Serious relationship

How to understand that a relationship with a girl is taking a serious turn and this is not just another short fling?

You met friends

She knows your friends well, and you know her girlfriends. There may not be a close relationship with them, but friendly communication is quite.

You share your dreams

We don't share our deepest dreams with just anyone. Only the people we consider special will hear our dreams. If you talk about dreams in a relationship that are very personal, it's all for a reason.

You talk about the past

Creepy stories and ridiculous situations from before you met. Stories about past relationships, separations and love lessons.

We make plans

You make plans for the future that include both of the couple. Joint rest, trip, purchase of things.

You live together

You studied each other's household habits and did not run away. You have learned to live side by side, share responsibilities and have a good time together.

You are familiar with each other's relatives

You have already crossed paths more than once at family holidays and other events. All her relatives know you, and yours are aware of the new passion.

You spend time apart regularly

Avoiding annoying each other is important. She has her hobbies and girlfriends, and you have your hobbies and friends. Everyone has time for their life. You have learned to rest some days separately to give each other some space.

You have already quarreled

You have already arranged a showdown, clashed and fought desperately. After showing off your dark and hard-hitting side, you stayed together. You have learned to put up, seek compromise and resolve conflicts.

You know the income

When everyone knows who earns how much, more and more relationships move to the “family” level of communication.

You discussed the family

Both of you, without any problems, discuss the future family, the number of children and the common house. You calmly imagine a joint future.