Carter Lowe Creator, entrepreneur, and self-care advocate
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Right Beliefs and Their Firmness

How confident are you in your views on life and how correct are they? Our whole life depends on the correctness of our beliefs and their firmness. How to achieve what you want and be happy? Everything that happens in life is the materialization of someone's thoughts and beliefs. How to be hard as a rock, succeed and be happy at the same time? Necessary beliefs for the character of a man.

Correct beliefs and their firmness

• Only you are responsible for your life

• You need the approval of others

• There are always opportunities and loopholes

• Your actions directly affect real life

• Difficulties are not obstacles, but a test

• Hard work and perseverance are rewarded

• You can always use situation

• Don't take life's difficulties personally, everyone is like that

• Show that you trust people, but be careful

• Failure will be a lesson and speaks of insufficient preparedness

• Having more is not better for life

• Bad times are temporary

• Don't get attached to things

• You can always improve and become yourself better

• Do not wait for an opportunity, but create it and look for opportunities

• Forgive, forget and move on

• You have everything you need for happiness