Retrosexual Rules

You are a tough guy and have already set a few rules for yourself in life, someone calls you a retrosexual. Rules of a retrosexual

On the street, sometimes they look at you as a terminator, realizing that you are a little different from everyone else. It's not even about the outfit, but about the look, he says that you can cause trouble to everyone around you if they look at you crookedly.

You own a firearm or want to buy one. But not because you are afraid of someone, but because it is a weapon. You can also shoot a weapon at someone, not considering it as banditry, but as a normal forced necessity.

Your home is your castle and any creature that moves in your territory must abide by your laws, including the cat and your girlfriend.

You always pay for the fairer sex, even if she is a rich American feminist.

The last time you raised your hand to the fair sex in the kindergarten was when she refused to play with you. And then, until now, you regret it... the truth is only because she kicked your ass.

Not only do you know how to tie a tie in at least two ways, but you also know how to strangle them.

You don't cowardly pass by when someone is beaten in the street, even if two have already been beaten, although we doubt that this will happen.

You don't worry about age, but not because you plan to die young, but because you read the book One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Do you have a plan to celebrate your 100th birthday by climbing to the top of the Alps or traveling in the Amazon.

You own martial arts and you do not need to ask you twice, you do not need to apply it. You will not hiss through your teeth to the enemy or start a long squabble, but you will immediately show that your left hook is not even bad.

You cried twice in your life, and one of them was when you were peeling onions.

You can fix anything or almost anything within reason and are not afraid to get your hands dirty.

You can drive more than the speed limit in your country, but try to use it infrequently.

You look great, but are not licked like a doll and spend three times less time in front of the mirror than your girlfriend.

You can cook, or at least you think you can. You are the best at meat, besides that you know how to get it in the animal kingdom.

You don't like to talk on the phone for hours and you won't quarrel with your girlfriend over it, but you can still smash your mobile against the wall out of anger, even if it's not an old Nokia, but a brand new smartphone.

You definitely have a brutal scar, which you received due to a reckless act or stupidity.

You are so brutal and courageous that the eyes of the surrounding ladies from a mile away start to burn, and their legs give way.

You give up your seat in the transport to everyone who follows. If you yourself do not sit, and other men / teenagers do not give in, you will not stand aside.

You adhere to traditions in relationships and treat women with respect, if she, of course, deserves it.

You know how to lose and draw the right conclusions from this, remembering the phrase of the musketeer Aramis: “Not every battle can be won. The great Pompey lost the battle of Pharsalus, and King Francis the First, who, as I heard, was worth something, the battle of Pavia.

You are sometimes so honest that the cheekbones of those around you are reduced by this, and the ladies are stunned into silence.

You always know where the emergency exit is, but not because you are used to running away from the battlefield, but because, as life has shown, this is sometimes necessary. At least in order to quietly dump from a boring party.

You know your own worth, but not because you sell yourself…