Sex - slaves or why in sex ropes (BDSMBDSM)

Knowing the human anatomy, one can find optimal solutions and make the body react in the right way.

How often the fetters of love turn out to be real shackles. Valery Saltykov (aphorisms)

Bandage bonding.

Of course, ordinary tying does not compare with skydiving, but only because of the lack of proper skills of the binder. I am sure, knowing the anatomy and psyche of a person, you can find the best solutions and make the body react in the right way. I agree that people react to temporary captivity in different ways and to pain too, but who prevents you from deciding this in advance?

Why not bind a masochist so that she feels not only helplessness, but also pain, but a bandage girl, so that her every attempt to free herself ends in an orgasm? You can pick up any materials for binding (rope, tourniquet, adhesive tape, tape, sling, bandage, etc.), and all that remains is to correctly lay them on the surface of the body, in order not only to give it a bizarre exciting pose, but also to influence certain erogenous zones. Personally, I believe that in every bondage, part of the captive materials must necessarily pass in the perineum, buttocks and genitals, then any movement of the slave will really turn out to be exciting for him, regardless of desire. And what a good result is the binding that does not allow the "passive" to take part in the sexual process, for example, stretching on the bed. Here, after all, you can do anything with an experimental or experimental subject, especially if you shut your mouth with an inflatable gag and do not listen to pleas for mercy. However, the bandage gives the most unimaginable possibilities to lovers of pain (masochists), because almost all ancient tortures were based precisely on binding and immobilization. Yes, the BD is trying to isolate itself from the SM, presenting itself as a separate branch in BDSM, but why show off, if in fact they are inextricably linked by blood ties.

Genital bandage.

Separately, I would like to talk about the constriction of the genitals directly, because this method of bandaging is the most common source of pleasure for many sex lovers, especially those who have time and desire for all these experiments. Here you can really achieve extraordinary sensations, especially if you are alone without fanaticism or have a confidant nearby who can prevent an idiotic or dangerous situation.

The genital organs are unusually delicate, so the bandage of the genitals must be done not only skillfully, but also with extreme care so as not to damage one's own or someone else's "household". In women, the chest, waist, buttocks, perineum and anus take part in this process, in men, a penis, scrotum and testicles are added to the waist, perineum, buttocks and anus. You can confuse all this in search of pleasure with anything and in any way, and with the application of force, but without fanaticism, and all nodes in the database must be EASILY UNLOADED, and just in case, you should have a cutting tool on hand. And in no case should you use for constriction that which does not lend itself to a knife or scissors or is drawn into the flesh so much that you can cut it only with it. Alas, there are always craftsmen who put personal belongings even into metal bandages, which cannot be removed without hydraulic tools. Estimate, what a thrill, when a team of rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, with the help of a "grinder" or huge wire cutters, begins to rescue a penis swollen to an unimaginable size from captivity... Yes, and with rubber bands, calculation is also necessary, because the total force increases with the number of turns and can not only bleed the limb and prolong orgasm, but seriously break something more valuable. And if there are piers in the organs and binding materials use them in the process, the results can be unpredictable both in the direction of pleasure and in the direction of injury.

The easiest way to experience all the charms of the genital bandage, without repainting your own essence in the database and without exposing your personal belongings to serious danger, I think the same constructions, only not parachute ones, which I will discuss below. Take an ordinary terry towel of sufficient length so that it is possible to pass it around the partner's waist from behind, and bring the free ends between her legs so that they are at hand in the anus area. During intercourse in the knee-elbow position, it remains only to pull the edges of the towel like a bit, and not only pressing the partner to the penis, but also directing her “basin” a little up. The stronger the tension, the more the waist and thighs will be pinched, which, when the ends of the towel are pulled in different directions, will pull the labia behind them, facilitating the process and deepening the friction. Yes, strength in the hands is certainly needed, but who prevents the process from being mechanized?

In this case, not only will the bandage be strengthened, the hands of both men and women will be freed, but these are new opportunities to increase pleasure. By the way, the guys here are also not deprived: this time the towel is passed, clasping the stomach and returning to the hands of the girl through his crotch. The act takes place in a missionary position, but the woman presses the man no longer by the hips as usual, but by pulling the ends of the towel. Although in the case of men, it is better to use a soft rope or even a thick fishing line instead of a towel, especially if the partner's sensitivity is low or the resulting genital pain turns him on more abruptly than genital caresses. Try and see which orgasm is faster, clearer, more powerful... you will suddenly find exactly what you did not even dream of.

Suspensions with a bandage.

As soon as the need for a bandage becomes urgent, you can try "parachute sex", that is, suspension, since it is in suspension that the bandage and bondage directly touch, forming the very BD in question. An elevated and unsupported person bound hand and foot (various options are possible) is a real slave with whom the “active” can do whatever he wants, starting with the sadism inherent in BDSM sessions and ending with the caresses inherent in “vanilla” sex.

