Romantic words for a girlfriend. 120 romance words

To please a girl, you need a sense of humor, high intelligence, beautiful courtship and romantic deeds. Expensive gifts and luxurious gestures are not included in this list. Do not confuse hunting with a banal purchase. Real and good girls fall in love with beautiful words that a man says to them. Girls love eloquent and romantic men, not silent and dry cynics. The fair sex loves with its ears.

Let's leave loot and expensive gifts for those men who buy girls for themselves. Really nice girls will react to how you treat them. Girls love with their ears, and therefore you need to constantly say or write beautiful things to a girl. Do girls want to date silent cynics, from whom you can’t get tender words? No. Let them be alone.

You don't have to come up with long and beautiful sentences. You can be short and concise when you come up with a love letter. What romantic words will a girl like if you whisper in her ear or send in a message? Save examples of romantic expressions to turn your head and make cute chicks fall in love.

Romantic words to your girlfriend

1. Calling you beautiful would be an understatement, baby.

2. I need help. Can I borrow a kiss? I promise to return with interest.

3. You are intoxicatingly beautiful, even when I'm sober.

4. If your lips are lonely, then I can introduce them to mine.

5. I can't find my teddy bear. Can I sleep with you tonight?

6. You are so beautiful that I forgot the compliment I was going to give.

7. If they gave 1 ruble each, when I remember you, then I would have 1 ruble. I don't forget you at all.

8. You are my lucky talisman who made life so much better.

9. I'm tired, but I bet your kiss will cheer me up.

10. Your smile is the most beautiful thing in the world, which you can admire endlessly.

11. I love you today and will love you tomorrow. You will always be my lover.

12. I dropped something. This is my jaw at the sight of you.

13. Your sweet and hot smile makes my heart beat faster.

14. Your father was not a boxer? After all, you are a real knockout.

15. Every inch of you is perfect. You have no flaws.

16. Today was such a beautiful dawn, but not as lovely as you.

17. It's illegal to look so damn stunning.

18. I dreamed about you this night. It was an indecent dream in which you behaved indecently.

19. You made me believe in true and absolute love.

20. Even the most beautiful flowers are not as pretty as you are.

21. Good morning/good night. I hope that I dreamed / dreamed about you.

22. You're so gorgeous, I don't even know where to start complimenting you.

23. My heart skips a beat when you show up or the phone rings.

24. Aren't you tired of running all night through my dreams?

25. You have a mixture of an angelic face and a vicious appearance.

26. You are the girl of my dreams. My life won't be complete without you.

27. I've never seen angels before I met you.

28. You are my soul mate, without which I can not imagine walking around this world.

29. The most favorite sound in the universe is your laughter.

30. You are a real beauty, because you look great even when you do not try.

31. It takes my breath away when I look at you or even your photos.

32. I think it's time for us to have breakfast together.

33. You are my best hug partner.

34. I want to congratulate you on our endless love.

35. Caffeine is not as invigorating and makes the heart beat like you.

36. I am the happiest person in the world, because I have the most wonderful girlfriend.

37. You give me a chance to get better every day.

38. I want to thank you for the happiness that you give every second with your presence.


39. All my life I've been waiting for such a wonderful girl like you to appear.

40. Where are the police? She should have you arrested for stealing my heart.

41. My favorite passion and hobby is to be with you.

42. I tried to give you the best description. This is the word "mine".

43. You have everything that I hoped to find in a girl and even more. You are the ideal of ideals.

44. You have the prettiest smile of all people on the planet.

45. I noticed that you are in all my plans for the future.

46. You turned me from a cynic to a romantic.

47. Every day I fall in love with you more.

48. How do you manage to look better every day?

49. My morning without your kiss is incomplete.

50. It is difficult to assess your influence on me. You have completely changed me for the better.

51. You are much more beautiful than the sun in the sky and all the stars in the sky.

52. The people around me think I'm drunk. But I'm just drunk on you.

53. The bed seems empty and boring without you.

54. You're like everything I've searched for on Google, Yandex, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo combined.

