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Sex in the life of mankind

Sex is one of the important parts of the lives of men and women. For many centuries, sex was considered a real ritual and cult. Interesting facts from the sexual life of mankind. Sex has always been an important part of human life. Many peoples consider it a cult and even a ritual. And this is not surprising, since it is customary to prepare for it and use various devices.

The role of castration

Many philosophers and traditionalists associate the concept of castration with purity. But, one way or another, it plays a role in people's lives.

First, the man castrated himself because he considered the woman dirty and vicious. The woman also committed sexual isolation with herself, because she considered the relationship with her partner dirty.

Many scholars argue that the sexual act itself has long been impure. Some famous navigators attended such ceremonies. They were held in 1797 in rich rural houses.

Defloration took place in public with curtains closed on a makeshift altar to the singing and screaming of girls and women hired specifically for this.

An old man and a young girl participated in the process. Before the ritual, she had no right to leave the house. Her teachers watched her day and night. After the ritual, the girl was given in marriage. This ceremony included several sacred, cult ritual customs at the same time.

There is a tribe of Tom in Africa. Polygamy is widespread in it, in which leaders can have one fetish wife. She is chosen among the fairest-skinned women. Since such a skin replaces purely symbolically innocence. The virgin wife has privileges in the tribe. For example, complete immunity from the fists of the spouse (beating) and exemption from doing household chores.

Taming of the flesh

Monks take a vow of celibacy and behave chastely. Many believe that this ritual replaces castration. Adherents of religions believe that the concept of castration is self-denial, self-torture, mortification of the flesh, and so on.

Adherents of spiritual practices are convinced that castration is prophecy, innocence and chastity. It is necessary for the most exalted spiritual concepts.

Religious people treated castration differently. For example, it was glorified and purely symbolically replaced by restrictions and prohibitions during fasting. Sorcerers fasted in the tribes to enter ecstasy and see the future.

In ancient times, esotericists and representatives of spiritual practices established certain systems for their students, consisting of debauchery and asceticism. The Mongols, Hindus and Chinese used to practice interesting sexual techniques, the essence of which was the complete rejection of sexual instincts for a long time and in sharp stimulation.

Such shock therapy was used in many schools for the general development of the personality (self-improvement) in the spiritual plane. The essence of the teaching is to maximize sexual function and bring excitement to the highest point.

The cult of the phallus

In ancient times, this cult was popular because it was associated with the sexual principle. Hindus revered images of the phalluses of famous enlighteners and gods and decorated streets and temples with them.

The Greeks wore phallus-shaped talismans to always win. The Egyptians were sure that the penis is the key to the afterlife.

The Greeks worshiped a god named Prialus, and during the festival the Hellenes carried around the streets penises made of wood with painted eyes.

Christians considered the penis to be the devil's tool because they believed that it contributed to the fall.

In the life of every person, sex is of great importance. Scientists have written many interesting amazing treatises, and also proved that it is good for health and for the soul.