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In today's world, most relationships and marriages fall apart. After parting with a girl or a divorce, it can be difficult to return to duty. How to return to the world of acquaintances, new meetings and dates with beautiful strangers?

Modern divorce statistics look very depressing. A third of marriages fail in the first three years. Add to this the spouses who simply live apart. Therefore, the world is full of men who are left alone... and feel lonely. For many of them, after several years of family life, it is not easy to return to the world of dating and dating. Success in a business like dating comes with experience. In a couple of years, you can lose all the necessary skills. So don't be discouraged if your first night in a singles bar doesn't turn out to be what you dreamed of. You will probably need time to re-examine this world and the changes it has undergone during your absence. Let the first two evenings be your study period. Become a dispassionate observer. This attitude will relieve you of stress. Soon you will be able to easily "shoot" women in a variety of places.

You should remember a few general principles.

1. Be patient

The main problem of men who have recently divorced is lack of patience. They are in a hurry to get a new woman. They are so accustomed to the fact that every night there was a warm female body next to them in bed that they take its presence for granted. Some divorced men are afraid that their organ will atrophy or decrease in size from inactivity. This is completely false. Resist the urge to lash out at the woman as quickly as possible. Excessive interest reduces your chances of success, in nine cases out of ten you will simply scare the woman away. Keep your patience and perseverance. The reward will not keep you waiting.

2. Act appropriate for your age

I met a very attractive divorced woman in her thirties who told me about a party for divorced people. This woman dreamed of meeting a decent man with whom she could talk and make love. Arriving at the party, she saw many men sipping beer, huddled in the corner of the room. Shyness, timidity and self-doubt prevented them from leaving the crowd and starting to meet women. They poisoned obscene jokes and drank, while reminiscent of the company of teenagers. The women, meanwhile, stood at a distance, talking to each other, glancing at the men, and feeling more and more lonely every minute. My interlocutor admitted that if one mature and interesting man separated from the crowd, she would approach him and take him to her home. However, this did not happen. She returned to her room alone, frustrated and sexually hungry. The moral of this story is clear enough. You can become a single man again, but you are no longer seventeen years old. Behave according to your age, and you will successfully meet women.

3. Keep your confidence

Many divorced men consider themselves second class goods. They feel like they are labeled as losers. Others worry about their age and think they can't compete with twentysomethings. Both of these notions are wrong. According to statistics, the number of divorced people over the age of thirty, forty and even fifty is steadily increasing. The world of single people is "aged" compared to what it was fifteen years ago, and therefore everyone is on an equal footing. Fifty-year-old men "shoot" twenty-five-year-old girls no less, and sometimes even more successfully than young people.

Remember that for every divorced man there is one divorced woman. This means that every day you meet hundreds of women on the street who are in the same position as you. Divorce today does not lower your social status. In fact, many newly divorced women feel more comfortable with men who find themselves in the same position. Therefore, you have a certain advantage over young guys.

Few single women avoid divorced men. Divorce has become so commonplace (you are one of tens of millions) that women are determined to meet divorced men. Many women, for one reason or another, prefer men who have already been married. Such a person is more mature than young guys visiting singles bars... and women always appreciate maturity. Divorced men have already made a career and have higher incomes. However, probably the main advantage of divorced men is related to sex. A man who has been married has a lot of sexual experience. He is sophisticated, has important skills, knows how to satisfy women. And this seems to them a very valuable advantage.

Returning to the world of dating and dating, do not lose sight of the places created especially for you. Clubs, discos, bars and restaurants for divorcees give you an excellent chance to return to an active love life. These establishments are not filled with losers and psychos, but with normal people like you who are looking for entertainment and communication. No matter how old you are, you will certainly find a mate. You don't have to fight embarrassment to tell a woman you're divorced—she already knows that.

Go to sports clubs where men and women train together. Single people, as a rule, care about their appearance, so there are a lot of them in such establishments. If you are not a fan of physical activity, do not worry about it. A sports club is primarily a place to socialize, so it doesn't matter if a dozen push-ups are all you can do.

If you are going to change apartments, look for a house where a lot of single people live. The place where you live is excellent for dating, because here a woman feels especially comfortable. Wishing to get acquainted with a neighbor, you will not awaken in her a sense of fear.

Returning to the world of dating and dating is not at all difficult. Having experienced a divorce or separation should not make you a flawed person.