Sex foreplay detail

A woman's orgasm or orgasms depend, in most cases, on quality foreplay in sex. Foreplay of sexual intercourse, preliminary sexual play or preliminary lovemaking in sex. Be a professional in sex! Details on how to do foreplay for sex.

The most common disappointment in a woman's life is the discovery that most men, even highly educated and well-bred ones, are completely ignorant of the basic science of love. We have already talked about the reasons for this, and I will not repeat myself, but will go straight to the point.

You are in a good mood, you have made friends with each other. And here you are in bed with almost no clothes on. I say "almost" because they both have to wear panties. Not only because it prolongs the sweet moments of anticipation, but also because sneaking under them is very exciting. There is something delightfully exciting about the feel of male fingers probing you under your underpants; it is even much more than direct palpation, especially in the initial stage. And there is something extraordinarily voluptuous in a woman's hand, looking under the man's underpants for his proudly raised weapon. Wait, wait, you'll know when it's time to take them off! This in itself is one of the most important parts of the pregame. If you are not left-handed, then it is better that the girl is on your left. Does this seem simple to you? But you will be surprised to know how much embarrassment I experienced because such a simple logic was neglected. She should be to your left so that you can hug her with your left hand and caress her with your more skillful right. Kissing is also easier, because most right-handers kiss on the right. If the girl is on the wrong side, then both of you will break your neck before the morning comes. Regarding kissing. A lot of them; I only ask that they not be the same. I assure you: not every lady likes to be kissed in the same way all the time. Some people like to eat their mouths with their mouths, others prefer more tongues, others prefer only small pushes with the tip of their tongues. Kissing is already the next step in the art of love, and it should begin slowly, easily, but gradually increase in depth and intensity - and always with variations, always, always! Whatever you do, use all your fantasy when kissing! Your mouth is a highly mobile and changeable part of the body. Let not its enormous possibilities be lost when using only one and the same method. If the lady does not return your kiss, then maybe she does not like the way you stuck your tongue in her. Try to change your style before deciding that you are mistaken for someone else. O! Don't hesitate, you'll know when you're on the right path, so try, try! Do not stop by any means! No one has ever complained about too much kissing. As an example of the validity of this statement, I can say that I once hit one Greek, whose entire English vocabulary consisted of only two words: “more kisses”! He pursued this line with such success, with such passion, that he really did not need any more words. The ladies understood him much better than many smooth-speaking Americans. And here's another question: why do people almost always close their eyes when they kiss?!? One of the most exciting things in the world is to watch and see a man gobble up your mouth. Looking into a friend's eyes while kissing is pure poetry, not to mention the possibility of communication that this creates. Just because at the end of each film we see two passionate people with tightly closed eyes, this does not mean at all that ecstasy can only be expressed in this way. Oh my god, if you like each other so much that you're already in the bedroom, then why act like you can't see each other? So open your eyes, and maybe you will be delighted with what you see. Of course, I understand: you will not limit yourself to kissing on the mouth alone, but remember all the time that this is their main “base”.

Don't get so caught up in the rest of the body that you forget where you started from. After all, your mouths are still closer to your brains than your navels - brains are the main means of our communication. So whatever you do, I ask you to come back from time to time for a little mouth-to-mouth quickening. This is very important and very nice! While kissing, hands should not be idle. Inquisitive groping is as good for the researcher as it is for the object of his research. The shape of the body, the fabric, and the warmth of the skin are beautiful things, but how can you appreciate them without feeling them? Find all the mysterious curves and valleys that form the female body, stop at nothing and do not be shy! Your own pleasure from this sensual activity can be inferior only to that of your partner, and the secret here, as in all other phases of the love act, is only one thing: what one likes to do, the other likes it. Therefore, for example, the best massage therapists are those who really enjoy touching the human body. Their pleasure is communicated through the hands to the patient, and this further doubles the pleasure of the massage. While you are still at your head, move your mouth around your ear. If this is your first time with your lady, then approach this place for a tryout. If one of the ladies, whose earlobe you chewed, choked and trembled from this, then this does not mean at all that the same thing will happen to the other. For some women (and I am one of them), sticking your tongue in your ear feels like drooling. It doesn't work erotically for me. But in this case, I'm rather an exception, so try it. Some girls have told me what the sound of heavy male breathing does to them, but still I would not advise roaring into the eardrums. Kissing on the neck is also exciting, although it only tickles some. Indeed, the recess of the neck is a pleasant place, and by feeling the pulse beat under your mouth, you can easily determine how much you have succeeded in arousing your partner. By the way, I hope you don't get the impression that all this is happening in complete silence. Saying something mouth to mouth is very sexy. This does not mean, of course, that you should talk about international politics, but simply speaking kind words is always pleasant, and kind instructions about what pleases someone can be given in such intimacy without the slightest harm to feeling. Even if your mouth is too busy to utter intelligible words, the sighs and moans of delight are in themselves the music that should always accompany lovemaking. In addition to the excitement caused by these sounds, they are a barometer of the erotic climate. One piece of advice: I beg you, gentlemen, learn to distinguish cries of pain from cries of pleasure. Men are sometimes so carried away that they bite, pinch, push, scratch and squeeze so hard that they cause real fear. Be careful and, for God's sake, listen. But under any circumstances, express your feelings in words. I promise you: they will work wonders.

