Slavic dream book

Every night we have intricate dreams sent from above. But how to unravel the intricacies of night visions? Interpretations of the dreamer and the probability of fulfillment depending on the new moon.

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Interpretation of the dreamer:

To find a diamond is fortunate, especially for a woman. Losing a diamond in a dream means losing something precious.

There is a watermelon - to sadness and unfulfilled hopes - for a healthy person, to recovery - for a sick person.

To see a butterfly - soon to break a trusted secret.

The ball will dream - to joy and good news.

To see the ballet - to get to know each other.

Bath - for joy and fun.

To catch a ram - to overcome obstacles.

Eat lamb meat - soon triumph over the enemy.

Seeing shoes is good; lose them - to gain.

Running in a dream - to well-being, unexpected profit, victory.

To see yourself hairless - to the loss of a loved one.

Wearing white in a dream means getting rid of a false accusation.

To see the shore - to calmness, healing and a good end to the work begun.

Birch - to a quick punishment; but if in a dream he climbed a birch - to the good news.

A pregnant woman will dream - to wealth and honors.

A dream conversation indicates a stomach disease.

Pancakes to see - to profit; eat them - at a loss; buy - to get acquainted.

Beans dream - to a quarrel.

Illness - to chagrin.

Swamp to see - to the upcoming poverty and labor.

Dream about a beard - to success in all endeavors.

To see oneself barefoot - to poverty or illness.

Scolding in a dream - reconcile in reality. Seeing brothers or sisters is a joy.

Dream of a razor - to a quarrel or an insult.

Bouquet - for a short, random joy. The bath you are taking is for an imminent love affair.

There is jam in a dream - to love joys.

The giant will dream - to victory over enemies.

To see a broom - most often to a quarrel.

Fun in a dream - to the chagrin in reality.

The wind is quiet - to a good end to business; strong - to obstacles.

Grapes dream - to tears; but there is it - for profit.

Drinking wine in a dream - to resolve doubts.

There are cherries - to good news and health.

Dream of water - to well-being, if clean, and to sadness, if muddy; drinking water is in danger.

To see war in a dream - to persecution or insult.

Wolf - to a quarrel with those who are stronger than you; fight with wolves - to fight; to catch a wolf - to reconciliation with the enemy.

To catch a sparrow in a dream - to an acquaintance; miss - do not take advantage of a happy opportunity.

Crow - unfortunately.

The doctor will dream - to joy and profit.

The shot is dreaming of the news.

Newspapers - to the pending deception.

Drive in nails - to promotion; just to find - to the speedy fulfillment of desires.


Carnations - to the birth of a child.

Looking in the mirror - to treason or false news.

To be angry in a dream - to the destruction of relationships.

To see a bird's nest - for good, for profit.

Seeing yourself naked - to illness or fear.

Peas - to tears; but to eat (eat) peas - to honors.

To receive guests means that someone will hate you.

Combing with a comb - to success in love affairs.

Gather mushrooms - to reward labor.

Dream of thunder - to sadness and obstacles.

Seeing a pear is a pleasure.

Dirt - to the disease.

Geese dream of prosperity and profit.

The girl will dream - to joy and wealth.

Counting money in a dream - to profit; just seeing them is annoying.

Trees in bloom - to joy; dried - to chagrin; with fruits - to wealth; sit on a tree - to honor.

To see children in a dream - to a strong family life.

Rain - to win.

Building a house is a joy; remove it - for profit.

A convenient way to go - to success; difficult - at a loss.

Chopping firewood - to victory over enemies.

The Devil will dream - to despair and misfortune.

To see a hedgehog - to a meeting with a crafty person.

Thirst dream - to chagrin; satisfied - to wealth.

Acorns - to poverty.

Pearls dream to chagrin and tears.

A woman will dream - to illness.

The crane dreams of a good road, but if it flies - to trouble.

Getting lost in the forest - to obstacles in business.

A conspiracy with your participation against someone - to unpleasant troubles.

Dream of a white hare - to friendship; gray - to chagrin, deceit.

Eating hare in a dream - to health.

Stars dream - to success, but if one of them fell - to the death of a relative.

To visit the menagerie - to a meeting with a hidden enemy.

Ringing to hear - to the news.

To see a mirror - to treason; look at him - to the disease.

A snake dreams of a meeting with an enemy or a disease.

Gold: just to see - to wasted time; find gold - for profit.

To pull out a tooth (or if it falls out by itself) - to the death of a relative.

