Relationships doomed to fail

When you're in a relationship, it's hard to look at things with an open mind. Professional family psychologists have identified the main signs that indicate the futility of relationships. How to understand that the relationship will not last long and has already passed the point of no return? Don't waste time on relationships that are guaranteed to fall apart soon. And also a couple of tips for saving a hopeless relationship.

We all dream of happy relationships and eternal love, but we face harsh reality: conflicts, misunderstandings, quarrels, betrayals, breakups. Sometimes even promising and normal relationships are doomed. Why is that? From our point of view, everything may seem fine, but this does not indicate a future happy family.

Family psychologists have collected patterns that they have noticed over the years of work. Marriage experts have identified the most distinctive red flags in a relationship that signal a breakup is imminent. Their knowledge and experience suggests that these warning signs can be trusted. Dangerous signs of a future breakup, as well as methods for solving love problems.

How do you know if a relationship is doomed?

1. Lack of touching and kissing

Any relationship is a whole set of touches, ranging from gentle to intimate. These are warm hugs and spontaneous kisses for no reason. When couples begin to keep apart from each other and demonstrate a closed body language, this indicates a loss of tenderness. The absence of tactile touches and affectionate kisses, outside the bedroom, when intimacy can still be maintained, indicates a high probability of separation.

How to solve the lack of tenderness, touches, hugs and kisses? It is important to try to return the old closeness, tenderness, passion and romance that was in your relationship before. Urgently breathe in a novelty that will revive feelings and love.

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2. Indifference and apathy

Sometimes there are many emotions in a relationship, the path is negative and strong. But the worst thing is not when they quarrel, but when they are calm and indifferent to each other. The lack of emotions is even worse, because it hints at cooled feelings and complete indifference. Indifference and apathy speak of a partner's desire to get out of an unsuccessful relationship. They became disgusted and began to cause only irritation, and not a desire to communicate. The person has already decided that the relationship is over, which means why fuss and tear your nerves? Such relationships are doomed to failure.

What to do? You should try to help your soulmate open up again in order to express their emotions. Relationships are doomed and will not work until there is feedback. You need conversations and more communication.

3. Loss of friendships

It's great and wonderful in a relationship when you are both best friends to each other. You are not only a couple, but also great friends who feel good together. You are having fun, fooling around and having fun. But this may not always be the case. At one point, the couple realize that they have nothing in common. Everyone has their own interests, which do not intersect at all, as if you are two parallel lines. Friendly, funny, sociable and pleasant friendships disappear. All this leads to detachment, the search for emotional affection on the side and parting.

Sometimes it can be difficult to make friends with your soul mate, but finding common ground can save. Try to be each other's best friends. Find common hobbies, interests, hobbies.

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4. Resentment and vindictiveness

Some relationships are full of negative energy. One or both partners are extremely vindictive. Destructive attitude and inability to forgive lead to parting. Any quarrel, even ten years ago, is used in conflicts. In a couple, partners recall events, and often even take revenge for something. This war testifies to the deep and irreversible contradictions in the pair. Such relationships are doomed to a quick parting.

How to get rid of vindictiveness and vindictiveness? Only hard work on yourself, led by a family psychologist.

5. Lack of conversations

Until recently, your conversation could last for hours or all night, but then everything stopped. You stopped communicating with each other. At dinner, on a walk, at home or while watching TV. You are silent, as if your relationship or marriage has gone out. You are like strangers who are constantly busy with business and your thoughts. The absence of talking about anything and heart-to-heart conversations indicates the end of the relationship. You have lost your spiritual connection, and parting is not far off.

Lack of conversations can be resolved by trying to restore lost communication. Talk to each other more often, discuss problems, tell what is happening, share thoughts and desires.

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6. Shattered Trust

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, especially marriage. At one moment, it may turn out so that it will be destroyed. The reason for the loss of trust can be betrayal, deceit, non-performance or betrayal. Trust can be destroyed very easily by careless actions or words. Without trust, you won’t go far, and relationships will surely collapse. It's just a matter of time before parting.

How to restore trust? Start telling the truth and communicate more to find that fragile connection. Even after deceit, trust can be restored, albeit difficult.

7. Doomed hopelessness

At one point, one or both partners come to the decision to leave. The soulmate feels the doomed hopelessness of the relationship when the collected problems and the crisis cannot be resolved. The only way out, in such a situation, a person sees parting. A person has made a decision, thinks about a future separation, plans a new life, tries on other partners for the role of a half. Separation is already a matter of time when one or both will officially announce a divorce.

One has already bought one-way tickets. This station is called "parting". You can try to start a relationship again, commit a romantic act and change the atmosphere of the relationship. It can help save. But a radical change in relations is needed.

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What relationship is doomed to failure?

Family psychologists argue that the initiative to maintain a relationship can come from one partner, but both must support it. If one does not want to maintain relationships and does not value them, then the relationship is doomed to collapse. You can pull the strap for a long time, take steps towards and try. But when one puts his hands down and looks to the side, everything becomes hopeless.

Pulling a suitcase without a handle, which is a pity to leave, but it is impossible to pull further? Such a relationship, doomed to failure, cannot be saved. Sometimes it's better to leave. You will definitely find yourself a new soul mate, new love and new happiness.