In the meantime, back to the body, where you are now approaching the second most erogenous zone of the female body - the breasts, or more specifically, the nipples. For most women, the nipples have a direct and intimate connection to the vaginal area. This is very well proven, but as always, there may be exceptions to the general rule, however, in 9 cases out of 10 erotic breasts win. Start with light and gentle stroking of the entire breast, either individually or both at once, and then focus on the nipple, first with your finger, then with your mouth and tongue... Here, too, start gently at first, only gradually increasing the pace and pressure. First, lightly lick, caressing the tip and areola with your tongue, then take the nipple in your mouth and suck on it. As he gets excited and hardens, suck him harder, intensify your efforts, but please do not stick to one breast. You know that there are two of them, and both deserve the same attention, not only because you will get double pleasure, but also because too much caress on one nipple can turn pleasure into irritation. Keep in mind that you are playing with extremely sensitive nerve endings, and although they respond to you erotically with pleasurable speed, they can be mimicked and cause real discomfort if sucked for too long without interruption. Fortunately, you have an almost exact indicator of your success, as nipples enlarge and harden, stand erect when happy. So when you feel that the nipple in your mouth has become like a fat marble, you can be sure that you acted well. For many women, from such caresses, even the entire breast swells and becomes fuller. It is only important to be able to assess the degree of excitement that you have caused, and know when to stop. Most women, after a very short period of such manipulation, will show you that they want something more voluptuous with completely unambiguous movements of the hips. By this time, your position should be something like this: the man’s left hand is under the woman’s shoulders, his body is slightly tilted over her, and this or that breast is in his mouth, and the right hand wanders very expressively around the stomach below the navel and climbs, of course, under her panties, while she playfully plays with a standing member with her right hand. Now is the time to quietly take off her panties and start the magically beautiful game of finding the clitoris. Quite possibly it won't be easy. The clitoris is a rather strange animal. Although its location is approximately the same for everyone, it can differ by several centimeters, and besides, it has different shapes, sizes and heights. The best way to find it is to start at the very top, where the pudendal lips meet, and start scouting with two fingers, making small grips. In some women, the clitoris has a kind of sheath, similar to the foreskin of the male member, and then it will be very difficult to find until it sticks out in a mini erection. He's just a little, little ball when he sleeps, but you'll recognize him immediately when you find him. And you will know that you are on the right track, by the behavior of a woman who, if she is not too dominated by inhibitions or she is not very in control of herself, moan, sigh, growl at the moment of touch... Oh, stop here!

