Relationship Experts

All men are the same, they only need sex from women? Many girls constantly complain about the lack of a normal personal life or about failures in it.

So many girls cry about the lack of a personal life or about the failures in it. The situations are very different: with the current partner, the relationship is so-so, he is a goat, he broke and trampled the flower; there is a great and pure love, which does not pay attention to a girl, so good; yes, all men are the same, they only need sex from women (underline what is necessary, enter the missing).

And all those around these young ladies feel sorry, wipe their nozzles, say how beautiful, wonderful they are, and that soon the poor and unfortunate will definitely meet her prince on a white horse.

The trouble is that if you look closely at the underside of such cases, it will inevitably reveal a good, solid layer of adhering dirt.

Relationship Experts

Acquaintance #1: has been drying up on her “big and pure” internet love for three years now, periodically throwing waves of her stormy tantrums on the topic “ why is life so unfair, why is he not with me? In parallel with this, he writes long and angry carts to the object of sighing, containing a bunch of obscene language and very unflattering wishes. At the same time, she herself does not disdain either casual sex with anyone, or drinking until the morning - but, of course, this does not apply to her high feelings in any way.

Acquaintance #2: yearns to marry a wealthy and well-off young man with money and connections Is he sorry?" Obviously, it does not reach the charming head that it is not necessary to use everyone around as money bags, and especially men. Therefore, she hides from collectors, borrows money from any naive idiots (of course, without returning it later) and dreams of a moneybag prince who will come out of nowhere and save her from all financial problems. Why he needs such a "Cinderella" is a mystery.

Familiar # 3: a series of betrayals to the current permanent partner with the wording "I lack passion, fire and sublime feelings with him." Once on the street after the deception was revealed (she lived at the expense of her man, yes, yes), she made the face of an unfairly offended deer and went to look for a new naive poor fellow, telling everyone she met her story about a cruel ex. And this is not the first story of this kind - the beauty has two unsuccessful marriages, one of which left a five-year-old daughter. And the child, to be honest, is a pity, but the mother is not very.

Readers have a logical question: what got me sick, because such behavior is a personal matter for everyone and should not worry anyone around? I will answer: I was sick of the fact that these ladies with disgusting arrogance imagine themselves to be relationship experts and climb with advice where they are not asked, being completely sure that their behavior model is certainly the most correct one. The fact that they are up to their necks in... a swamp does not bother any of them, and idiotic tirades in the spirit of “your husband came three hours later from work, as if he is cheating on you, cheat on him in return” continue with enviable regularity.

Get your personal life sorted out first and become something more than a walking stereotype of dumb broads, then we'll talk. In the meantime - zadolbali, dear! Don't ask me about my personal life, don't give me your overvalued advice and, for heaven's sake, don't be friends with me.