Start of Belarus Fashion Week spring-summer 2013

The first day of Belarus Fashion Week began with an official press conference, which was attended by BFW organizers, O. Jen representatives and designers.

On October 30, the fifth Fashion Week in Belarus was launched in the Upper City Concert Hall. The head of the Organizing Committee of Belarus Fashion Week Yanina Goncharova, the CEO of O. Jen Yevgeny Trusevich, the art director of O. Jen Olga Trusevich spoke at the press conference, designer Irina Boytik and designer Ivan Aiplatov.

Yanina Goncharova spoke about the results achieved by Belarus Fashion Week by the fifth season: “We were able to organize a professional group of people for whom fashion is a job. The results of Belarus Fashion Week today are successful designers and reliable partners.” The head of the BFW Organizing Committee drew attention to the fact that the company Marko acted as the general partner of the Fashion Week for the second time. The beginning of cooperation is only getting to know each other, but a return to joint work is possible only with the mutual satisfaction of the companies and the obvious benefits of the union.

One of the main innovations of the spring-summer 2013 season, of course, was the platform for young designers Off Schedule at the Museum of the History of the City of Minsk. According to Yanina Goncharova, designers who show small collections today as part of the Off Schedule will be able to come to the main BFW pavilion next season. “We are young ourselves, and we know how important support is at the start,” added Yanina.

The Organizing Committee of the Fashion Week in Belarus is constantly developing the side projects of the event. The competition for young designers NewNamesBFW this season is supported by the well-known company O. Jen. Olga Trusevich noted that cooperation with the competition for a brand is an opportunity to attract creative young designers to work. Yanina Goncharova thanked O. Jen for her active position in cooperation with NewNamesBFW.

Designer Ivan Aiplatov and trademark NICOLE&NICOLE demonstrate a successful union of a talented person and a large enterprise. The first brand they created FELICITY can be seen on the catwalk of the Fashion Week, and items from the collection will appear in stores next spring.

Belarus Fashion Week supports participating designers and organizes their shows at foreign fashion weeks. Yanina Goncharova Irina Boytik was named “Designer of the Season”, who this fall with the support of the Organizing Committee presented her collection at Lviv Fashion Week and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. It is no coincidence that Irina Boytik's show will close Belarus Fashion Week by Marko SS 2013.

But it's too early to think about the final: there are five busy days of the capital's fashion life ahead. October 31 is worth spending at BFW Educational Center, and from November 1 to 4, shows of the best Belarusian designers will begin at the Fashion Week venues.

Belarus Fashion Week Spring Schedule — Summer 2013

01 November, Thursday

Museum of the History of the City of Minsk 14:00 Off Schedule BFW Alena Levonyuk 15:00 Off Schedule BFW LEORGOFMAN

BFW pavilion 18:00 TARAKANOVA Vitebsk 19:00 ONDEROZKAN Turkey 20:00 Lviv Fashion Week presents MYKYTYUK&YATSENTYUK

02 November, Friday

Museum of the History of the City of Minsk 13:00 Off Schedule BFW LubOV TumanOVA 14:00 Off Schedule BFW Anna Dragotsennaya 15:00 Off Schedule BFW Zina Fedyunina

BFW pavilion 18:00 TODORSKAYA Minsk 19:00 HISTORIA NATURALIS Minsk 20:00 FUR GARDEN Minsk 21:00 Rada Style Vitebsk

03 November, Saturday

BFW pavilion 14:00 Final screening of New Names BFW by O. Jen - presentation by Valentina Nebors 16:00 Harydavets&Efremova Vitebsk 17:00 Lat`el Kaliningrad 18:00 Natalia Gaidargy Minsk 19:00 Competition from "Lisap Milano" "The best image in the style of Lisap Fashion" 20:00 DAVIDOVA Vitebsk 21:00 FELICITY by Ivan Aiplatov

04 November, Sunday

BFW pavilion 14:00 Charity event "CHILDREN'S FASHION" - TM Orange Camel - Sardina Baby 18:00 Natasha TSU RAN Minsk 19:00 SANATAN Kiev 20:00 KUCHERENKO Minsk 21:00 BOITSIK Minsk

Photo: Alexander Klimovich, Alexey Isachenko Men's magazine MENSBY. COM