Playing a musical instrument - to joy, listening to someone else's game - to good news.

Dream of a source - to abundance.

Eat white cabbage in a dream - to chagrin; color - to honors.

To see a picturesque picture - to deceit; draw yourself - to success.

Digging potatoes - to a love story; there is - to disappointment.

Bricks dream - to tears and chagrin.

To find a treasure is unfortunately.

Dream of a cemetery - to well-being.

Keys - to a love adventure.

Writing a book - to the loss of time and money; read - to wisdom; just seeing a book is a promotion.

Dream of a goat - to a quarrel; goat - to fight.

Bell to see - to power; hear the ringing or ring the bell yourself - to a quarrel.

The ring will dream - to acquaintance or to marriage.

The room in which you live will be dreamed of - to family joy.

To see the ship - to joy or good news.

Corridor - to surprises and danger.

The cow dreams of profit.

Trough - for marriage.

A purse full - to poverty; empty - to wealth.

A cat in a dream - to treason, false friends and cunning enemies.

To see red clothes on oneself - to tears.

Bed: just to see - to the road; lying on it is in danger.

Dreaming of blood - to fear or to a nervous situation.

Wings to see on yourself and fly - to wealth.

Cuckoo - to health and fun.

Pai dogs hear - to empty talk.

Eat noodles - go visit soon.

A swan in a dream - to wealth, but if he sings - to death.

Taking medicine - to a quarrel; to give to another - to the benefit.

Forest dream - to hard work; walk on it - to profit.

Flying in a dream: low - towards the road; down - up - to well-being.

Lemon - to an incorrect assessment of your act.

Falling leaves - to the disease.

A boat on the water and you in it - to well-being.

Horse - to success and fulfillment of desires.

There is a bow - to a quarrel and to the disclosure of secrets.

The moon dreams - to happy love and wealth.

To see a lover (mistress) - to a quick shame.

Poppy - most often dreams of death.

There are raspberries - for profit or reward.

Cursing in a dream - to a quarrel.

To see your own mother - to joy and good news.

Dreaming of furniture - for profit.

Bear - to a cruel, but clumsy enemy.

Dead man - to a long and peaceful life.

The police dream - to meet with her in reality.

Seeing a baby is an unreasonable undertaking.

Milk dreams - to friendship with a woman.

Coins dream - to annoyance and poverty.

The sea - to a good course of affairs, but stormy - to failures and grief.

Garbage dreams - to gossip, the hero of which will be you.

Fly - to the annoyance and persecution of enemies.

Meat to see and eat - to profit.

To receive a reward - to passionate and tender love.

People, people will dream a lot - to anxiety.

To receive an inheritance in a dream - to poverty in fact.

To see the boss - to his dismissal.

Thread dreamed - you will perform secret deeds.

Knife - to deceit, resentment and lies.

Sniff something in a dream - to profit.

Dine in a dream: alone - to poverty; with friends - to wealth.

To see a monkey - to unfounded hopes.

Wallpaper - to a change of residence; stick them - to a love story.

Dream of vegetables - to tears.

The lake to see and swim in it - to the danger awaiting you.

The window - to complications in the family, if it is open, and to the improvement of relations - if it is closed.

Cucumbers - for unexpected guests.

Danger in a dream - to it in reality.

To be late - to new, unforeseen cases.

Dream of nuts - to tears.

Eagle - to the fulfillment of desires.

To see a weapon in a dream - to chagrin.

Fragments - to well-being in family life.

Points - to a bad mood.

A folder in a hand is a dream - to unpleasant news or to the road.

A monument in a dream - to success in business.

The hairdresser you went to, to a casual love meeting or intimate relationship.

The spider is dreaming - to gossip or litigation.

There are dumplings - to an erroneously chosen case.

There is pepper - to complications in intimate life.

Rooster - to well-being.

Singing in a dream - to tears.

Drinking beer in a dream means illness.

To lose a handkerchief - to be beaten.

The beach is dreaming - for pleasure.

Dancing - to success in all endeavors.

To endure beatings in a dream is to your advantage.

Gifts: to give - to ruin, to receive - to profit.

The dungeon in which you find yourself - to a difficult upcoming journey, fraught with dangers.

Dreaming of a fire - to loss or danger.

To see a train means that hopes will not come true.

A field with a harvest - to great wealth.

Help given to you - to resentment and trouble.

Dreaming about dishes - to prosperity and joy.

Loss dreams - to trouble.

Kiss of a stranger - to the find.


Spill something - quarrel with relatives.

