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Rules and lessons of life: 150 life lessons or golden rules of life

With age, we begin to understand what was previously not obvious, doubtful or controversial. A person changes every 5-10 years, abandoning himself of the past, stupid and naive. What does life teach us and what rules should we know in advance?

Over the years, life becomes more and more alarming and upsetting. Most pop, internet and movie stars are younger than you, which cannot be oppressive. Many are richer, more beautiful, more promising, smarter and more successful than you. Dreams do not come true, there are many problems, but there is a routine around. Welcome to adulthood!

What did school, university, and other things prepare us for? Definitely not to this, what is happening around. Harsh realities throw up a lot of things that you can’t like at all. What did we not know, what did we not know how to do, and what did we not understand in time? We analyzed hundreds of opinions of adults, and then shared with you. When you're 20, learn from 30-year-olds, at 30 learn from 40-year-olds, and at 50, teach others. Experience comes with age. And dancing on a rake, repeating the mistakes of others, is an unaffordable luxury. It is better to bypass obstacles, and to use forces and time more wisely. Here are the valuable golden rules of life.

Rules and lessons of life that should have been known in advance

1. Time flies quickly. Yesterday it was N years, today it's already so much that it's scary to think.

2. Life is more influenced not by thoughts and dreams, but by actions that you perform every day.

3. In life, the strongest and smartest survive, who knows how to adapt to circumstances.

4. Don't waste time on something that won't matter in a year or five years.

5. Many qualities that were previously considered cool are now perceived negatively.

6. Underestimate the power of desire and the power of dreams. After many years, you will realize that you did everything right.

7. Self-confidence is better than insecurity.

8. While you're putting everything off until tomorrow and later, you're wasting your time.

9. Going to bed on time and getting enough sleep is a cool habit.

10. Smile more often, laugh, have fun. Be optimistic and positive.

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11. It's always scary to do something, but if you don't try, you never know what will happen.

12. In the modern world, it is important to be sociable and sociable.

13. You deserve the life you agreed to.

14. What we have we do not keep, having lost, we weep. Appreciate and take care of what you have.

15. Life is unfair and cruel, but try to choose the side of good, not evil.

16. Judge people not by their words, but by their actions.

17. Fully immerse yourself in what you are doing. Do not play and do not act half-heartedly.

18. Being selfish is sometimes necessary in order to defend your interests and not let them be used.

19. Using the brain is better than hard work around the clock without a break.

20. It is pleasant to live in a beautiful, athletic and hot body. Get the body of your dreams and enjoy.

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21. Any book, film or interesting article teaches you about life, and often even changes you.

22. Being in your comfort zone makes you unhappy. Get out of it and move towards your dream.

23. It is impossible to change or change people. Search immediately for those whom you were looking for.

24. Never, never, never give up.

25. Happiness cannot be bought, but it can be earned, achieved and earned.

26. Choose your environment carefully. With whom you lead, from that you will gain.

27. Try to tell the truth, then you won't have to blush and invent.

28. You will feel stupid for what you have been doing for the past 5 years.

29. Rejoice in even small good things and enjoy them.

30. Here is the golden rule of life for you: listen to your heart, because it knows better than you.

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31. Who you will be in the future does not depend on who you were.

32. Sometimes silence is more precious than words, but few people have this talent.

33. Life throws up opportunities, and sometimes you need to create them yourself.

34. You can be supported by relatives and allies, but only you can change your life.

35. Patience is a great quality, but sometimes life is too short to endure long.


36. Keep a child's curiosity and inquisitiveness.

37. Control of finances is not tediousness, but a competent skill.

38. You won't always get what you want, but that shouldn't deter you from other goals.

39. It is better to have 3-5 friends than dozens of comrades.

40. Choose your soul mate with your heart and mind, not lust or calculation.

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41. Who gets up early, he has more time and is more successful in life.

42. Nothing in life can be rewound, but there is a chance to try something new.

43. Listen to your intuition to give your instinct a chance.

44. Think of life as a series of trials that you need to go through.

45. Do not expect the approval of others and ignore unconstructive criticism.

46. Life is a constant study. Those who stop learning quickly become obsolete.

47. Quality is better than quantity.

48. Simplify life and everything around, so as not to get confused in your own delusions.

49. Keep your cool, because in emotions we make a lot of stupid mistakes.

50. Time is priceless. Don't waste it with your life.

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51. Don't promise what you can't keep. Keep this word.

52. Stop sabotaging success with laziness, fear or addiction.

53. Living and doing what you love is a rare thing, but possible.

54. Instill good habits one at a time, but constantly.

55. You will always be offended until you learn to fight back.

56. Learn to focus so that the information noise does not distract from the really important things.

57. There will always be someone better than you, but you compete with yourself.

58. Get the most out of every day.

59. You can't force someone to love or win someone. Look for those who want to be with you.

60. Be open to unusual impressions, sensations and everything new.

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61. Learn how to cook and eat healthy.

