Spring skin care tips for men.

A man complains of dryness and irritation while shaving during this period. Spring skin care tips for men.

What happens in the spring with the body and how it affects your skin is a question that is certainly relevant for any woman. But he worries not only them, but also a strong half of humanity. In order to competently help in matters of skin care, we turned to dermatologist Vladislav Kurshev, a Gillett expert, for advice. Our body is affected by external factors, under the influence of which:

1) The air temperature rises and for people with dry skin type, warming is beneficial.

2) The sun becomes more active in spring, and the skin becomes sensitive to ultraviolet radiation.

3) In spring, the body is exhausted as never before. Stocks of vitamins are used up in the winter. There are almost no useful substances left in fruits and vegetables of last year's harvest. In addition, in the spring, as you know, the need for trace elements increases.

4) At this time of the year, flowering begins, and plant pollen, mixing with dust particles, causes allergies in people whose body has an increased sensitivity to these irritants. In early spring, the skin becomes dry and easily irritated, which is primarily due to frequent changes in air temperature.

Dermatologist Vladislav Kurshev.

It is not surprising that a man complains of dryness and irritation during shaving during this period. Therefore, skin care should consist of moisturizing and cleansing.

In early spring, even normal skin becomes dry and greyish. Such a nuisance is caused by a slowdown in blood circulation, a decrease in the intensity of metabolism against the background of oxygen starvation and vitamin deficiency, as well as improper functioning of the sebaceous glands. Sebum - the best skin moisturizer - changes its composition in the spring and often gives the skin only shine, while doing its main task poorly.

Here it is worth paying attention to cleansing before the shaving process. Men's skin is more prone to keratinization, which means that more women need deep cleansing. Use a cleansing gel, for example, from the Gillette Series. The cleansing ingredients in Gillette Series Cleansing Gel remove dirt and excess sebum to hydrate skin and soften hairs for a smoother shave.

The next step is to moisturize the skin. Do not neglect this procedure, especially in early spring. For morning hydration, use a moisturizing cream or aftershave balm, which should be applied no later than 30 minutes before going outside.

Moreover, frequent shaving thins the stratum corneum, impairs the barrier function of the skin, and causes it to experience constant stress. Pay attention to moisturizing products from the Gillette Series care system - this is a moisturizer and aftershave balm recommended specifically for sensitive skin by the Russian Society of Dermatologists. Lightweight Gillette Series Cream soothes the skin, and its light, smooth texture is easy to apply and absorbs quickly, leaving you feeling fresh and comfortable. Gillette Series Moisturizer helps restore skin's natural moisture levels, is suitable for all skin types and is recommended for daily use.

Skin care in any season involves the impact on it both from the outside and from the inside. Let's start with the latter, since most often the causes of skin ailments lie in the specifics of the body's work. First of all, we should remember about vitamins, which are sorely lacking in spring. Author: dermatologist Vladislav Kurshev