Rules and secrets of lovers

You can shake your head long and hard when it comes to cheating and lovers. But let's not consider the moral side of betrayal and adultery on the side. Life is much more complicated and confusing than we imagined in childhood and would like to. Rules and secrets of lovers.

A very big secret is hidden in the recesses of the icy heart How one short meeting dragged on for several years Among a hundred mutual acquaintances and a dozen fake friends She pretends to laugh, I try not to think about her. Leap Year - Metro

You are on a dangerous and slippery slope when you start a romance with more than two participants. This is obviously a bad idea, but sometimes the attraction and passion is unstoppable. Let's put aside moral doubts and listen to advice from experienced lovers.

There are some things that lovers simply need to know in order to avoid love drama, conflicts and revealing a secret relationship. Rules of conspiracy and conducting a double personal life.

Rules and secrets of lovers

1. Keep your feelings to yourself

Remember that she already has someone with whom she is in a relationship. Do not build joint and far-reaching plans. Most love relationships on the side end pretty quickly. It would be foolish to fall in love and then break your own heart. Only pleasure and sex.

2. Keep your mouth shut

Don't tell anyone about the affair on the side, otherwise it can all end very sadly. Common acquaintances or unexpected "well-wishers" often appear. No shared photos, social media friendships, and unexpected calls. Leave as little evidence as possible, and therefore delete all correspondence. Keep information that can harm you under a password.

3. Play it safe and keep a secret

If you sleep together, then do only that. You should not go together to a cafe, cinema, theater or visit. All this is fraught with the disclosure of the situation and further love showdowns. Even if you live in different areas, it's best to remain as anonymous as possible.

4. Stay away from home and work

It will be sad if you are caught in bed at her house by her husband. Neighbors, colleagues and other attentive "well-wishers" may also notice. You're not crazy, so choose meeting places on neutral ground. If you are not alone, then meeting at your house is a deliberately bad option.

5. Less gifts and incriminating evidence

Accepting gifts, as well as giving, is a bad form. The mistress will then have to justify herself to her partner, which is fraught with disclosure. If you are not alone, then why do you need extra reasons for suspicion?

6. Be careful and prepare an alibi

Do not use perfume or toilet water. It can easily expose you. Always take a shower after sex so you don't give yourself away. Do not leave hickeys, scratches and other signs of sex. Have a change of clothes and a solid alibi to ensure everything goes smoothly.

7. Throw adultery in time

Any love affairs on the side have their own time. If you tighten them too much, then everything can end badly. During a love affair, difficulties of various kinds may arise. If you or she has feelings, then immediately stop this adultery. May begin to suspect the main partner. Sometimes things get all too confusing. Throw adultery in time, while you can get out of this affair dry.