62. Don't be afraid to be different and unusual. Be afraid to be gray like everyone else.

63. It is impossible to pull out a fish without labor, and therefore it is necessary to work hard.

64. The horse worked the most on the collective farm, but she did not become the chairman.

65. Don't waste your time, energy and money on revenge. Life and karma will sort themselves out.

66. Avoid impulsive purchases and do not take the side of consumerism.

67. Work-life balance is achievable.

68. Nothing is free in life.

69. Do not take anything superfluous and avoid satiety.

70. Travel and explore the world instead of sitting at home all the time.

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71. Be choosy and don't settle for less.

72. You can always try again instead of whining after losing.

73. Choose professions that attract you, and do not do things you hate.

74. Do not complain and do not whine, but find a more reasonable use of your strength.

75. Avoid bank loans, installments and overdrafts.

76. Do not make excuses for your desires and dreams.

77. Take off your mask and be yourself for the rest of your life.

78. Don't trust anyone 100%.

79. It is better to be happy alone than unhappy in a relationship.

80. Do not wait for a pension to do or decide on anything.

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81. The cheapest and most expensive things are not worth their money.

82. Relationships, work, friends, hobbies, place of residence. If you don't like something, just change it.

83. Mistakes, failures, defeats - this is an experience that will come in handy in the future.

84. Do not shift the blame on others, but take responsibility for yourself.

85. Start taking care of your appearance and beauty as early as possible.

86. Material things and the level of finances do not determine who you are.

87. Learn to apologize when required.

88. Stay away from alcohol and other bad habits.

89. Mistakes are easier to avoid than correct.

90. Nature always heals. Walk more often, get out into nature and breathe fresh air.

91. Fear not failures and defeats, but the absence of attempts.

92. Do not write yourself off in circulation ahead of time.

93. It doesn't matter how good you are. There are always those who don't love or hate you.

94. The rules and lessons of life are different. But try to play by your own rules.

95. Invest in education and yourself.

96. Perfectionism and procrastination interfere with life.

97. Don't get married too soon.

98. Learn to listen and hear other people.

99. You do not control everything around, but 70% of life depends on you.

100. Live your life, not the way other people expect.

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101. Try to figure out what you want most.

102. Relationships and friendships require attention.

103. Consider priorities. Do what brings you the best results.

104. Even if you don't believe in yourself, what can you count on?

105. Protect yourself. This will save you from miscarriage and illness.

106. Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst.

107. Toxic people have no place in your life.

108. Ask yourself what you really want.

109. Avoid problems with the law so as not to spoil your life.

110. Always make a plan. The plan can be changed, but it helps to move forward.

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111. First think, then do or say.

112. Do not hold on to things, people and events that you cannot hold on to. Everything is changing.

113. You should not run away from problems, but solve them before they overwhelm you.

114. No one will make you happy unless you do it yourself.

115. Read books more often and more. Choose the right books.

116. Eat twice as many fruits and vegetables as you do now.

117. Don't indulge yourself.

118. Take a step towards the goal every day in order to be happy on the way and achieve it.

119. Life will take away people dear to your heart, and therefore appreciate them now.

120. More often regrets begin with "I should have..." than "I shouldn't have...".

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121. Keep your mouth shut if you want to keep secrets.

122. Don't sit at home and don't be afraid to accumulate life experience.

123. Look not for excuses, but for solutions.

124. If you chase two girls, you won't catch one.

125. Sometimes you have to take risks to get something more.

126. Every day you become one day older.

127. Find a profession or path that you like.

128. There is nothing more precious than life, and therefore value it.

129. Without gaining knowledge, you bring yourself to a dead end.

130. Do not be afraid to love and do not forbid yourself to enjoy love.

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131. Setting the bar low or you'll never get what you want.

132. Don't let people ride on your neck.

133. Save not things, but memories and emotions.

134. Take care of your teeth and other parts of your body. You will need them.

135. Spend less than you earn.

136. Without diligence and discipline, nothing will come of it.

137. All people deserve a second chance.

138. Let go of the past, old failures and past mistakes. Live the present.

139. Don't try to impress other people, but do something useful.

140. Have fun, enjoy and be entertained. We live once.

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141. Without physical activity and sport, one cannot be happy.

142. Start saving money in advance.

143. Get taller, smarter and get rid of youthful infantilism.

144. Get skills and knowledge that can be useful in your career.

145. Live for today and tomorrow will take care of you.

146. Failures do not characterize you, but perseverance characterizes you in the best way.

147. Learn to take a hit.

148. Listen to other people, because there is always something to learn from them.

149. Don't be afraid to grow old gradually. Many have been denied this luxury.

150. It's never too late. Do what you want.

The rules and lessons of life will help you avoid mistakes that will only take time. Use the golden rules of life to make it better. You don't know how far you'll go in life. So enjoy the road, not just run on it.