To ask someone means to believe in something that you did not believe in before, considering it an idle fiction.

Jumping in a dream - to empty chores.

To catch birds - to profit; just to see birds - to empty talk; hear their singing - to profit.

Desert - to unfulfilled hopes.

To be drunk in a dream - to unexpected wealth.

I dreamed about work - to trouble.

To see a rainbow - to wealth, but if it is directly above your head - to illness.

Entertainment in a dream -. to him in reality.

Restaurant - to complications in the love sphere.

Sieve - to empty chores.

To draw in a dream - to lasting friendship.

Chamomile dreams - to annoyance and illness.

To see a fish - to insult, illness or deceit; but eating fish - to wealth.

I dreamed about the garden - to well-being and joy.

There is sugar in a dream - to good news.

Marriage - to find a friend.

Sex in a dream - moreover, in reality.

The heart hurts in a dream - to illness in reality.

To see networks - to a change in the weather, and in personal life - to success.

Scandal, quarrel - to trouble.

Seeing yourself blind in a dream - succumb to temptation.

Snow in a dream - to the imminent joy.

The dog dreams - before meeting with a faithful friend; sometimes - to troubles and explanations.

There is salt in a dream - to illness.

Neighbors to see in a dream - to illness.

Glass - to deceit and danger, but to break it - to get rid of dangers.

The table is dreaming - to joy and abundance.

Groaning in a dream - to danger (possibly bad for your health).

There is cheese - to deceit.

TV - to privacy.

Phone - for an important meeting.

Darkness dreams - to doubts and chagrin.

Tiger - to a clash with an insidious enemy; defeat the tiger - to wealth and success.

Silence is a dream - to imminent events that can change your life.

Drowning yourself - to profit, but if someone drowns you - to a loss.

Trade - to prosperity.

Killing you in a dream - to betrayal, and if someone is in your presence - to trouble.

Dinner - to the end of doubts and sorrows.

A duck dreams - to prosperity, but a wild duck - to a loss.

Iron - to success in work, to peace.

See the fountain - to improve health and wealth.

There is Halva - for an intimate date.

Predatory animals dream - to fight against spiteful critics.

Dreaming of rubbish - for repairs or moving.

There is bread in a dream: white - to prosperity; hot - to accusations; buy - for profit.

To feel cold in a dream - to the termination of a love affair.

Crystal - to material wealth and prosperity.

Tearing flowers - fortunately, but wild ones - to loss; wilted flowers - to adversity.

Brewing tea - for unexpected guests.

A suitcase - to hard work.

Worms dream - to profit.

Reading in a dream is a consolation.

Champagne to drink - to a new pleasant company.

There is shish kebab - to the temptation and shameful entertainment.

The school is dreaming - to the upcoming worries.

There are apples: sweet - to joy, sour - to quarrel and temptation.

To see eggs - to profit, to eat them - to calmness.

Pit - to great danger.

Fair dreamed - to receive a gift.

The probability of fulfilling a dream

It is known that our night sleep is greatly influenced by the Moon. Therefore, in order to find out if it will come true, it is customary to use an old table, counting the days from the new moon:

1st first day from the new moon, is true and fair.

2nd - maybe it will come true, but maybe not.

3rd - an empty dream, there is nothing to expect from him.

4th - will be fulfilled.

5th - will not be fulfilled.

6th - a true dream, but do not tell anyone about it.

7th - not soon, but it will come true.

8th - will be fulfilled.

9th - will be fulfilled soon.

10th - do not expect execution, with rare exceptions.

11th - will be fulfilled in three days.

12th - on the seventh day it will come true, if you do not forget about the dream.

The 13th - will be fulfilled in eight days.

14th - in a week it will come true.

15th - do not tell anyone about it, then it will come true.

16th - will be fulfilled very quickly.

17th - will be fulfilled on the next day (but sometimes - on the nineteenth day).

18th - will be fulfilled not earlier than in twenty days.

The 19th - will be fulfilled in eight days if it happens again in three days.

20th - prosperous sleep; if the weather is bad in the morning, the dream should come true on the same day.

21st - the same probability of execution and non-execution.

The 22nd is an empty dream, and there is no need to solve it.

23rd - the dream will not come true, but it will not hurt to remember it.

24th - such dreams come true on the twelfth day.

25th - try to interpret from the opposite.

26th - do not believe this dream.

27th - will come true if he has already dreamed before.

28th - usually - false dreams; and if they come true, then on the twenty-fourth day.

Pictures: Vicente Romero Redondo