Scarf as an alternative to a tie

Many neglect this accessory and try to avoid it in every possible way. Despite the fact that a colored silk strip called a tie is practically the only way for a man to decorate his discreet business suit, while showing individuality, many neglect this accessory and try to avoid its presence in their wardrobe in every possible way.

Some argue that wearing a tie is uncomfortable. For others, it is associated with student times or boring office work. In any case, the tie gives formality and rigor, which many men do not consider a sign of good style.

In fact, a well-chosen tie - and provided that a good shirt is chosen - simply cannot be uncomfortable. But as for the psychological inconvenience - nothing can be done here. In short, if you want to look stylish, but not banal, give up a tie altogether, replacing it with a handkerchief tucked into the top breast pocket.

When choosing a headscarf, you should be guided by most of the rules by which you choose a tie. This means that it should be combined with a suit and a shirt in its own color palette. Do not forget that this accessory should complement, and not attract attention. Therefore, let its coloring be calm, not flashy. And if you put on both a tie and a scarf, the shades of the latter should be as neutral as possible, inferior in importance to the tie, but echoing it in color.

Of course, you can tie your handkerchief instead of a tie: this step, skillfully performed, can completely transform your appearance. Since this option assumes a less formal look, the rules for matching a suit with this accessory are somewhat different. In this case, there are several unmistakable combinations. For example, a dark blue suit worn with a pale blue shirt will suit a scarf in orange or purple tones with cucumber prints. No less advantageous in this case will look pale blue or burgundy. But if you are not ready for such bright experiments, it is enough to leave the handkerchief in your breast pocket, preferring the white version.

The way the handkerchief fits in your pocket is just as important as its color match. The golden rule is that the silk scarf should look like you're wearing it, as the pressed and clean lines of this accessory will make you look like the hero of a rural wedding. There are several ways to fold a scarf in such a way that it looks natural and even somewhat casual.

Flatten the handkerchief on a flat surface, take it by the center so that the edges gather into a delicate bun. Insert the handkerchief 3/4 center down into your breast pocket so that the edges are visible. Remember that in this case it is better that the handkerchief peeks out of the pocket less than more.

You can do the opposite, that is, turn over the handkerchief assembled in the same way: in this case, you will look more restrained. In addition, this option is preferable if the edges of the scarf are multi-colored or not very even, and in the center there is a beautiful pattern.

These two methods can also be combined: holding the scarf by the center, carefully fold up the edges and insert this design into your pocket. This will make you look especially elegant, but the difficulty is that the pocket remains almost empty, and it is possible that your handkerchief will constantly fall out.

In any case, avoid overly complex, structured designs: give preference to the most natural options for you. This accessory should look like you never thought about how to fold it.

It should be noted that a silk scarf as an accessory is always preferable to a cotton scarf, because by choosing this material you create a game of contrast. Smooth thin silk always very successfully sets off the density of cotton or wool suits. But if you are wearing a suit made of thin or shiny fabric, the gloss of the scarf will already be superfluous: just then remember matte cotton models.