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Shooting in the street. What to do?

Terrorism, crime and psychos can always be around. A gunfight can happen anywhere and anytime you're less prepared for it. If shooting or explosions start on the street or in another public place, what should be done? How to survive shooting on the street, which was opened by terrorists or bandits?

"Every day that goes by without a terrorist attack increases the likelihood of a terrorist attack." Frederic Beigbeder

Mistakes in a shootout on the street

In today's world, terrorist attacks often occur, shootouts of bandits, shooting psychos and aggression of other dangerous personalities. What can they shoot from? Pistol, machine gun, shotgun, rifle and even machine gun. Someone will throw a grenade or a bomb. Firing from any weapon can start anywhere and at any time. How do you prepare for something that is difficult to prepare for? How to survive in a shootout or a terrorist attack?

In an extreme situation, people behave differently. Some people are numb with fear and do nothing, which puts their lives in maximum danger. Others panic and run away, making them easy targets for shooters. Still others run to the sound of gunfire, behave inappropriately, or try to act heroically. All this often ends in wounds or death.

Safety experts recommend not to neglect caution and possible risks. It is always better to be prepared for an emergency than to be caught off guard later. The slightest mistake, when shooting on the street, can cost a life.

Your life, your loved ones and other people depend on you.

What to do when shooting on the street?

1. Lie down on the ground immediately as soon as you hear shots or explosions

Do not try to run at the first shots, which often ends in death. This may attract the attention of the shooter when he reacts to sudden movements. Looking for a target, within sight, the shooter will fire at the most visible and vulnerable targets. It would be a very bad idea to run away from a shooter who is firing chaotic fire on the street.

At the first sound of shooting, you should immediately fall to the ground. Immediately! The sound comes later than the bullet. Throw away your bag, jacket and everything that prevents you from escaping. Lie flat. Don't be afraid to tear your clothes, smash your phone, get bruised or dirty. It's better than getting bloodied, getting hurt, or losing your life.

By this measure you will protect yourself in the first stage of a shootout or a terrorist attack.

2. Analyze the shooting situation

Try not to panic and think calmly. Life depends on your actions and speed of decision-making. What threatens you and from what side?

Shooting in the street can be from any point. You should try to determine from what point the fire is being fired and where the shooter is. Shooting in the city is complicated by the fact that it is difficult to determine the source of the sound that is reflected from the houses.

It is worth remembering that there may not be a single terrorist, but a whole group. In a shootout, not only a bandit can get hit, but also a random bullet from a policeman can hit. The most dangerous thing is to be between them.

3. When shooting, hide behind cover

If possible, take cover or hide behind something that is very close. Count on the cover to be within 2-3 seconds of running. If it is farther, then just fall to the ground. The shooter only needs to aim for a few seconds, and running to cover in 3-7 seconds will be deadly. Fall to the ground.

Be aware of the difference between cover and disguise. The latter will only cover the shooter from the eyes, and shelter can save from a bullet. Even the worst cover is better than none. Anything can be cover from shooting and bullets.

  • Permanent structure or ledge of a building
  • Stone porch steps
  • Concrete or heavy urn
  • Monument
  • Curb
  • Underpass
  • Sturdy lamppost
  • Parts of the car with more iron
  • Hole in the ground or ditch

Should be protected if possible important organs and arteries. Cover your head with your hands. Keep your arms and legs close to your body, protecting your vital organs. This can save you from an aimed shot or a stray bullet. It's too easy to get a mortal wound.

4. What should I do when I hear gunshots?

Try not to stick your head out, don't take pictures, don't show curiosity, don't be heroic, and don't move too much. This may attract the attention of the shooter, who will immediately open fire to kill.

If you find yourself in the line of fire, then try to run away or crawl away crouching. You need to run not to the shooter and not from him. Very often fleeing civilians are shot in the back. You need to run from the terrorists to the left or to the right. This makes aiming difficult.

Call the police immediately as soon as possible. Report the coordinates of the shootout, the number of attackers, the weapons used and listen to the advice of experts. Do not run towards the police or special services as soon as they appear. Law enforcement agencies can confuse you with terrorists and shoot you in a hurry.

Were you hurt? Try to clamp the wound or bandage yourself to avoid blood loss. Do not move. This will reduce blood loss. Report the injury by phone or to nearby people.

Shooting does not stop, and you are in a very dangerous position? Try to crawl to the side, pressing tightly to the ground, looking around, but not raising your head. If possible, get out of the area where it is dangerous.

Even if the shooting has stopped and nothing is happening, be careful. The silence of battle can be deceiving. If nothing happens within 5-10 minutes, then try to find a more reliable shelter or get out to a safe place. But be very careful.

5. Collision with the shooter

Did you manage to avoid the shooter? Show with all your appearance that you are safe. Raise your hands immediately and take no action. Show your innocence. Don't smile, don't beg, don't cry, don't scream, don't make eye contact, and don't run away. Try not to provoke the shooter or be provocative.

Fulfill all the requirements of an armed man, endure humiliation and behave calmly. Ask permission for any action. Do not show any desire to resist or cause trouble to the terrorist.

If the terrorist is far away and calls to him, then it will not always be right to go in his direction so that he will deal with you. At certain moments, you need to flee or act. Try not to be a hero, but sometimes there is no other way out.

Shooting in the street. What to do? Re-read the article again and keep it as a keepsake. Times are hectic now, so it's best to be prepared for anything.