Simple phrases for dating girls who are always working

People are getting to know each other less in real life, getting used to the pickup truck on the Internet. It's time to fill this gap and choose a few phrases with which you can easily start a conversation with any pretty chick you like.

A stranger who caught your eye can easily get to know you and give you a phone number if you approach. How to start a conversation and what to say to a girl? Scientists have found out a few simple phrases that are good for any woman. With women, the main rule is simplicity and ease. The simpler the better!

Simple phrases for dating girls who are always working

"Excuse me, is this place free?"

A girl sitting alone in a cafe, bar, park or cinema can be a good option for dating. Having asked the girl about a free place, a man can easily, unobtrusively and politely start acquaintance with a pretty baby.

"Can you help me?"

Asking a pretty stranger for directions or finding something. Maybe ask for other help. It has always worked well, as long as you're charming enough.

"Do you come here often?"

At an exhibition, theater or other public place that implies this type of question, this pickup should work. As long as she likes you a little.

"Your dress is beautiful"

Any compliment about a girl's appearance or her clothes is very good. The fair sex becomes very malleable when their beauty is touched. After this phrase, it will be easy to strike up a conversation.

Girls are also tired of loneliness and want to get acquainted. Girls do not expect complicated pickup lines and phrases from men. The simpler, the more effective and promising.