The next stage should be started lightly again. As the clitoral erection comes to a head, the woman usually accelerates her pelvis and presses against her finger to voice her growing arousal. Then it's time to increase the pressure, move your finger faster. When the erection is over, and you can only know this by noticing that the clitoris is no longer growing, you can walk your finger around the neighborhood. But please, keep coming back to the clitoris. There is a very simple way to understand this important organ, and if all men knew it, we would have many more satisfied women. One need only imagine that the clitoris is nothing more than a miniature member, and since every man knows how to handle a member, experimenting with it all his life, he will only have to apply this knowledge, taking into account, of course, the difference in size. It's understandable that you can't wrap your arm around it like you can with a male member, but there's nothing stopping you from using the same grips and movements. There is only one difference in the manipulation of male and female organs. While most men prefer to move their fingers up and down, down and up on the penis, girls respond better to circling around the clitoris or moving from side to side with gradually increasing pressure when required. In addition, when treating a clitoris protruding from the vagina, in the same way that you treat your own penis, it is also a good idea to follow the “rule of thumb”. As soon as the hardening of the clitoris is over, the whole vulva becomes more sensitive, and it is time to engage in a gentle but very diligent study of the lips, stroking each one in turn, while at the same time circling around the erect clitoris and getting closer and closer to the vaginal opening. But God forbid you stick your finger in it, like a gynecologist on an examination! First of all, you should know that the only place to deal with here, judging by the nerve endings, is the area around the edges of the vagina and inside it, but perhaps no further than your fingertips can reach. Men who insist on sticking their hand in as far as they can reach can spoil the achievement of the most important goal with this movement. Oh, I know this sounds like a very good feeling to you, but in most cases it cools a woman down faster than a bucket of cold water! Think of it better this way: if the inside of the vagina contained highly sensitive nerve endings, then how could a woman endure the pangs of childbirth?! For this important reason, there is almost complete insensibility there, and, therefore, feeling the walls of the vagina in depth is only an annoying break in the growing excitement. It is quite another thing to run your finger along the edge of an open vagina. This is a delightful, wonderful occupation, if, of course, you have previously processed the clitoris well enough, brought it to a state of extreme erection. Two glands located at the very beginning of the vaginal opening (the rest are internal, and you have nothing to do with them, becausethey act automatically) produce a lubricating fluid, and it is very helpful if you collect this fluid on your fingertips and spread it all over the vulva. Further inside you should not, however, climb, unless the woman herself asks you about it. Now she would probably prefer a smooth, firm, well-standing cock to a rough, bony finger. But that's exactly what we were trying to get her to want a dick, wasn't it? And yet it's still early. Yes, yes, it's still early! The woman has just begun to boil, and yet you want her to really boil, blaze with passion before the start of copulation.

Now is the time to use language. Do you remember where your fingers were? Now, put your tongue in there and see what happens. Generally speaking, the most comfortable position for playing with your mouth is to have a woman's legs on your shoulders and, putting your hands under your hips, climb wherever you can reach them. You can stretch out to your full length or kneel - whichever you find more comfortable. Of course, this is far from the only position, but for a start it is not bad at all. I guess now is the time to comment on the 69 position. Discussing this issue with people (there were many interviewees), I found that there are big differences in this issue. Those who are in favor say that this position is the best for both parties, everyone gives and gets a lot of fun. They also say that the pleasure is thus prolonged and gives the same, if not more, satisfaction than with an ordinary act. The objectors - mostly women and very few men - feel that 69 is an uncomfortable and unattractive posture. It is difficult to find a satisfactory position, because this is one of the sexual positions in which the participants must be approximately the same height, and since men are usually taller than most women, this practice ends with neck numbness for them. If a woman lies on her back, and a man is above her, then very often she feels like she is in a trap, without any possibility of getting out of it, and, besides, most women do not like it when they put a member in their throat so deep that they cannot control its speed or its depth. We must also take into account that in this position, both sides are, as it were, upside down in relation to each other, and hence it turns out that the most sensitive lower part of both genitals experiences the least stimulation. The same applies to the position of a woman over a man, but in doing so, she has an additional problem: pressing her vagina against a man's mouth with enough force to get maximum pleasure from him, she must be careful not to strangle him. I personally stand on the side of those who oppose position 69. Not to mention the convenience, I cannot understand how one can focus on one of the organs in such a situation. After all, when making love, most women try to fully focus on what they are doing and evaluate the man's response to their actions in order to understand as much as possible what he feels at this time. Feeling his body with their hands, they want to see his face at this time. The same can be said about men. Still, cock sucking and vulvar licking are perfectly acceptable sexual activities, and therefore I believe that position 69 should always be prepared. Under no circumstances should you refuse! And therefore, if a man suddenly begins to attack the woman's vulva with his mouth, then she should not resist. On the contrary, she should guide his head with her hands, move her legs and hips so that he understands what she likes best, guide his actions. From this, both parties will receive high pleasure. I'm afraid, however, that most women in this situation just lie there and wait. They assume that if a man started it, then he knows what to do. And the next morning they complain to a friend about his inept actions.

