Sex advice to men from girls bisexual

We took an interest in the intimate life of bisexual girls who love men and women equally. The girls told about the differences in sex between a man and a woman, and also gave useful intimate advice to the stronger sex.

Some girls like to "skim the cream of love" on all fronts and have sex with both sexes. We asked what are the main differences in sex between a man and a woman, as well as between two girls. Bisexual women told the difference and gave a couple of great sex tips for men.

Sex advice to men from bisexual girls

1. Longer foreplay. Girls need time to warm up before sex. Both girls understand this, and therefore they are in no hurry and make the foreplay very high quality. And men are too in a hurry to start sex itself. Need a longer and better foreplay for a good orgasm.

2. More body caresses. Girls pay more attention to the caresses of the whole body, and men pay too much attention only to the genitals. More caresses all over the body will improve sex between a man and a woman.

3. More breast play. Girls are well aware that there are a lot of nerve endings in the chest. They fully caress the chest, not missing a single millimeter and slowly. Breast caresses are loved by all girls. Men, more attention to women's breasts.

4. More persistence in orgasm. When a man finds out that a girl has not reached orgasm, he only makes a sad face. And the girls are making efforts to correct the situation and bring their partner to orgasm. Sex will last until the morning, until both girls are satisfied. Men should bring a girl to orgasm by any means: hands, lips, sex - a toy.

5. Less selfish. Most men care about their pleasure, not the pleasure of a woman. Girls are more attentive to each other. Men should be more caring in sex.

6. More sensitivity. Girls are more tender and sensitive. It is better for men to be a little more tender and softer, which will make sex better.

7. More fun and play in sex. When two girls are in bed, there is a lot of play, tomfoolery and fun. Men make sex serious, and girls like to have fun even during sex. It turns girls on.

Bisexual girls know exactly how to please in bed. Sex advice from bisexual girls should not only be read, but applied in sex. Forward! [twenty].