Sex records

History has accumulated many interesting and curious facts about sex. The most unique and sometimes outlandish things in the list of strange sexual records of the world.

World history has accumulated a huge amount of interesting facts related to sex. Every culture has its own sexual traditions, strange aphrodisiacs and unusual practices. But only the most unique and sometimes outlandish things deserve to be included in the list of strange sexual records in the world.

Top 10 strangest sex records in the world

Your attention - a ranking of the ten most unusual world records related to sex. However, if you dream of setting your personal sexual records, you will certainly have something to see on the website The hottest Ukrainian girls are collected on its pages. And now - more about sexual records:

The largest number of orgasms per hour. According to California doctors from the Center for Marriage and Sexual Research, a woman (name withheld) was recorded who experienced as many as 134 orgasms in an hour. It is noteworthy that the same indicator for the representatives of the stronger sex is only 16 orgasms per hour.

Ejaculation at the furthest distance. It turns out that record collectors are interested not only in the number of orgasms, but also in how far a male ejaculation can “shoot”. A man named Horst Schulz became famous all over the world thanks to his ejaculation at a length of six meters. In terms of range, his “shot” can be compared with the length of a limousine.

Oldest adult film actor. Shigeo Tokuda, at the age of 80, starred in 350 porn films and is not going to stop there. Interestingly, Tokuda began his acting career at the age of 60 - after retiring. The actor starred with women of all ages, but most often with 75-year-old Fujiko Ito.

The most prolific woman in the world. Russian woman Valentina Vasilyeva, who lived in the XVIII century, became famous as the mother of 69 children. She had 16 twins, seven triplets and four quadruplets. She also had singleton pregnancies.

The largest collection of penises. Not everyone knows that in Reykjavik (Iceland) there is a phallological museum, which can be proud of a collection of 300 penises, including one human.

The most prolific father. The male record in this matter clearly outshines the female one. In the late 17th and early 18th centuries, King Moulay Ismail ibn Sharif ruled in Morocco, who fathered at least 1,014 children.

Most bras removed per minute. Chris Nicholson managed to remove 20 bras with one hand in one minute. According to the record holder himself, he could have removed much more, but he was nervous.

The world's first man to give birth. Transgender man Thomas Baty gave birth to his first child in 2007. Five years before this event, Thomas, formerly a woman named Tracy, had a sex change, but since his wife was infertile, he decided to keep the female reproductive organs. Bety became pregnant through artificial insemination. He now has three children and is the first officially registered man to have given birth.

The largest penis. This is not about the human genital organ, but in general - among representatives of the animal world. The owner of the largest penis is the blue whale: the length of its dignity is almost 2.5 meters.

The first sex scene shown on TV. For the first time in the history of television, Fred and Wilma Flinstone appeared in bed together. It happened in 1960.

Records and more: five interesting sex facts

Not all achievements related to sex were recorded in the Book Guinness records. However, there are many amazing things around us. For example, these five facts:

- the largest penis compared to the overall size of the body - it is in humans;

— twins were recorded in the world who were born with a difference of 87 days;

- in 1300 BC. pharaoh Menefta ordered the amputation of the penises of all the defeated Libyans (13 thousand people were left without a sexual organ);

- 60-year-old Leontina Albina now lives in Chile, who gave birth to 64 children;

- The largest produced bra is 102ZZZ.

Of course, not all sex record holders of the world have received world fame and official recognition. Perhaps unrecognized talents are among us.