55. You are the missing element in my life. You filled it with meaning and happiness.

56. Your voice is like the most beautiful symphony, and your kisses are sweeter than honey.

57. With you, I feel like myself. By this.

58. You are my eternal valentine and love.

59. I love your originality and simplicity.

60. You are my beloved star. I love you very much.

61. Even without makeup, sleepy and angry, you are the most beautiful.

62. You are my clear sun, a beautiful dawn and a breath of wind.

63. You are an angel on earth, who was sent to me from above for good behavior.

64. I would like to spend the whole day under the covers. With you.

65. All romantic words to your beloved girl in the world are worthy of your hearing, but will not convey my feelings.

66. Loving you instinctively is as easy as breathing.

67. You have the most beautiful eyes, smile, hair, soul and body.

68. You are my most kind, gentle, affectionate and a little cheeky kitten.

69. I'd rather be in your arms than anywhere else in the world.

70. I want to let your parents and thank you for such a sunshine.

71. All my dreams begin and end with you.

72. I dream of drinking coffee with you every morning. It's not worth waking up in the morning without you.

73. You are a real and beautiful treasure that I have been looking for for so long.

74. I didn't believe in kindred spirits until I got to know you better.

75. You are a ray of light on earth, which by a lucky chance fell on me.

76. My dreams begin and end with you.

77. Sometimes it seems to me that nothing more can be expected from you, but you always pleasantly surprise me.

78. I miss your hot body and your passionate kisses.

79. You are the best mate a person could wish for.

80. You have an amazing combination of beauty and intelligence. You are the perfect woman.

81. I want to spend my life with you and grow old together.

82. Hello! 10 kisses from me. When will you come for them?

83. You are the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing before going to bed. But you still dream of me.

84. It seems to me that we have some unknown chemistry.

85. I would like us to be together in bed now.

86. I would like to remind you that you are the most charming and sultry girl in the world.

87. You are my very light and the love of my whole life.

88. Nobody has ever loved me like you in my life. I appreciate it very much.

89. I never wanted to be around anyone like you.

90. You are my best gift of fate that life has given me.

91. I want to thank you for the happiness you gave me.

92. My cat, you make me kind and fluffy.

93. I don't want to spend time without you. When we will meet?

94. Our love story is better than any fairy tale.

95. Life without you is like a broken pencil. Just as pointless.

96. Cupid told me that it was you who stole my heart.

97. I didn't tell you, but you are my everything.

98. I greet the mistress of my heart and the sun of my soul.

99. I want to create happy memories with you.

100. How do you manage to be so cute and so hot at the same time?

101. I want you to see this text first in the morning: I love you!

102. I need you like the desert needs water. We are my oasis of pleasure.

103. My dreams are nothing compared to my girlfriend in reality.

104. You cause me a storm of bright emotions, strong feelings and a happy mood.

105. You have become my muse and source of inspiration.

106. I love your soul full of fire, passion and love.

107. Good night, my love. See you in dreams.

108. It's very fun, pleasant and good with you, like with no one else in the world.

109. You make my heart beat faster and louder.

110. You are the best girl in the world, and everyone around me is jealous.

111. I miss you madly and want to remind you if I suddenly forgot.

112. I am captivated by your kindness, tenderness, sensitivity and love.

113. I have a surprise for you. Meet me in the bedroom.

114. I don't believe that I have such a beautiful girlfriend.

115. You are the best thing that happened in my life.

116. You drive me crazy with your hot appearance.

117. Are your parents not pirates? Otherwise, where did they get such a treasure?

118. I miss you very, very much and also look forward to meeting you.

119. Marry me!

120. I'm not talented enough to describe everything I feel. I love you!

No matter what the cynics say, girls always fall for romance. The fair sex loves men who say romantic words to their girlfriend, and are not silent. If you are silent, then there will be someone more nimble and eloquent. Girls love with their ears, and therefore do not be sorry for such a magnificent baby of romantic words.