smile more often

Ladies and gentlemen! There is simply no strength to look at your dull, sad, angry, arrogant, apathetic and pessimistic faces. When you ask about bad luck in your career, friendship or love, it's best to look at yourself in the mirror. The whole answer will be the person who asks for a brick. Smile wider, make your faces simpler and be more friendly. That's when luck, love and luck will pay attention to you.

Usually we do not notice what is under our very noses in the literal and figurative sense. This is our smile, which we have forgotten how to use. As we age, we smile less and less. In our youth, we willingly laughed carelessly, but gradually lost this talent. Look at the faces on the street or around you to realize this fact. All gray, frowning and gloomy. Horror.

Why are some people lucky in love, career, friendship, affairs, business and all other fronts, when others do not have even a fraction of that luck? It's all about how smiling, positive, cheerful, cheerful and optimistic a person is. Smile more often if you want to be lucky. It is a smile that brings prosperity and happiness to life.

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The effect of smiling on relationships and love

Look at the girls in any cafe. Single girls seek the attention of men, but they are rarely approached. Girls look like elegant sweets when everything looks harmonious and beautiful. But there is no bite. Men pass by, ignoring the girls and their interested looks. Why men do not approach to get acquainted with cool babes and captivating beauties? The answer is in the mirror.

Most people don't know how to control facial expressions. We can pretend for a couple of minutes, and then the real face returns to its place. The imbalance of the internal state and external expression of the face cannot exist for a long time. A smile must come from within a person.

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And what is reflected on the face of a lonely average girl in a cafe? It is arrogant, irritated, bitchy and puzzled. Seeing such a girl does not even want to approach. A man sees not the joy of communication, warmth, happiness and love. He recognizes very different warning signs: problems, complaints, depression, demands and pessimism. The man has not yet approached, but feels guilty and owes her. Do you want to communicate with such a girl or start a relationship? No.

So the arrogant, angry and depressive expression of a girl's face scares off men. Despite the cute attractive face, hot appearance, good education and high spiritual development, the beauty remains lonely. Her gloomy and troubled face scares off all normal men. But the womanizers and playboys do not stop. They want something completely different from a girl.

Girls should take off their dissatisfied masks, relax and smile kindly. Men always go for girls who radiate light and joy. Funny, mischievous, cheerful, friendly and open girls are always surrounded by male attention. It's not about female beauty, but the sensations that a girl gives. Girls, smile more often! Then all men will pay attention. Happy and smiling girls are so pretty!

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Males have a similar problem with smile, mood and attitude. Positive, funny, optimistic and kind men always have a cool girlfriend. And puzzled, troubled, sad and depressed men are always alone.

Men, smile more often! Girls will not mess with men who have more problems and worse mood. These are not the wives of the Decembrists. Why would they take on a troubled man and drag him along?

The impact of a smile on life and career

“I understand what your trouble is. You are too serious. A smart face is not yet a sign of intelligence, gentlemen. All the stupid things on earth are done with this facial expression… Smile, gentlemen… Smile.” The same Munchausen

Career, work, business and any other business is based on elementary emotions. Who wants to be friends, communicate or deal with an unpleasant type who smells of trouble from a mile away?

Pay attention to the favorites of society and the favorites of fate. They are always energetic, positive, friendly, open and smiling. It is these people who are lucky in business, love and friendship. But all this is not accidental.

The lucky ones don't smile because they're lucky. They are lucky because they smile.

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Everyone is envious and wants to be like people who exude positive energy and give it to others. Smile more often if you want to be the favorites of people and fortune. In total there are several factors that completely transform a person.

  • Smile
  • Optimism
  • Openness
  • Positive
  • Goodwill

But all this impossible to express on the face, if not felt inside. It is important to fight internal pessimism, depression, negativity, sadness, anger, envy and other negative factors. Our face reflects what we feel inside. It is important to learn to smile at yourself in the mirror, enjoy life and feel happiness inside.

Smiling is the easiest way to look more beautiful, be more successful and feel happier. Luck bestows luck on those who act as if they are already lucky. Smile more often, gentlemen!