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Secrets of good sex that will make it better

Many consider themselves good lovers, but not all are. How professional you are in sex is not the number of mistresses, but the satisfaction and genuine orgasms of girls. Secrets of good sex that will make it brighter and better. How to be a professional in sex?

We learned about sex from magazines, books, TV and the internet. We watched porn, tried different sex positions, and learned with new bed partners. But the number of girls you get into bed is different from the number of truly satisfied ones. Girls often cheat and fake an orgasm so as not to be seen as logs in sex. How to make girls stop faking an orgasm? Satisfy them in bed at 100%.

Secrets of good sex that will make it better

1. What to change in sex? What do people want to get more in sex and what do they lack? Men and women were in favor of some changes in the average sex. About 20% of people want to hear compliments about their appearance, sexuality and temperament during sex. 35% were in favor of sexual experiments and new sex positions.

2. How not to frighten off an orgasm? Remove the main obstacles to sex and orgasm. Before sex, it is better to go to the toilet, drink and eat less. Sex can be disturbed by extraneous sounds or people. Animals can also interfere with orgasm. It is better to put mobile phones in silent mode, they call too often at the most inopportune moment.

3. How to make variety? It's time to find new places to have sex. Most men and women in long-term relationships complain about the monotony of sex in the same bed. We have learned sex in bed up and down, which means it's time to move somewhere else. Try sex in an upright position, sex on a washing machine, chair, table, sofa, floor and other places in the apartment. After diversify sex with love in a hotel, in a car, in nature, in a tent and any other secluded place.

4. How to have more sex and improve intimate life? Many couples are not happy with the amount of sex in their lives. What separates them from couples who are doing just fine? Schedule for sex! Couples who are satisfied with their intimate lives have made sex part of their schedule. Decide for yourself how much sex per week is the norm, make it part of the life program. So you can avoid cheating and the desire to fuck on the side.

5. How to add emotions and passion to sex? Sex can always be improved with more passion. Use the following tricks to raise your arousal level. Stroke your hair, use your tongue when kissing, grab your waist, bite weakly, squeeze your hair in a fist, caress your neck, say vulgar things in your ear, slap your ass, suck on your breast nipples, blow on your skin, lightly squeeze your neck, pull your hair, growl, moan, say compliments.

The main secret of good sex is its variety and lack of routine.