Search for yourself all your life

Often we are told that we need to find our path, our goal and our dreams, and we need to do this as early as possible. But in real life, you will never find yourself quickly, and the process of self-knowledge will stretch for a lifetime. You will spend your whole life looking for yourself, wishing for change, changing goals and chasing different dreams. It is normal to search for yourself and find yourself all your life.

You shouldn't feel wrong about not being able to find yourself. Psychologists, parents, friends and acquaintances tell you to decide, but this is not always possible. You should not give in to pressure and rush to find yourself. You choose the speed at which you feel comfortable moving through life. You define your own goal.

There is nothing wrong with looking for yourself all your life. You will never stop growing and learning more about yourself. You will never stop changing dreams and goals, because the old ones are no longer so interesting to you. We change over the years, and therefore yesterday's aspirations quickly lose their relevance. Not to become an astronaut or a juggler in a circus just because once in childhood it seemed very interesting? Everything around us is changing, as we are changing ourselves.

Usually we experience tremendous pressure from the people around us who insist on our being static in desires and goals: "You have to find yourself." But how can you compare yourself at 20, 30, 40 or 50 years old? These are different people who most likely have diametrical goals and plans. Even every 5 years you will perceive yourself in the past as strange, stupid and ridiculous. You have the right to abandon all the past in order to open up to the future and become happy.

It is very difficult, in adulthood, to find yourself. You can build a career, pay your mortgage, and have a second half. But sometimes you feel that somewhere something went wrong. You did not want this at all, what is around you. It seems to you that you missed the moment, screwed up and did not take the chance. What to do if you understand the fallacy of the path? Doing what you don't want and doesn't bring happiness? No.

Turn off and go to a new dream. Do not be afraid to search for yourself all your life!

Even at the age of over 20, you can search for yourself. It's never too late to change everything. It's never too late to start your new journey. There is nothing wrong with discovering new desires, goals and dreams much later. There is no end point when the path to self-realization will last a lifetime. You will never cross the finish line and you will change all the time.

As you get older, you will be told to make up your mind, put down roots, and become more mature. It seems that you should stop dreaming, stop rushing about and stop changing, but it's not. It may seem to you that you are the only one in the world who does not have a stable job, family and life plans. But you're not a loser or a fool. There are millions of such doubting and searching for themselves people. They are around you every day. They are also confused when their dreams and plans change dramatically. But this is a normal part of life. Life is constant change and movement.

What to do in life and how to find yourself?

  • Follow your desires and dreams.
  • Do not let yourself be reproached for wanting change.
  • Listen to yourself and your spiritual impulses.
  • Do not be afraid to have your own opinion, which does not coincide with the opinion of others.
  • Don't think you're in a mass race when you have your own road.

Now you may feel lost, unhappy and hopeless, but many of us feel this way. These people are often referred to as underdogs. This is the antonym of the winner or a person who started later in life than others. But you are your own judge, not anyone else. You can start anytime, anywhere, anywhere. You have your own unique path, and this path does not look like a straight road, but looks more like a winding path.

It's okay to search for yourself all your life and follow your dreams. But to be unhappy just for the reason that you have already chosen some path is definitely stupidity. Don't be afraid to change and find yourself. Live, conquer your dreams and be happy.