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Sexual advice from women. How can a man be a good lover??

Women told what they expect from men in sex, as well as how to become a good lover. Life is too short to work at a job you don't like, date ugly girls, and have bad sex.

Women have compiled a memo to men that should help them become great lovers and make sex unforgettable. Sex is the basis of the relationship between a man and a woman. If it is bad, then problems are guaranteed. Women expect high-quality sex and vivid orgasms from men, even if it's sex for one night.

How can a man become a good lover?

1. Is the date full of flirting, romance, and sexual tension? Good sex is obtained when it starts from afar.

2. In most cases, sex needs a comfortable and secluded place where a girl can relax and feel safe.

3. In 95% of cases, a girl will not attack a man herself and take off her panties. A man should take the initiative and perseverance himself if he wants to have sex.

4. Alcohol dulls the girl's modesty and "cockroaches". A little alcohol relaxes and makes sex crazier.

5. An experienced lover does not forget about foreplay. It takes a girl some time to get wet and open up for more.

6. During sex, kiss her neck, shoulders, breasts and other accessible parts of the body more often.

7. When a man memorizes a woman's erogenous points and uses them, he can be called a professional.

8. The presence of a large penis does not mean professionalism in sex. The presence of a medium or small penis does not indicate unprofessionalism in sex.

9. Don't rush into sex and don't be like a preoccupied rabbit. Let the girl move in her own rhythm of passion.

10. A good lover remembers the clitoris and its caresses. Most women expect this from a man. Caress with your hands, dick, tongue, or toy.

11. Compliments, the language of passion and vulgar words turn on a woman's ear more.

12. Well-groomed groin like girls and makes the penis visually larger. Well-groomed athletic body will also play into the hands.

13. Let her reach orgasm before you, and not frustratedly feign an orgasm.

14. A good lover is always willing to try new positions, toys, ideas, costumes and fantasies.

It is better to be a good lover than to be a cuckold. How good are you at sex?