Signs a girl is using you as a fallback

A girl can be perfect, sweet and beautiful, but use you as a fallback. Secret signs that a girl is using you for a temporary relationship while looking for other options. The sooner you know about it, the better.

Is the girl just incredible and ideal? She can be cute, charming and sweet. This is the girl you've been looking for all your life. You can soar for a long time in rose-colored glasses in love, but a girl does not always love you, even if she claims the opposite. She can meet you, kiss and be together at night. But she is using you. And the sooner you know about it, the better.

Sometimes a girl dates a guy just to have a temporary fallback. With whom you can go to the cinema, cafes and shopping for free. Temporary option for lack of a better yet.

She is looking for a better and richer guy, but for now with you. As soon as a good option appears on the horizon, you will be left on the sidelines of her life faster than you can ask what happened. You will be told about past love or that you are not compatible. Familiar situation?

Signs that the girl is using you as a fallback

1. The girl wants freedom

The girl annoys with her attention for several days, and then disappears. She ignores calls, messages and completely goes on the defensive. You can guess for a long time about the mystery of the female soul, but most likely the girl has other men. A girl may have another fan or several with whom she has fun. Naturally, her phone will be turned off, and she will not be found at home. Found a fool to burn like that.

2. The girl does not introduce you to her surroundings

The girl's friends, acquaintances and relatives do not know you. And when meeting someone, she introduces you as a friend. She tries to avoid joint photos in social networks and distances herself as much as possible. She doesn't care much for your friends either.

3. The girl has windy girlfriends

The girl loves parties and constantly disappears with her girlfriends. These girlfriends, judging by the social networks and conversations, they are still wild. They look depraved and do not have the strictest moral principles. The ancient Greek playwright and poet Euripides as early as 480 BC. e. said: “Tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who you are!”

4. The girl is not worth the plans

The girl is not worth the plans for more than a couple of months and tries to be not very generous in the promise of eternal love. She doesn't need it. She is in control and wants to leave soon.

5. The girl has many secrets

Where does she spend time, who writes and calls her? The girl turns the phone upside down when you are together, turns it off or hides it in her purse. She has 1000 secrets and mysteries. It is not clear where she disappears and what she is doing. She deliberately maintains an aura of mystery in order to hide something in troubled waters. It is likely that she is dating someone or is in search.

Sounds like the girl is using you as a fallback? Try to find out the truth and break up with it sooner. Let him go to hell!