Signs that she wants to get married

Do you want to propose to her, but are afraid of rejection? How to determine her intentions and understand that your girlfriend does not mind walking with you to the sounds of Mendelssohn's march?

I still didn't really remember your face, But we went - we bought some two rings, The organ played, everyone drank wine, Your mother called me "son" for some reason. I understood - this is a hint, I catch everything on the fly, But it is not clear what exactly you had in mind? The song "What did you mean" Kortnev Alexey

The leader of the group "Accident" Kortnev Alexey in his song "What did you mean" for a long time could not understand what the girl wanted from him, until was not under the crown, and soon in heaven. We doubt that your girlfriend wants to send you to the forefathers, but that she wants to get married is quite possible. But she will remain silent about it until the end, and you remain in the dark.

Are you sure that she loves you, but not sure that she wants to stay with you for life? And you want to propose to her, but you're afraid of rejection? Despite the power of love and gradually plunging into a relationship with a girl, you can not notice the main thing. Perhaps, while you were maturing mentally and physically for something more serious, she is already ready to go all out and agree to your proposal. How to understand that your girlfriend wants to get married, but so far is silent about it. Our men's magazine MENSBY. COM found 7 sure signs of her desire to be your wife!

Signs that she wants to get married

1. Talking about children

She talks or talks about children when she sees them on the street and just for no reason. Perhaps she is discussing who your common children would look like. She loves to lisp with your nephews, smiles and "flirts" with unfamiliar kids. By this, the girl shows that she is ripe for a more serious relationship, ready to become a mother and sees you as their father.

2. Intervention in life

The girl interferes in your life too zealously. She wants to know where you are, how you are and who you are with. Your whole daily life becomes a zone of her interests, and she tries to be there all the time. She helps you choose a suit or pick up something else in the store.

Sometimes a girl tries to get you to interfere in her life. She invites you to choose her dress for the evening, determine her perfume scent or what she should wear to work/school/outing. It adapts to you and shows your togetherness. So the girl shows that although you are not a family in fact, you do everything as married people.

3. Infusion into the family

The girl wants to communicate with your parents, brothers, sisters and other 1001 relatives. She tries to please all your relatives, even those whom you can’t stand. The same goes for her parents, whom you visit regularly. You and your family spend holidays and buy gifts for them. It's like preparing yourself to be your wife and you to be your future husband.

4. Discussion of the future

The girl discusses holidays, the future, finances, housing problems and other issues that are very long in time. By this, she confirms your suspicions of her intention to be with you longer than all former passions.

5. Behaves like a wife

She calls you jokingly: "My husband." But you don't believe it's just that, do you? Your lifestyle and behavior are no different from a couple of newlyweds.

6. Joint life

The girl has long shared with you not only a bed, but also a shower, a kitchen and a sofa. Perhaps this is how women “dig in” on the territory of men? According to studies, among couples living together, only 20% of men consider themselves almost married, but among women this number is 80%.

7. She hints at her weakness

The girl speaks in half hints and hints at her complete surrender, readiness to accept a marriage proposal and raise all flags, including her underwear.

If all 7 signs that she wants to get married matched, then this is the Joker! If you wanted to propose to her, but were afraid, then put aside your doubts! She is unlikely to run away from the wedding, like Julia Roberts in the American comedy Runaway Bride.

She probably fucking wants to bear your last name, raise your children and spend the rest of your life together. Propose to her, it's not so scary, just a few words. But you should not propose to her, as the proud Irish did in ancient times: “Washing is sad if there is no man’s shirt in it” or “Live in my heart and do not pay rent.” Tell the girl one of these:

• Marry me • Will you marry me? • I offer you my hand and my heart

• Be my wife • Now, as an honest man, I am obliged to marry you

If the girl does not understand you, try saying:

• Will you marry me? (Belarusian) • Do you want to marry me? (Ukrainian)

• Sa minuga abielluda? (Estonian) • Will you merry me? (to English) • Veux-tu m'epouser? (to French) • Lo sposerete? (to Italian) • Te Casas Conmigo? (to Spanish)

Willst Du mich heiraten? (to a German woman) or you can say: Hande hoch!, the girl will also react only a little differently.

When you say this to her, look at her and do not mumble. Speak confidently and adamantly, like Stirlitz!

And remember, once every four years on the feast of St. Oswald, February 29, women themselves can make an offer of marriage to a man. And especially active and modern girls can propose to a man on February 28, just like on any other day. Get ahead of her, bro, especially if she's the one!

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