Selfie in front of the mirror: 50 ideas how to make and how to beautifully sign a selfie

A significant portion of our social media photos are selfies. And a decent part of them we do in front of a mirror. How to take a beautiful selfie in front of a mirror and how interesting is it to sign it?

Taking a photo in front of a mirror is good for getting everything right in order to take the perfect selfie according to your desires and needs. You have complete control over the background, lighting, pose and timing of the performance.

But how do you take a great photo without being boring or ordinary? There is a huge field for improvisation here, starting from the image, posture, facial expression and ending with the choice of clothing, or its practical absence.

Choose a style for a selfie in front of a mirror

First you need to determine what you want to show in a selfie? What effect should the photograph achieve? How should you look at her? What emotions to convey? Will it be an ordinary everyday photo, funny, thoughtful, daring, erotic, or maybe even a little vulgar?

Kinga Cichewicz, Unsplash

Wipe the mirror for a selfie

The photo will be taken through the mirror, which means you should first wipe it from prints and other dirt. A clean mirror will allow you to perfectly convey the photo, without muddy streaks and other defects. Even if the mirror seems clean, it is better to wipe it once again from stains and dust.

Clean up everything in the room or bathroom

The main mistake in selfies in the mirror is that we forget about the background, which is not always order. First you need to determine everything that gets into the selfie, and then remove everything that is superfluous. It is also better to remove things that divert attention from the most important thing - you.

Remember to keep the background clean, minimalist and free from superfluous things, especially bright and distracting ones. Sometimes you can place something in the background specifically to achieve some desired effect or comment.

Kinga Cichewicz, Unsplash

Provide good lighting for selfies in front of the mirror

Good light in photography is the basis of a beautiful frame, which knows every professional photographer. If the lighting is low, then the photo may turn out to be too dark and nondescript, but sometimes this is justified if you need a mysterious image. If the lighting comes only from the ceiling, you may get dark hard spots under the nose, which can be bad for photography. The best option would be lighting in the mirror itself or above it.

You can play with natural light from the window. If the window is behind the back, then the image will be too dark. It is better that the window is located on the side, and the light comes through the tulle, then the light will turn out to be soft, diffuse and beautiful.

Pay attention to the details of a selfie

Often we do not notice some small blots that can ruin a selfie. These are things “growing” out of your head (wardrobe, hanger, chandelier, shelf, vase, towel), thickening your background due to some things (curtain, bedspread, carpet), carelessness in clothes or image. All this can lead to strange associations and ridiculous comments under selfies.

Choose an image for a selfie in the mirror

Photos in the mirror are different, depending on the choice of clothes. It is she who defines the style of the selfie. You can take pictures as if before going somewhere to an important event, even if you didn’t go anywhere. You can choose a home look, in comfortable home clothes and a daily look. Sometimes it’s good to capture yourself while doing some business or ordinary idleness.

Choose the direction of view for selfie

Experiment with the direction of view, because there is room for maneuver and choice. You can look directly into the eye of the camera so that your gaze is directed perfectly evenly. Sometimes you can look into the phone or camera itself to make the frame a little neutral. Sometimes in the frames you can look somewhere to the side or even a little look away to the side.

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Choose a pose for a selfie in front of a mirror

Usually choose a pose even or slightly sideways. It is important to keep your back straight when photographing so that there is no tightness and stoop. Proportions should also be observed so that the head does not turn out large or the body heavy in the photo. Sometimes they take a selfie while sitting on something, but you should make sure that the legs are not thick.

Selfie in front of a mirror in underwear

Sometimes you can provoke and take a selfie in the mirror in erotic clothes. It can be revealing clothes, casually thrown over a towel, underwear. Sometimes people, especially girls, choose the image of a provocative photo, where naked parts of the body are covered with a hand or a blanket. This leaves room for the imagination. Sometimes in photography in underwear, it is not the face itself that matters, but the beauty of the body, the tenderness of the skin, the curves of the lines and seductive forms.

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How beautiful to sign a selfie?

Mirror selfies are already a classic for such social networks as Instagram, VKontakte, Facebook or Odnoklassniki. But we do them often, but how do you choose the perfect selfie photo caption?

Captions for selfies in the mirror can be interesting, cute, funny, inspiring, provocative. They describe our thoughts, emotions, feelings and desires. This is our message to the world, subscribers and ourselves. Without captions, selfies would be too boring, gray and empty.

Here is a list of great original ideas on how to beautifully sign your selfie in front of a mirror:

1. My mirror is my significant other.

2. Don't look at my signature, but look at me.

3. Mirror, you look good today.

4. Just showing off my natural features.

5. The man in the mirror is my only rival.

6. I don't actually take selfies in front of the mirror, but show off my new phone.

7. Am I the sweetest in the world, all blush and whiter?

8. Life isn't perfect, but selfies can be.

9. Send my selfie to NASA because I'm a star.

10. Less perfection and more authenticity.

11. I like to look at beautiful things.

12. Damn it, mirror! I don't look like this in my mind.

13. The mirror understands me best.

14. This is how I look in the morning.

15. Share your mood with a mirror.

16. Selfishness is not selfish.

17. Being pleased with yourself never goes out of style.

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18. Mirror, do you like my style of clothes?

19. Life is like a mirror, the best things happen when we smile.

20. I feel beautiful.

21. Just look in the mirror and find the person you love the most.

22. A typical mirror selfie.

23. Who do I look up to? To your reflection in the mirror!

24. Do you like me?

25. Crazy hair for a crazy person.

26. True love for the world begins in love for oneself.

27. Where there is a mirror, there is an opportunity for a selfie.

28. Look nice and have a nice ass.

29. Again in a relationship with the mirror.

30. Selfies are never too revealing.

31. It's just me, my selfie and me.

32. Life is too short for ugly selfies.

Kinga Cichewicz, Unsplash

33. The world is a mirror, it reflects what is.

34. Reflections in the mirror are simply magical.

35. The mirror is my best friend, because when I cry, it does not laugh.

36. We continue to smile.

37. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

38. Selfie time in front of the mirror.

39. I am made up of flaws, but that makes me a wonderful person.

40. The mirror is the worst judge, but I don't care.

41. Some days start better than others.

42. Wow, someone looks really hot.

43. I don't need someone else's approval to be me.

44. Smiling mood.

45. Do not allow yourself to think like an ordinary person.

46. This is a reality, not a fairy tale. It's me.

47. So we met again, my reflection.

48. You can look in the mirror and find a million flaws, or you can love them.

49. I don't take selfies all the time, just every day.

50. Not to live, but to stand out and show off.

When you take a selfie in front of a mirror, you should remember what you want to convey with this photo. How will people react to this selfie, what will they like about it and what will cause a response? Although sometimes it doesn’t matter, because it’s your life and your rules.