After examining a woman's vulva with your fingertips, move there with your tongue and lips. (It is very good to put a pillow under her buttocks beforehand - both for this operation and for the "play of resistance" that may follow.) get aroused when they are licked, that sometimes even from the mere thought that they are going to be licked, not to mention the licking itself, they have an orgasm. In this case, if you have not met this woman before and do not know if she is capable of multiple orgasms, then be careful. It might all be over before you even start intercourse, and while there's nothing wrong with that, it's still better for both parties to reach orgasm during intercourse. Of course, if your woman is capable of having many orgasms, then it's not a bad idea to bring her to the first language. But if you are making love to her for the first time and you do not know it, then it is better not to tempt fate. She may get up and go home before you even begin. If you did everything well, then any normal woman will immediately want to start intercourse. A woman without a load of prejudices will tell you about it herself; if she is not old enough to ask, her body itself will begin to send you clear, understandable signals: involuntarily, her hips will begin to thrust, and she will become almost completely wet from her own lubrication. This is where the dividing line between "boys" and real lovers passes! A true maestro, a master of the art of love, will never jump on a woman as soon as she asks. Delaying intercourse is perhaps the most virtuoso art that a man can master. I don't mean, of course, that he should jump out of bed, light a cigarette and start a conversation. Not! All he has to do is reduce the speed of movement and the pressure of his tongue, then slowly, slowly pull away from the clitoris and let it cool down a little - not too much, just a little. Look at him, how he sticks out, how he shudders, and you will get no small pleasure. And here is the time to move up again to tease the breasts, chew, lightly bite the nipples, start a new round of kisses on the mouth, while continuing to work with the hands at the same time. Ignite the woman to a boil - then extinguish the flame a little. If you do this three or four times, then, I guarantee you, she will go crazy with desire, and you will earn the glory of a real Casanova. All this should be done for the reason that the longer the orgasm is prepared, the stronger it is, and the greater the pleasure. There is no secret in this, and most men do just that, trying to lengthen intercourse. For women, this is just as true. And if so, then tease, tease her! Most likely, you will get excited at this no less than her, and if this is not the case, I advise you to reconsider your behavior, because. it needs improvement. If everything is in order and you feel the same as she does, then you are both ready for copulation.

Yet even at this point, caution must be exercised. Under no circumstances should you be in such a state of rage that you will splash as soon as you stick. In this case, it is recommended to do some mental exercises to cool off a bit: try, for example, remember who won this or that prize this or that year, or imagine that you are lying with your wife! And only when you are sure that you can control yourself, only then you can proceed to the next action. If for some reason you haven't put a pillow under her buttocks yet, for God's sake, do it now. Such a simple maneuver is constantly mentioned by all sex writers, and I cannot understand why it has not yet become common practice. However, it is a sad fact that not a single man out of twenty will remember this, and even less a woman - and it is necessary to raise her hips just so that her clitoris becomes more accessible for the sweetest and most necessary friction during intercourse. I often think that the one who created the female body must have been a man - it's such a bad job. It looks like the clitoris was remembered at the last moment and placed somehow, because there is hardly a worse place for the purpose for which it is intended. Whatever the case, it's here, and there's nothing you can do about it other than take every opportunity to make it more accessible. That's what the pillow is for. After that, your task is to keep your body in the closest and most frequent possible contact with the clitoris, so that this cute bud is busy and happy all the time. There are, of course, such things that a woman can and should do, but more on that later. In the meantime, you are doing your part, which is the following. If you are using the old face-to-face position (man on top), I recommend that you ride the woman as high as possible so that the root of the penis is in close contact with the upper side of the vulva. In this case, you will not be able to penetrate the vagina as deeply as you would like, and the member will bend without causing you pain, but your lady will be so good that it is quite worth it. Well, when she starts an orgasm, then enter it to the very end and push as hard as your heart desires. But I still ask you to start as high as possible! There are other positions in which the member can be used just as well. For example, intertwining her legs with her legs, and, of course, when a woman is on top and has the opportunity to find the best position herself in order to maintain the contact she needs. This position is also very convenient: the man lies on his left side, the woman on the right; she passes her right leg between his legs, and with her left leg she climbs onto his right thigh, thus forming, as it were, a double sandwich of legs. As for all other positions, in addition to the penis, you will have to use something else, for example, a finger. Let's say you shoved your cock from behind; in this case, keeping the clitoris in contact with the finger is absolutely necessary, otherwise the button may remain completely out of business, and there is no other way to occupy it. Of course, there are many women who do not need constant stimulation of the clitoris, but they are a minority, and besides, this does not mean at all that they do not like it. They don't have to, but they don't mind at all! Just keep in mind at all times that the clitoris reacts in exactly the same way as a penis and is just as sensitive to orgasm. Then you will never do bad things. Author: Ruth Dixon "The Psychology of Modern Sex"