Signs that a girl is cheating on you

Girls are far from angels. They constantly like to look for someone better, richer, more promising or just another member. Have you ever thought that your girlfriend is cheating on you and hiding something? Signs that a girl is cheating on you when dating other guys.

“I don’t feel anything for you anymore”, “I don’t love you”, “We need to break up,” she says. And then the friend leaves. But often this means that the girlfriend found someone better for herself while you were dating, and you felt safe.

A survey was made to identify the most common signs that you are cheating with someone else. Fraudsters can spin novels for a long time, and you don’t know anything. Girls can just have fun or go to another. But all this is preceded by some markers.

This can determine that the girl is dating one or more men besides you. Women are not fucking angels.

Signs that a girl is cheating on you

1. Her phone hides lies and betrayals

In one Italian film "Perfect Strangers" seven friends gathered at dinner, they start a joke game. Everyone answers hands-free calls and messages are read aloud. It all ends tragically, and many skeletons crawl out, exposing lies, betrayals and other secrets.

The main sign of a girl's lies is her phone. Is the girl too careful with her phone? She never leaves him unattended and takes him everywhere with her? The girl prefers to keep it in her purse, and if she puts it on the table, then only with the screen down?

She put a lock on it so that no one could spy on her private life. The girl turns off the sound of the phone when she meets you or when you can call unexpectedly. She does not pick up the phone for calls, belatedly answers messages and calls. The girl herself calls back later, and you can never get through to her.

She turns off the Internet so that messages do not come when she does not need it. In addition, different programs, social networks and applications have their own tricks. For example, on Viber, she turned off the online option to be more invulnerable.

Some girls claim that they do not like to talk on the phone, but only like to write off. Moreover, she often communicates with different boyfriends in different social networks and applications.

time. She has many strange and unknown to you friends. She communicates with foreigners via online communication for "learning English". Yeah of course.

3. The girl behaves unnaturally

She cares very much about her appearance and carefully monitors her wardrobe.

A girl buys a lot of underwear, which she wears to "work" or "meeting her girlfriends."

A girl takes a shower at an unusual time. It smells strange to her.

The girl immediately go to bed so as not to have sex.

The girl forgets what she told or invented as an alibi.

The girl tries not to make eye contact and avoids communication.

The girl is overly loving and kind, as if atoning for guilt.

The girl gets new things and incomprehensible expensive gifts.

“Stronger than cheating, I'm just afraid not to find out about cheating. It is terrible to love a person who no longer deserves it. Vladimir Vysotsky

If you find several signs in a girlfriend, then take a closer look at her. Maybe you already have horns, and it's time to throw this bitch and skin?