Romantic evening for two at home

There must be romance in the relationship of a loving couple. This adds spice, brightness and tenderness to the relationship. There are plenty of reasons to arrange a romantic date for your lady, but, in fact, you don’t need to look for a reason for a romantic evening. On the contrary, an unexpected “romantic” without a reason will in itself bring some zest to your relationship.

Surely in your life there have been romantic evenings in restaurants or cafes more than once. Currently, there are countless such establishments (where you can arrange a romantic date). The atmosphere of the restaurant is designed in such a way that you don't have to worry about anything: appropriate music, delicious food, attentive staff, subdued lighting.

Of course, there are many undeniable advantages in this, but if you want to spend the evening only together, without strangers, and continue the romantic dinner on a hot night of love and passion, then you need to take care of creating romance at home.

So, let's look at some useful tips that will help you make the evening with your girlfriend unforgettable. We will count everything! Go! We determine the place where a romantic evening for two at home will take place.

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Where to arrange a romantic evening at home?

1. Romantic evening in the kitchen

The kitchen is not the most romantic place for a romantic evening. But still, if you have chosen a kitchen, then provide it with all the necessary paraphernalia - light candles, give the girl flowers, beautifully set the table in accordance with all the rules and do not forget about musical accompaniment.

2. Romantic evening in the bedroom

The bedroom is definitely romantic. It will be chic if you buy new bedding the day before, which will beckon throughout the evening, drawing hot associations in your head and making your heart beat faster... Choose hot, sexy colors - black or red. It will look especially impressive if you have never had linen of such colors.

Music... Music should also set you both up for tenderness or romance (or passion - depending on how temperamental your girlfriend is).

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Food. Of course, food! Without a delicious dinner, it will not be so interesting and not so romantic. Dishes should be light and harmonious, completely non-greasy, otherwise, sex after such a dinner will not be so enchanting if you both eat an elephant.

You can cook light salads (use greens, shrimp, squid) and meat. Canapés on skewers and mini sandwiches are a good option. If you wish, you can use your imagination and give the sandwiches bizarre shapes.

Sweets… Sweets are a must, remember! A light, airy dessert and fruit are a must on the festive table of a romantic dinner! Alcohol is better light and to your joint taste.

Remember that food and drinks serve as a savory addition to dinner, they are not the main focus, you arranged an evening for romance, not for a hearty dinner!

If you don't know how to cook, it doesn't matter. To order you will bring any dishes of any shape and taste. In this case, the restaurant business will help you.

Candles, music, an aroma lamp, rose petals on new linen and flowers on the table - all this will help you create a magical atmosphere for the evening that you want to share with your beloved...

If the evening is timed to an important event, anniversary or you decided to propose, then in the midst of dinner you can present her with a ring - there are a lot of ways, choose the one you like or come up with your own, original...

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3. Romantic evening in the bathroom

The bathroom is a very original way to spend a romantic evening at home. It is best to use a bath if you have an impressive size, preferably a jacuzzi. For a beautiful entourage, use voluminous foam, cover it with rose petals... It will look very impressive, believe me! There is no question of any serious snacks and dishes here, most likely, these are light alcohol and fruits (grapes, bananas, strawberries and cherries, moreover, the latter are very effectively combined with cream). This picture looks very "cinematic", erotic and exciting. Most likely, such a romantic evening will end there with hot sex (bright, piquant and, again, “cinematic”). By the way, this has its own zest, but rather even peppercorn, agree?

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4. Romantic evening on the balcony

the temperature outside allows you to cozy up on the balcony, why not?

Night, warm summer breeze, car hum outside the window, beautiful views (if the view from your window is really beautiful), candles placed around the perimeter, cozy beanbags for the two of you, a light dinner on the table and loving eyes on the contrary… what else is needed for happiness? In this case, the evening will seem full and cozy to you.

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Tips for a romantic evening

Planning a romantic evening for two at home? In general, in order to create a romantic atmosphere, it is not necessary to use any bright effects. It is enough to create an environment that you have not created before.

For example, you do not practice watching movies together before bed with pizza or fast food. In that case, order fast food and download a new movie. Believe me, it will give your evening bright emotions.

If you are both overwhelmed with work, and, when you come home, fall into bed with all your strength, then it will even seem romantic that you, comfortably sitting on a sofa with sweets and tea, dream about the future or remember pleasant moments from the past. After all, happiness is in the little things, and beautiful does not mean complicated, remember this.

On New Year's holidays, you can simply turn on the garlands on the Christmas trees, light the candles placed around the room and read a magical book (for example, Harry Potter) together, gently hugging in bed.

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By the way, keep in mind that a romantic evening can start even before you get to the apartment. You can meet her from work and drive around the city in your car or in a rented limousine with a driver (this option can also serve as a continuation of the evening, of course, only if you did not drink alcohol, otherwise, you can again order a rental car with driver).

You can blindfold her at the entrance and remove the bandage only in the apartment. There are a lot of options, you can use the ones we have consecrated here or come up with your own.

If you have been married for a long time and much is already behind, then watching a wedding film, wedding photos, photos or videos of joint vacations together will plunge you headlong into those happy and unforgettable moments that warm your soul so pleasantly. Such an evening will seem to you no less romantic than the one when you, declaring your love, proposed to her by candlelight...

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Absolutely it does not matter in which room you will arrange a romantic evening for two, what salad you will prepare and what shade the flowers will be in the next bouquet. All these are just touches and additions, additions to what is important - to feelings and sensations. The best evening is not the one where everything was expensive and pretentious and not the one that ended in a fire in bed, but the one that gave such emotions, when remembered, the thought is born in the head, to repeat this evening again and again...