Various ways of influencing the erogenous zones and the genital area of ​​the suspended person provoke an early arousal and orgasm, while the taut fetters provide new, more concentrated sensations. I agree, hanging brings a lot of inconvenience, because in an ordinary apartment it is hardly possible to create the necessary conditions for "parachuting sex", but isn't this what the BDSM community exists to provide its adherents with everything they need? As for the skeptics, finding a place to play "walkers" (a powerful elastic band is used instead of a rope for hanging) is not a problem if desired. But what a powerful and protracted orgasm can be provoked, especially if the bandage lines pass through the groin correctly... I'll tell you a secret: with a certain skill, you can fully be satisfied with the usual swinging on an elastic band, especially if you use special latex shorts instead of ropes that cut into the crotch and wide elastic bands. And I'm talking about men. What to say about the girls who, with this approach, trudge without stopping at all...

As for the standard suspension, which is most often used in the topic, these are different ways of attaching limbs to blocks at different heights above sea level, in the sense of gender. At the same time, the “passive” can float completely in the air, touch the floor with some part of the body (even if it is a penis) or be suspended above the bed with certain parts of the body rising above it. All ways have their own charms, so everyone chooses what he wants, if not a real masochist who does not negotiate the rules of the upcoming sexual game, giving the initiative to the "active". The more helpless the “passive” looks, the more roads lead to pleasure for both partners, but you should think carefully when organizing hanging upside down. I do not rule out that such blood circulation will give new unexplored sensations, but who knows what consequences blood flow to the head can lead to. I also do not approve of sadistic things in the form of hanging by the hands tied behind the back. Perhaps the rack is able to turn the participants in the session cooler than their usual experiments, but twisting a joint or stretching a ligament is easier than a steamed turnip, especially for women and slender men, who are just the greatest number in this type of sex.

As the reader can see, everyone is able to find something to do in this topic, especially if they are not prejudiced in advance. Personally, I have experimented enough in this area, so I am quite objective in my assessment without additional consultations from the cool BDSM specialists. The main thing in the topic of suspension is not to overestimate the capabilities of lifting devices, otherwise you can break not only your own bones, you can even destroy the structure in which all this happens. No, fortunately, the roof did not fall on me, although with my weight, hanging is already contraindicated, except with the use of some powerful lift.


Plastering a person in a plaster corset completely and completely with the possibility (or impossibility!?!) of leaving holes for breathing (and not only), as well as removing bodily fluids (and not only) is called mummification. Such refinements in the topic of the database occur by prior agreement, while the "active" and "passive" must be very clear about the essence of the session, as well as each other's capabilities. Complete immobilization and the inability to influence the course of events (if eyes and ears are closed) gives maximum pleasure to both participants, especially if the corset is put on and frozen in a piquant sexual pose. In some database communities, such refinements are used in case of the “passive” desire to achieve maximum satisfaction with the participation of several “assets”, becoming part of a sculptural composition with intimate places for open access. By the way, among sexual deviations there is a direction associated specifically with sculptures, so it becomes possible to combine two directions in one.

In a light version, a wide bandage with various gluing impregnations, such as honey, is used in mummification - it is pleasant, and also useful for business and body. Strait jackets and all kinds of bags are also successfully used. But the cheapest and most practical swaddling is achieved when using ordinary cling film (do not block the airways!!!) - in this case, the bandage is soft, but allows you to enjoy all the benefits of conventional bondage. In addition, the full "transparency" of the naked "passive" under the film is really a worthy sight, especially with drops of sweat all over the body due to the greenhouse effect under the film. Yes, I almost forgot, women in the process of such a database really lose weight, refuting the statement about the impossibility of combining business with pleasure once again.

"Assets" and "liabilities" in the database.

As with most types of sex associated with dangers, a partner is needed in a bandage, and a partner who shares the views of the BD-schnik, not just any. It is in the bourgeoisie that the people are enlightened, and even if they do not understand the essence of what is happening, at least they do not express their views aloud, in our country BDSM confidentiality is an absolute necessity. So many have to either say goodbye to the idea of ​​searching for new sensations, or seek qualified assistance in advance in applying bandage structures and other tricks to their own body. Well, you must admit, it is hardly possible to tie yourself up, and even subsequently hang them from the ceiling. But even in case of success, who will caress you, and then free you from captivity, untying the knots? Estimate, I did it somewhere on the outskirts and... and remained hanging until complete mummification in the literal sense. In my opinion, the DB works best in pairs, so all sorts of bells and whistles of such sex should be done with just the two of them. This is not only more security, but also higher functionality. I agree that you can’t trust such secrets to everyone, but who said that it would be easy?

