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sales relations

You come across corrupt girls and relationships much more often than you suspect. In addition to those who choose the most ancient profession or the role of a kept woman, there is another common but secretive type. Such girls position and behave differently, but this does not make them less corrupt. Selling relationships and selling girls that you meet every day.

Kept women gradually evolve into a different kind of corrupt girls, which is difficult to recognize even for an experienced man.

Many girls are not formally in the adult business and are not kept women, but walk very close by. Such girls strive to find a man who will take all her expenses on himself. Who will help, pay, give and give money. Such girls are guided not by millionaires, but simply by non-poor men. Rich daddies are too heavy and difficult prey. They are looking for wealthy managers and businessmen, which is enough for them through the roof. For what? To sell, and then get married and get a comfortable existence.

Everything in the world is bought and sold. Everyone knows this, and with age they are finally convinced that it is always only about the value of the price. On the one hand, this is sad, but on the other hand, these are the usual laws of economics. If a woman wants to sell her body and services for money, this is her right. Everything can be bought for money, and even more so for big money.

We are not hypocrites and are not inclined to read morality, but we want to dot the "i". Girls position themselves not in the whore business, but they behave similarly. They are “not like that”, but “very much like that”. Girls should decide who they are kept women / whores or real girlfriends / wives. You either have a relationship for sale, or a relationship built on love.

How to find out a new type of kept women with the prospect of marriage?

Such girls are quite difficult to recognize. They are all such romantic, creative and flying natures. They have natural lips, light makeup, beautiful manners and a good education. They have some kind of profession that brings little money, but it is enough to pay the most necessary bills.

Such girls choose wealthy men, and then voluntarily surrender. They court a man, gratify his ego, say compliments, cannot stand brains and are not familiar with a sick head. In bed, they are ready for anything, and for some quirks only after the wedding. Needless to say, these chicks only pay attention to those who earn more than some tidy sum.

They are kind of “light kept women” who have their own income, but are looking for a buyer to whom they plan to sell their body at a higher price.

The work of a kept woman or the most ancient profession does not attract them because of the lack of good prospects. If you are considered a kept woman, then getting married successfully will not work! There are many cases when kept women were married and then divorced. Finding out about the past of a kept girl, her adventures and her dachshund overnight is not so difficult. And there are enough well-wishers with envious people.

The role of a kept woman can greatly reduce the chances of a successful marriage. Now it's very easy to get on the Internet, where your nude photos and reputation will be tarnished by the whore business. Such girls do not risk being sold where they are going to find a husband. They try not to be in agencies that offer dubious services. Why is this if there is a better option?

Modern Aphrodites are a mixture of a courtesan and an ordinary girl who is difficult to figure out. After all, such a girl is all about creativity, emotions, romance and love. She will never raise the topic of money, but she will make sure that the man himself will give it to her and ensure a comfortable life.

But this is nothing more than a normal sales relationship. But it’s just that it’s very difficult to understand, because everything is very veiled by romance, emotions and love. And what was behind this was some kind of mercantile interest and the sale of the body, such girls like to keep silent or forget. For some reason, such girls always fall in love easily, but only with rich or non-poor men. Coincidence? I do not think.

Sometimes such chicks are sometimes caught on the fact that they periodically hunt for voyages to Europe or to Arab countries. Only photographs from the beaches and travels give away their cruise and the dumplings trade. Often girls have expensive things that are not commensurate with their income level. But such girls are smart, which means that it is not always easy to burn them with this.

How not to get caught by modern hunters for non-poor men, if they don't even look like kept women? Only for various little things, red flags, finances and intuition prompts.

On the one hand, the most dangerous financial trap in life is divorce. A marriage contract reduces risks and saves you from an unfortunate defeat. On the other hand, sales relationships are almost real. That's just your most attractive feature on her part - it's your wallet and the ability to make money.

But if she is good and her chest is high, then why not buy it? In the end, an outdated mobile phone model can be changed if desired, but what's the difference? You will then buy yourself a younger version of the “iPhone” if this one gets bored or starts to break.