Stereotypes about women

There are many myths about women that should be dispelled long ago. In what we are deeply mistaken in women? What stereotypes and myths about women have no basis? You will be surprised how much women are like and different from men.

Women often do not contribute to being better understood by men when they cultivate their mystery and mystery. But in reality, there are a lot of naive myths and stupid stereotypes about women that have long been outdated. They only interfere with all of us.

The fairer sex is similar to the stronger sex, but differs in some ways. Today we will dispel stereotypes and tell the cruel truth about women. This will allow you to better understand them, find a common language faster and get more pleasure from mutual understanding.

Joshua Rawson-Harris / Unsplash

Stereotypes about women

1. A girl's hair color does not determine how smart or stupid she is.

2. Breast size is not an indicator of a girl's morals or intelligence.

3. Women do not like to cook and clean at all, as many people think.

4. Girls are considered illogical, and when they do not act on emotions, they are called cold-blooded. Where is the logic here?

5. Girls cook well not for the reason that it is innate. It's easy to follow the recipe.

6. Many girls also have a good sense of humor. A girl laughs more with her best friend than with her man.

7. Girls don't hate other girls who are prettier than them. It's too biased.

8. Girls are not too emotional and naive. Where did you hear them fall in love because of a man's legs, his chest, or his ass?

9. Girls also love sex and intimacy. They just choose their partner more carefully.

10. The girl dresses provocatively and indecently, which means she is a whore according to someone's subjective opinion. It's like grandmas at the entrance. All prostitutes and drug addicts.

11. Not all girls want marriage, family and children more than anything in life. They also do not want to burden themselves in their youth, when there are many other goals.

12. The stereotype that women hate each other is misguided. Usually women are more supportive of each other and more attentive.

13. Girls are not as difficult as they think. It's just that girls don't always want to hear or understand. This is where the problem is.

14. If a girl defends her interests, it does not mean that she is a bitch. Men are considered strong in such a situation.

15. Women do not have an innate maternal love for children. They do not always love children, and even more so strangers.

16. Girls can be successful not only by sexualizing themselves. Women are good in many areas of activity and are competitive.

17. Girls do not always evade, but they can say directly. It's just that everyone is afraid of it and avoid it.

18. Girls always go together for the reason that it is safer and more fun, and not for gossip and washing bones.

19. Not all women are feminists. This stereotype about women has no basis.

20. Not all girls are looking for a millionaire. Many girls are looking for a good job, not a husband who can change for another in a week.

21. Girls also know how to apologize, and not only think that they are always right.

22. Women's interests do not revolve around the interests of her man. She has her own hobbies and dreams.

23. A girl has a good job not because she is beautiful. She is just a good professional.

24. Most girls do not believe in astrology and horoscopes. It's too stupid to think girls are so naive.

25. Girls are not always ready to cry for any reason and for no reason.

26. Girls also like to play computer games, and not just to attract the attention of men.

27. If a girl is a housewife, this does not mean that she is a slave and without ambitions. A woman chooses to raise offspring when a man is working. The usual division of labor.

28. Women don't always like to be the center of attention. Often you want to be left alone.

29. Girls get angry not only when the period. During the period are usually more tired than angry.

30. Girls don't always behave like ladies. They also swear and can give in the eye.

31. Men are surprised when a girl drives a motorcycle or does something similar. Why such stereotypes?

32. Many girls are well versed in sports and watch competitions they like.

33. Everything that girls say or do does not necessarily have a second meaning or a secret basis.

34. Do women not have thick skin to be successful in business or career? Many girls can give odds.

35. Girls are good at numbers and mathematics.


36. Not all girls like to gossip. It depends on the individual.

37. Having sex with a man is not an attempt to manipulate him or achieve something. This is great fun.

38. Strong women are not rude, angry and swear a lot. It's a movie stereotype.

39. Beautiful girls can also be smart, and ugly girls can be stupid.

40. Girls enter into relationships not only because they want money from a man. Girls also fall in love and want to be with a man all their lives.

Stereotypes about women are very tenacious, but it's time to get rid of them. Better knowledge of the fair sex has many advantages. It is easier, more pleasant and better with girls when you have mutual understanding. Chat, fall in love and be happy.