Relationship Rules for Happy Marriages

All happy families and all relationships are alike. How happy it is to live next to this member of the opposite sex who is not like you.

1. Love and let live. Excessive suspicion and reproaches can very soon make life next to such a person unbearable. In this case, conflicts cannot be avoided. In the meantime, everyone has the right to personal space and little secrets that they are not obliged to share even with their wife or husband. In addition, long-term relationships are always built on trust, not only in the family, but also in business.

2. Learn to forgive your partner for mistakes. You, too, are not an angel and are not at all immune from wrong steps. Much in this life is learned by experience, so is it worth spending time on sorting things out about a rash decision. Even if the consequences were impressive. If a person admitted he was wrong, you should not blame him and cut him for a long time after what happened.

3. Don't forget about small surprises, they add vigor and admiration to your relationship. If you have long forgotten how notes are written, it's time to remember. Small courtesies indicate feelings of love and care, especially when they continue years after your marriage.

4. No matter who wins the argument, it is important to learn to respect the opinion of the other. Each of us has our own views on life, but this does not mean at all that we should suppress the aspirations and preferences of the other. Mutual understanding is achieved when you are ready to accept the partner's point of view, but not to the detriment of your own interests. Although sometimes it is useful to retreat if your position carries a charge of negativity that will affect the relationship. Otherwise, by proving your case, you risk destroying everything that has been built for so long. Whether it's worth it is up to you.

5. Don't be under the illusion that things will stay the same. Every relationship is subject to change. Once the candy-bouquet period ends, once a child is born and everything turns upside down. Everything happens for the first time, but it cannot always remain in its original form. The sooner you understand this, the easier it will be to deal with the ups and downs in your relationship.

6. A sincere explanation of your actions will help the other to understand what is the reason for your coldness or irritation. The fact is that the causes of quarrels in marriage can be many factors: financial problems, betrayal, resentment and other phenomena. However, if you give free rein to your emotions, then this will not help you find a way out of the situation. Only by working together will you find the right solution.

7. Do not speculate on sex, depriving your partner and yourself of this pleasure, which brings together a man and a woman. Refusing to share a bed because of conflicts or grievances will not only do you no good, but it will make you even further apart. Sex often reconciles, so why not take advantage of this opportunity. Or are you on the side of your character and your principles? You have a choice: build happiness in marriage or destroy it.