- “assets”

“Active” in the process of bandaging is just an experienced assistant in swaddling various kinds and weak, but still a sadist. Continuing caresses after the body of the “passive” has already received an orgasmic discharge, the “active” knows exactly what sensations it can experience, and this is where the rigidity and inflexibility characteristic of sadism are needed. However, it is worth noting that bandage - sex is more universal. It does not have clearly defined roles characteristic of other BDSM trends, so “assets” and “liabilities” easily change places, and each takes revenge for the tricks of a partner with the same coin. Although it should be noted, revenge turns out to be pleasant. Occupying a dominant position (bondage), each DB-shnik helps the partner achieve maximum buzz, guaranteeing himself the same sensations in case of role reversal. If you make a psychological analysis of the action, the bandage allows you to achieve results in an unobtrusive way of role-playing participation that ordinary sex does not allow you to achieve under any circumstances. Why is that? Yes, because in the database you can achieve everything by manipulating the bottom, and even satisfy your latent qualities of dominance without scaring your partner with your non-standard desires. Again, some methods of bandage allow not only to immobilize the second participant, but also to deprive him of all other ways of reaction except for sexual sensations (deprivation) completely. In this scenario, the partner turns into a set of genitals, which makes it much easier for people with complexes to realize their own erotic fantasies.

- “passives” As for the “passive” - he voluntarily-compulsorily becomes a participant in the original sexual experiment, where not only the mind and genitals take part in the session from him, but the whole body as a whole. The positions obtained with the help of a bandage allow you to try completely new sensations during orgasm, and the lack of control over them due to helplessness makes it possible to enjoy the sex that a person would never allow himself without getting into such a situation. Yes, reader, all this with complete or partial immobilization, “disappearance” and “deafness” pursues one single goal - to relieve oneself of responsibility for everything that happens, since it is impossible to influence it physically. Agree, if a woman you trust made a plaster mummy out of you in the “cancer” pose, and then decided to cure your hemorrhoids with a hefty strap-on, what will you do? That's right, it remains only to hope that she will not call her girlfriends for help, or worse, friends. On the other hand, who made you get in there? Naturally, all this crap needs to be dared and not everyone will expose themselves to such a risk, because who knows what a partner has in mind. But whoever could afford this is unlikely to get out of the vicious circle, even if it starts to interfere with his normal life.

The dangers of bandage and bondage.

As for the harmfulness of the database - it still exists, and let the supporters of such non-traditional types of enjoyment not be offended by me. I seriously doubt that lovers of extreme types of sex graduate from nursing courses before plunging into the topic, so I consider it my duty to tell the reader my own fears in this regard. Suddenly, having accepted my reasoning as a guide to action, will someone suffer? What if they take a look at some amateurish porn, where the “passive” is fastened with a collar to the ceiling, they copy it, and you have a young naked handsome hangman on you, while the “active” went to the kitchen for a sandwich... With lymph flow and blood flow, as well as other connecting all vital activity is directly connected with the body's highways and the impact on them will certainly affect. Yes, reader, applying a bandage to a human body only looks harmless in theory, in real life it is a rather dangerous hobby, since it is enough to overdo the fetters for a minute and... the consequences may be irreversible. Especially dangerous in the subject are amateurs who do not have the skills to tie quick-release knots and use materials in the database that have not been tested or approved by professionals in this field. Yes, and domination in the form of bondage is not safe, because I know from my own experience that it is easy and simple to lose a sense of proportion, especially if the practice of obtaining pleasures of this kind becomes constant. In general, latent and real algolagnists are ready to endure as long as necessary, after which resuscitation of their stiff limbs may be impossible.

Violation of safety rules for the execution of the database entails not only injuries, it is fraught with a fatal outcome instead of a flying one, so before doing something, you should specifically think about everything. For example, alcohol in moderation seems to be harmless, but who counted the number of untimely dead in the fight against the green snake, active alcoholics, drug addicts and other intoxicants, but they are a dime a dozen, despite the obvious consequences of such addiction. But in the database, mortality is not recorded. And where to get it, since the secrecy of this way of getting pleasure will be envied by any intelligence of the world? However, without a doubt, in the subject there are extremals engaged in sexual experiments on the verge of a foul, the same asphyxiophiles, so the bright prospects for the bandage & bondage is best viewed initially without rose-colored glasses. But to say that the DB is harming others, this can only be an ardent BD-phob, who is a BD-fil at heart. Why is that? - Yes, because non-BD-filam does not care about the BD. Here, the stump is clear, you can think of any crap, starting with distracting people from traditional fruitful sex and ending with the irreversible destruction of psychophysiology, but these are just quotes from the century before last. The same vegetarians burn meat-eaters, calling them murderers, but has anyone been driven seriously about this? Personally, I do not intend to refuse a juicy kebab, and I will definitely taste it in the morning with friends and girlfriends in nature beyond the Volga. So it is with sexual deviations.

And on the staff.

Everyone chooses his own pleasure and if his achievement is not directed against others against their will - why not? In the end, everything happens by mutual agreement, should anyone interfere? Just think, the guys with the girls are tied with ropes or something else, because they are high on the buzz, the orgasm really turns out differently, I tried it myself. And that there is no way back - so this is a cost. It is impossible to return to ordinary sex after extreme sex even in the absence of like-minded people, and this is a fact. It's one thing to have an orgasm through the tight rings of a bandage that tightens the body in the right places, and quite another is ordinary ejaculation. People say, they say, "hunting is worse than captivity." So imagine what it's like to be reforged by those who have learned to drive hunting and bondage (if you remember, bondage from the bourgeois is bondage) into one bottle...

Photo: sparr0 Author: Valery Saltykov. The book “I know everything about sex. And you?".