Sex secrets from lesbians

Lesbians are well versed in women's bodies, sex and orgasms. We found a few lesbians and asked them for advice on sex. The Amazons told us the following.

Women, during lesbian sex, achieve orgasm in 85% of cases, and with sex with a man no more than 50% of sexual acts. Given the secrecy and fear of accusations of frigidity, things are even worse on the heterosexual front of orgasms. We found a few lesbians and asked them for advice on sex. The Amazons told us the following.

Sex secrets from lesbians

1. Lesbians are not in a hurry

Lesbians recommend giving time not only to sex, but also to communication before it. Many women complain about men moving too quickly into sex and avoiding foreplay. Lesbians recommend that men cool off a bit and start arousing a woman first. Do not rush to plant it, but warm it up a little before the start, as you do with a car. During the sex itself, also do not rush. Women like a certain rhythm that is not like firing a rapid-fire machine gun. Restrain the urge to make quick frictions. Rhythmically, slowly and thoroughly put your girlfriend on the penis. Do not rush!

2. Lesbians know physiology

Women know their body and methods of influencing it very well. Be more patient and approach the female body more thoroughly. The female body is unique. What works for one girl may not work for another. Study the girlfriend's erogenous zones and the most effective methods of influencing them. Don't stop experimenting and show your imagination in bed.

3. Lesbians are gentle

Men are rougher in bed than lesbians. This sometimes causes women not pleasure, but discomfort. Women's skin and parts of the body are very susceptible to external influences. This is especially true of the nipples and clitoris. Don't push with your weight and don't be rude.

4. Lesbians and fingers

Lesbians do not have a member, which forces them to act in slightly different ways. They use dildos and other penis analogs. But the most important is their use of fingers during sex. They have reached the zen in this. Lesbians massage their partner's clitoris, which has a very positive effect on the chances of an orgasm.

5. Lesbians and kissing

Lesbians know exactly the importance of constant caresses during the process. Lesbians kiss and use their mouths for more than just foreplay. Even during sex, they kiss, lick and caress their partner.

Lesbians know how to fuck.