that helps me make difficult decisions in my life.

I can fire a person and then call him to discuss some project or re-hire him. I don't care about the past, only the present matters.

If I had the opportunity to go back in time and give advice to myself at 25, I would say: “Don’t settle for idiotic interviews - you don’t have time for philosophical nonsense!”

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